LETTER: Y’all kicking up about the high court ruling



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The ruling wasn’t covering homosexuality, transgender, etc. Its cover the consent of a male & female with pleasure to the anal cavity.

Y’all out here consuming the anal cavity, but quoting scriptures for anal sex. You self righteous one-day Christians make me sick.

Some of you females love more penis in the rectum than a caban and Indian who’s saving their vagina for marriage for religious purposes.

For you males, lemme peep you up on the game. Ten women to one man. If a man turns gay he gives up his 10, so technically you end up with 11. But wait, he can’t gay by himself so that other male giving up his 10, so yet again you will now end up with 12 women for yourselves.

Society  needs to stop being so judgmental and let people live their life.

As long as they aren’t pushing their lifestyle on anyone we good.

People kinky NF.  Do whatever you want in your bedroom.

Talk your mind Thursday

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  1. TALK YOUR MIND THURSDAY you have it all wrong. The judgment was not about male and female sexual relationship only. The judgment was about male and male, female and female, and male and female. The point of the judgment is that whatever consenting adults choose to do sexually in the privacy of their homes is their business and not that of the State. It is that simple.

    • Welcome back Mr. Tabor – your refreshing posts of clarity of the law are always useful.

  2. Sodomy in any form whether male on male, male on female or male on animal is an abomination! This is not what God intended when he made us in his image. If any male engages in sodomy he is gay! Simple. Stop the foolishness. We should never consent to abominable acts. Antiguans use to be righteous people close to God but it seems that we are straying further each day.

    God will put things right. He did it to many places of sin in the past.

    • Just like catholic priests have been doing to little boys for years. Anyone who attends a Catholic Church and condemns sodomy is a hypocrite. Prove me wrong ….

  3. I’m still waiting on Women Against Rape to explain why they were a party to this constitutional challenge against buggery. Look, what people do in the privacy of their homes is non of my business. But I am confused as to why, based on the origins of this, Women Against Rape would want to assist in challenging the constitutionality of a crime that was allegedly committed against a woman. I quote from a previous article, “A constitutional challenge against Antigua and Barbuda’s law criminalizing buggery has been filed as part of the defense of two men accused of sexually assaulting a woman. The allegations have not been proven in court.” Why would they seek to challenge the law if they were not guilty of committing it and hoping for a possible lesser sentence if found guilty. I would understand if the challenge was brought by two gay men for their own interests, but the two in question were accused of sexually assaulting a woman. How does WAR go from supposedly standing up for women who have been sexually assaulted to trying to legitimize the type of sexual assault that was allegedly committed against a woman. I await their explanation or perhaps Mr Tabor can offer his opinion on why Women Against Rape might have done this.

    • WAR does not have to explain itself, we just beed better journalists in Antigua, if the took the time to research the judgement which clearly states:
      “The second claimant, Women Against Rape Inc., is a duly incorporated company under the laws of Antigua and Barbuda. The organization’s mandate includes the provision of information, education, general support and direct services to LGBT community which includes men who have sex with men (“MSM”) and women who have intimate relations or sexual engagements with other women. In addition, the organization also advocates for the changing of laws and policies which discriminateagainst members of the LGBT and other similar communities”

      • @Johnny, thanks for the clarification. I didn’t know WAR’s agenda was so wide, so might be time for a name change.

  4. Leviticus 18:22 – You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination

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