LETTER: Why all the suffering in our world?



Who has never pondered life in regards to all the suffering and misery in our world?

It does not require any university degree or even elementary schooling to acknowledge the fact that something is terribly not right in the world.

The news every day is really not news at all because over and over it is the same old storyline:

Vehicular accidents
Mass shootings

We grow sick and tired of hearing, seeing, and feeling the same disgusting circumstances every day.

But why?

We can send man to the moon, establish space station, explore the outer extremes of the universe with unmanned space crafts, build supersonic airplanes, and many more incredible feats. However, with all of this we just cannot solve the simplest of problem that pertains to human to human relationship.

The answer to the question is simple but profound.
In the beginning, a Creator God gave man the freedom of choice.  It is either God’s way or  not God’s way.

Simple…is it not ?  The decision is ours to make. An instruction manual was given to us. Just as the manufacturer of Toyota sends along a manual for the vehicle’s owner to use ; the Creator gave us A Bible ( instruction manual of life that details the consequences of following His way and alternately the results of going against His way)

God will NEVER force mankind to follow His way.  The way of love is by choice. It cannot be forced upon anyone. Love is God’s way. In fact, God is love.

Whatever choices we make in this life, we must deal with the consequences.

We have experienced the fruits of going against God’s way:  sicknesses, pain, grief, violence, divorce, crimes, wars, hatred, and the list goes on.

We have chosen to follow another path that is completely diabolical to God’s righteous path that would present all the opposite results of what we see in our world today.

Ten commandments are outlined in the Bible; that if adhered to; would eliminate all the ills in the world today.

Rather we have acquired a nature that is against the very Creator who made us.  How can the creation know more and better than the Creator? It is just not possible!

So why does God allow all the suffering and pain? Why does God not step in to end the war in The Ukraine? Or even the suffering of children all over this world?

The answer is simple again. God is patient. Since mankind in general has chosen the evil path; God allows for cause and effect to play its course.

There is a great battle between good and evil.  Mankind must come to recognize that the path we have travelled only brings pain and destruction. God will not prevent us from doing evil. If He did, then we would be mere robots.

He is the process of recreating beings that follow Him in a Loving relationship and not because of fear.

If every time a person tells lie, he or she drops dead immediately; then all people may set about to always attempt to speak only truth. However, that would only be as a result of fear.  Not love.  Fear of the consequences. God wants us to adhere to His way because of love and not fear.

Unfortunately, the majority of humanity prefer to conduct our lives against the will of God and far from our best interest.  The adherence to simple principles as set out in the Ten Commandments are made to appear burdensome. Instead, we have crafted our own path for temporary pleasure and quick fixes; that in the end only results in the misery that encapsulates our world today.

Throughout all of human history, NEVER has there ever been a time when the majority was following God’s way.  Rather the majority has always preferred the way of evil.

The good news is:  there is always a minority who still and will continue to adhere to the way of the Creator.  When all mankind would have decided finally on which of the two paths of life  we would adhere to; then the Creator will step in and end all the madness on this earth.

The pain and suffering will become worse as the hearts of men are further hardened against the way of the Creator and more to the path of evil.

We will experience more wars, pandemics, pains, famines, natural disasters, and deaths.

Hope is not lost.  The Creator has His people crying out loudly for mankind to turn from our evil way and accept His way of righteousness path of Love and Peace.

When will we heed the calling? When will we ever be a Daniel, a Joseph, a Paul:




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  1. Have you ever thought, what God think of you, when you think if you were God and have the power you would not make a better world?

  2. That’s one good sermon. The answer is: I never cease to be amazed at man’s inhumanity to man. That’s the root of it all.

  3. One thought or two!
    The words: the world Is gone, I must move you, are associated with the Polish Nobel Prize winner for Literature 1996, Wislawa Szymborska.
    Also read her Q and A article in Los Angeles Times by Dean E. Murphy, Oct 13, 1996.
    This too comes to mind, YouTube music video Oct 3, 2009: Waiting On the World to Change by John Mayer.
    Our Caribbean people need ECONOMIC EVANGELISM by our ECONOMIC ACTIVISTS!
    Our humanity has been brutalized and robbed for centuries and we continue to sing songs like: Onward Christian Soldiers, Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child, Balm in Gilead, Amazing Grace, hoping for a better future! Soulful songs!
    Our Caribbean people need to prosper, study and learn the business secrets of the Bible, the 10 Commandments for making money.
    We need ECONOMIC SALVATION by getting CAPITAL with low, manageable costs to invest in our educaton (STEM) and healthcare systems, business enterprises powered by our Caribbean creative Arts (consciousness). Then our Caribbean people will move the ‘world’ in the right direction.


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