LETTER: Why are we in Antigua always so eager and willing to eat our own?

Antigua Airways

My Dear Editor,

Why are we in Antigua always so eager and willing to eat our own? We have seen it with our African brothers and sisters currently. What is wrong with us?

Foreigners of a different colour control Market Street and all the large hotels. No problem. A few hundred from the Motherland come. Big problem.

Global Bank. Same thing.

I have a daughter that regularly played in the Children Carnival, arranged by Alister Thomas, for whom Global Bank was the major sponsor.

That bank been here for 40 years, they were the first bank to sponsor university scholarships, they must have sponsored half the churches and social services at some point, they helped our athletes compete abroad like Bakka Bayley, and even the Cool and Smooth cricket, so what makes us think they will not settle their financial obligations. Leave it to the legal side to sort it out before you jump on the bank.

We took from Stanford who helped thousands and then we turned our backs on him.

There are always two sides of a story. Is it a fact that Jack the Canadian was a mega owner of Golden Palace Casino, and he put his millions from gambling in the Antigua bank, now he is moving his funds. Is it because Antigua is no longer a secrecy jurisdiction.

He make plenty more money from bank interest, will he pay withholding tax, and does he pay Canada Revenue?

So, where is it going? To a country that holds secret funds, or to the account of his gatekeeper accountant or lawyer?

It is enough money to help an election, and he like to play politics.

Come on, let’s be fair.



  1. Warner

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  1. Hello, if Jack want to throw his money out of the window of an Antigua Airways flight to Canada (Hahaha) then it is his choice. His money, his choice, nobody can tell him he can’t withdraw his money and take it wherever he wants…unless of course de money gorn.

    • BRIXTONIAN and His STUPID UTTERANCES. That is the reason for the following.

      Election 2023 results in Antigua / Barbuda 🇦🇬




      BPM. ….. 00 SEAT

      ASOT MICHAEL. ……. 00 SEAT

      BRIXTONIAN and CHARLES TABOR will run around Antigua as NAKED as They were born. Harold Lovell will be on Blood Pressure medication. All other UPP CANDIDATES will run away from UPP. UPP DONE / FINISHED.

  2. This brother and sister crap that people like him like to spew should be dismissed as the nonsense it is.

    For starters many people from the west coast of Africa an Nigeria, are quick to remind you that their forefathers were never slaves in these parts , while they are the others who cannot tell you a thing about the middle passage , because it is not something tought in their schools

  3. What!! the man put his money into the Bank now he wants it back, he does not vote here or puts any money into any party so I don’t see what point your trying to make.

  4. If you deposited your money in the bank and they said they could not give it to you when you went to take it out to feed your family, buy a house or take a trip, would you just say we should just all stick together and let it go? This guy has been trying to get his money out of this bank for years while Gaston and his family use this bank as their own personal piggy bank.

  5. Shut up Bird brain and ABLP supporter-you all use to cry down ABIB and UPP, now the competent Gaston caused a folding up of his own institution- what a failure.
    Time for him and his incompetent government TO GO, GOD DAM IT

  6. To the Writer:-
    By you putting
    “A few hundred from the Motherland come. Big problem.
    Global Bank. Same thing.”
    Are you trying to allude to the fact/fiction that the 2 situations are connected. Did we in fact/fiction get “A Few Hundred” in exchange for money to assist in this Global Bank pay out.
    Cause Frankly Speaking, Common Man dont care bout Jack.
    So dont be telling us about what TAXES “HE” withheld, if its “OUR” TAXES going to be used to rectify this mess.

