LETTER: Wrong Timing For Police Actions Against The Government And The People Of Antigua & Barbuda

St John's Police Station

As a Antiguan citizen and one who, ‘ nable string berries here’, I am very concern about the actions the police service has taken at this time against the government and the people of Antigua and Barbuda.


This really does surprise me because this is very consistent with the police service behaviour.

It is clear that they don’t care one bit about the people of Antigua and Barbuda. The world health organization has declared coronavirus as a world pandemic disease and has indicated its potential to damage the world economy and certainly have been doing just that and these police officers who get a salary every month while so many are not getting, have the heart to make all these demands on the government and care nothing about the suffering citizens who are home for months not working and need help from the government.

The police are saying to hell with them just give us what we want. If this is not wickedness nothing else is.


This is police service that is so corrupt with officers charge with passport fraud and even recently murder, they have not see it fit to build the moral of the service before make demands.

Today I happen to pass by the police grounds and inside full with cars and people gather up together over 100 persons and them is the same one who locking up persons for social distancing and huge gatherings.

I am ask the people of antigua not to forget this one in this crucial time with so much going over 100 police officers in police grounds refuse to work and holding the government hostage to settle they demands. The police officer who instigates this should be shame.

I applaud the government for doing so much in this difficult times and am asking antiguans to stand with your government and lets ride out of this one together they serious enemies out there who want see the country fall under this one but not realizing that if our government fall it affects us all .

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  1. They say he who feels it knows it. I am not necessarily a fan of the police, but from a labour relations point of view, workers have to take a stand when they have an advantage. If the police remain quiet until after the pandemic has passed, it is very unlikely that their issues will be heard. I am sure that the police are aware of the fact that the government doesn’t have the money to address all of their issues, but it is in the police’s best interest to get commitments from the government for addressing the said issues at a later date. My friend, that is simply good representation.

  2. This may not be the time for the Police to act out. However, this is not the first time meeting with the government about the issues they’re facing. Yes the face along with every other organisation has it bad apples but there are good amongst the bad. Hurricane season is approaching and the police are the same ones who have to sleep at station and hold duties at the different shelters to ensure the safety of others.

  3. When will the timing ever be right?Do you think they just jump up yesterday and wanted what should be given to them? How many Government buildings around Antigua in deplorable state, long before COVID? I know they have been asking for better conditions long before covid-19…when we were an “economic power house”…the rights of workers must not be denied under any circumstances

  4. Dem just damn lazy and nah lub work da government coulda put dem inna one palace u woulda still get da same result from dem. Abuse of power lock up for no reason beaten while in custody poor conviction in court due to poor investigations police tek hours to reach on a traffic accident police tek even longer to reach in domestic reports and da list goes on…

  5. Anu Blessed when I saw the caption of the letter “Wrong Timing For Police Actions Against The Government ….. ” I also asked myself when would be the right timing. However, I must say that you have given the perfect response to that caption and I agree with you the timing will never be right. The dilapidated conditions of many police stations, just like the conditions at 1735, are long past redress. The right time is therefore now, and now is long overdue.

    • Why now?? These problems did not start in June 2020. The police stations have been in these conditions looong before June 2020. The officers could have taken action and made their demands in loooong before June 2020. This looks like a case of kicking a man while he is down. While the officers are demanding better working conditions it better include some customer service classes because 99% of them dont know how to talk to people!

  6. Lady before you made your comment have you ever toured the police work environs? Scientifically do you know there is a direct correlation between conditions of work and employee behavior? Who in Antigua sacrificed more and was more at risk daily than police officers during this Covid19 pandemic? This is a time to right Inequalities and it cannot just be citizens against police, it also must encompass police against authority. If you think Coronavirus is bad, let you try society without proper policing. The police demands are not unreasonable and their actions are not against the people of Antigua and Barbuda but actually for the people of Antigua and Barbuda.

  7. “Wrong timing for Police Actions”.Who is the author of this letter.Was it written by the Minister responsible for the Police.This is the best time for the Police.It also would tell me the strength of your Leaderships in Governance.You,the Administration are supposed to be the brightest on planet Antigua and Barbuda.So get your lazy arses up and do what it takes to make the Police happy in the workplace.The happier the workers in the workplace.The more productive they would be.The Police are not very happy at this time.You people would want to meet with them in Cabinet.Where in my opinion you could brow beat them.They smartly rejected that offer.How dare you Police want to meet with me on your terms.You are beneath me.This is the message I got from your rebuttal,Gaston.

  8. I now see that some people who comment here on this blog Antigua News Room are some of the biggest hyprocrites to walk this earth and it is all for the sake of that awful game called politics. From since when do you commentors give a hoot about the police? From since when do you people care about their working conditions? These are the very same police who until this industrial actions you people were so heavily critical of. Just a few week ago you people were bashing the same police calling them from one corrupt to the next. When those video clips of the police traniee being “hazed” you people who are now championing for the police called them wicked said how can they treat people’s children so it is not right. During the lockdown/curfew when people were being arrsted and taken to court and fined $5000.00 the same police while in their “poor” working conditions were the most wicked people who was collting money for the broke government. Then the Bruce Greenaway case. The same police who you are advocating for now were the devils in hell. Wicked set of people. The corrupt police force. Police cant investigate police blah blah blah. All of a sudden now the same police who by the way going paid by Wednesday are humans and have feelings and deserve better? Give me a God damn break. These police officers don’t even produce the work to meet with there “demands”. And all who here siding with them just because you don’t support the government are just a bunch of hyprocrites.

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