LETTER: Your DPP is found guilty of professional misconduct, offers to resign, and you send him on paid leave? Someone help me understand this.


Dear Editor,

Here we have yet another example of many reasons why our country is in the state of corruption. The current DPP Antony Armstrong has been found guilty of professional misconduct. Yet the members of our current government specifically Cutie Benjamin, AG, has given Anthony Armstrong special leave, a pass in other words, instead of firing him immediately.

How can we as a nation prosper and thrive when we have this type of behaviour at the top? Honesty, integrity and transparency should be tantamount. All forms of corruption in all places especially governmental positions needs to be weeded out. Continued corruption from the top will only follow all the way down the chain of command and continue to destroy our nation.

We as a nation need to stop accepting and tolerating these types of behaviours and events? There is no integrity at all. This is the type of leadership that should not be tolerated. We have another who skirted paying taxes on a Rolls Royce vehicle and now that same person has been knighted. Is this the type of person who should be knighted? I highly doubt a regular person would have been given such honours for something so dishonest.

Recently we had a member of the police force caught red handed stealing. That officer should have been fired on the spot. Apparently she was given a free pass. Again, if the leaders and the top and those who are responsible for upholding the laws are guilty of stealing, how are we as a county supposed to ever go forward.

How it is acceptable for someone to be a police member who goes after thieves as part of their job also be a thief? When XPZ was burned down, we had yet another police officer who was caught stealing money from a safe. Instead of him being fired, he was given a free pass too. Is this what we want for our country, our home to become a nation of thieves?

We as a people need to stand together against any and all criminal, corrupt and dishonest behavior regardless of position. It’s time we stand up to the government and tell it they work for us not the other way around.

We should be standing up for our country like our Canadian brothers and sisters against government corruption and overreach. We depend heavily on tourism and what has been going on the last two years is pure financial suicide. Forcing vaccines on us against our basic human rights and our constitutional rights. We should be advised, educated and given a choice whether we take the vaccine or not. It is our body not anyone else’s.

We have an election coming up. Vote for the person who will lead our nation in a positive light. If we continue voting for individuals who we already know to be corrupt, then we have no one to blame but ourselves for the results.

Only together as one will Antigua ever start moving in a positive direction.

Go Canada

Let’s go Antigua

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  1. This is sad !
    So many blatant,,disregards of our laws.
    Why ?
    They know you are pussies,,,and won’t start rioting and burning shit in the streets,,,,then YOU,,,,will vote them in again.

  2. The DPP has the right of appeal and should not lose his job before a final decision on the appeal has been made. What is so hard to understand about that? If you fire the man before the appeal and then he wins the appeal, can he not sue you for unfair dismissal? You all just do not have the ability to think things out and come to a fair understanding.

    • you sound so dunce!!!!!!!!!!! the DPP offered to resign!!!! So tell me, who would he be suing you idiot? The AG told me no, let me and you (the tax payers), pay your ass while you appeal… if he even going to appeal… Because this is the first time I am hearing about appeal… Just stop sending crap in the public please because you making people thinking all Antiguans are retarded as you are…

    • @NOT SO COMMON: Did the DPP offered to resign? The answer is,YES. Could you tell me,why that resignation was not accepted. The former CUTE ONE decided not to accept that resignation.Did he consult with the CABINET in this matter?

      • It probably hits close to home. Just saying that the Ag had his own debacle when he signed docs . But my good people have short term memory or they simply love being led by the unscrupulous unethical and corrupt set a people. The more corrupt the better and we talk bout bettering our country!

  3. Can we do something about the state of affairs in our country? Yes we can. Other countries protest, not just one day but continuously until they see changes. Are we too lazy, scared or just don’t care? We should not let Gaston scare us off with tear gas because he wants to control us. This is a democracy, we should be able to protest peacefully like the protesters were doing without fear of being violently attacked by the ruling party. We must not allow dictatorship. We must stand up for what we believe in.

    Other countries look at us and wonder if we don’t stand for anything. Labor party supporters, UPP supporters, independents, vote your conscience, not party line. The corruption is rampant, we as Antiguans must show that we care about our country, that we care about our children and our children’s children and the future of the country. C’mon, let us speak up and speak out. We cannot sit back and just talk we have to show action.

    Gaston and his cabinet have total disregard for the country and it’s people. Minimum wage is a joke, cost of living is off the charts but Gaston is trying to justify more money for his cabinet. Workers cannot get compensated, they are told to continue to work and they will get paid later and later never come. Meanwhile, Gaston son collecting $40,000 a month from the Government; that is conflict of interest, nepotism and blatant corruption. The parliamentarians are lining their pockets with under-hand deals and sealing deals for themselves and their families while the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda are hungry because food is too expensive. Some workers are denied there severance after years of service while Gaston, Cutie Benjamin and others are lying to the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda, giving hand-outs so they can vote for them when election is called in a few months.

    Antiguans, let us open our eyes, let us take action and vote against corruption, greed, narcissism, nepotism, dictatorship, lies and blatant disregard for Antiguans. Action speaks louder than words. Please remember, a vote for any of the ABLP politicians, is a vote for Gaston.

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