  7. Pearl “FOOTS” Quinn
    Gladys Potter EMPTY HEAD 🍦 🍨
    Franz DeFreitas G-R-E-A-T-F-U-L
    Pringle CA-CAPA-TI-TAH and MASKses
    Serpent FARMing FOOL & DICTATOR
    Peter Redz CAN’T TALK
    Jonathan “VOTE ALP”
    King Lyadd Lovell Limpy Joe IMF
    Alex Browne broke & lonely
    APOSTLE SHUGY SIMON Civil servant
    Alister “inTERllectual” Thomas


  8. This is such a pathetic letter. It was bad enough but when you tried to tie Global bank to the Africans….I was done. We are not xenophobic. Gaston lied to us and said rich persons were coming here! Imagine our shock when some poor people came off the plane…. and it doesn’t matter if they were pink or purple. Antiguans were taken aback because the visitors were BROKE and Gaston said that wealthy people were coming here. Get IT RIGHT!

  9. The problem is bot the dear africans coming to the island. The problem is the manner in which they are brought here, in much confusion and uncertainty. Usually, with a charter flight, a vacation package is sold for a set period of time, whether 1, 2, 3 weeks etc. With this charter it does not seem to even have a set flight schedule and it appears as if many of the visitors are not returning, but are moving on to other places, but no one ever indicate where they are moving on to. If you ask me, and I would encourage the authoriaties to be transparent on the matter, Antigua is facilitating possible illefal movement of humans to USA and Canada.

  10. The other point is that many are saying Barbados and Guyana are also seeking to tap into the african market. The difference with those countries, is that they are seeking to do so through reputable airlines such as Ethiopian airlines, not no Antiguan Airways which is proven to be so mediocre and shrouded with so much shaddy things.

  11. Gaston is to be blamed for the reaction to the Africans. If he were open and tell the people what was happening, it would be a different story. Was he duped. How can these people be tourists when they have no money to pay for one hotel night? If they are immigrants, the people should have been told. They then should have passed medical tests. It is not their fault that Africa just happens to have a lot of tropical diseases, malaria, Ebola, Monkey Pox etc. And don’t tell me anything about other people coming here. When people visit Africa, they go at their own risk if they don’t take the protective vaccines and pills. Just recently, a lady from Montserrat I know died from malaria in Ghana. Heaven forbids if one of these tropical diseases is brought to Antigua and infect a lot of people? What is Gaston going to do then?
    On the issue of Global Bank, if this bank was allowed to operate independently no one would be questioning these arrangements. He is involved with CUB and Global bank which his friend and former work colleague heads. He knows which hotel owes the Global and how greedy people be for wanting their own money. Gaston appears to be able to borrow at will from these banks. He seems to be drawn to anyplace with money.

  12. Thanks to the Syrians, Chinese etc., we here in Antigua have direct affordable access to goods from all over the world – Europe, Asia etc. That’s actually really helpful. Africans are welcome, but they should come properly. Of course, “regular” Afro-Antiguans should also have businesses on Market Street etc. But, we should stop assuming that importing things from the U.S. and reselling them at exorbitant prices would be best for the country just because an Antiguan is the owner. The U.S. has lots of great products, but really not everything coming out of the U.S. is healthy or best. Ideally, locals should have nice stores in town and elsewhere selling good products derived from our local natural resources. Then our multicultural town would be a complete amazing international shopping experience!

  13. We the people were told that the Africans were coming into Antigua as Tourists.We were lied to by Gaston Browne and his Band of Merry-Men.Then they came into Antigua with no places to stay. It was the Administration,the organizer of that entire debacle with their damn lies.I have travelled all over the World.I knew exactly where I was staying before the trip.So if those Africans are Tourists as we were told.How it is they had no where in advanced to stay in Antigua.

  14. I like most Antiguans do not care Teo hoots what Jack does with his money. We don’t have access to these big banks and big funds. If you saying he earned this money from gambling in Antigua, is you all set it up so them white people can come here and get rich of richer. While the masses stay oppressed.
    As for the African tourists I see them walking around begging all over the place. Again we the poor masses are sorry for them. However, PASON have fu christen his picknie first. So we don’t want anyone to come here snd take food out ah are we mouth, black – white or pink. So them come as tourists go back as tourists. Them on market street came by them family for holiday, they need to go back too. All a them !

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