LETTER: Whoever Solves Water Issue Should be made a National Hero


Dear Editor,

Whoever Solves Water Issue Should be made a National Hero

There are many issues that have plagued mankind since the beginning of time- how can we get light in the evening, how can we improve our immunity to viral diseases, how can we make our food last longer and how can we avoid knuckle?

Strides have been made in most of these areas but in Antigua & Barbuda, there is a problem that persists and has worsened during our time.

How can we provide consistent, potable water to our citizens? Whoever solves this issue needs to be made a national hero.

I am asking that the government make a special provision in our laws that whoever conjures and implements a solution to the water problem be given the highest honour in the land even if they are not Antiguans.

They should also be given a substantial plot of land, and a Tesla SUV and be saluted at every government office he or she enters for the remainder of his/ her life.

Rose petals should also be cast before the person as they walk the streets or better yet, they should be carried through the country on a throne lifted by four burly men.

This sterling individual’s children should also be called blessed by members of society wherever they go.

Our government had the wherewithal to be leaders during the COVID-19 pandemic by being the first in the region to reopen to business as Prime Minister Gaston Browne said we did not have the “luxury” to close for an extended period of time.

Our government out of necessity learnt how to strike a balance in protecting lives and livelihoods during one of mankind’s MOST DIFFICULT TIMES in recent history BUT our government has NOT found a way to adequately address the water situation after years and years.

This issue is one that can apparently confound the most brilliant scholar.

We got ample rain in October and in November, we are no better off with potable water. This is a situation where 1+1= ERROR.

There has to be something that is missing from the equation as to why we cannot effectively grapple with this challenge.

It seems that we need to go back under the lordship of King Charles or bring in a team of Caucasians to get the job done because I don’t think we need more time to prove that we CANNOT solve the water issue.

If we got so much rain and we now have more R-O plants than we did before and there’s still no running water, we have to humble ourselves and accept that this is a job too big for us.

I’ve heard tone-deaf people say, “I have 24/7 water because I know Antigua has drought, I installed a pump for less than $2000.

Even the apartments I rent have tanks.” Well, good for you and the fortunate few but many cannot afford these amenities and even if they could, at what point do we hold our leaders accountable to do something of value for our people?

Even Sir Robin Yearwood said if a government cannot give you the most basic necessity of water, they are of no service to you.

The provision of running water is simply the responsibility of our leaders.

Disgruntled and Ashamed Antiguan


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  1. Well, with that said, we know it will not be anyone from the ABLP after 40 years of trying on Birdism and Browneism’s watch.

    53 years, and STILL no proper water infrastructure in Antigua. Embarrassing!

    I bet Browne and his family can bathe or shower 2-3 times if they want to, I bet they can even wash dem dawg at any time ah day.

    And there’s no way they are flushing away their waste with a bucket or pail, like some islanders …

        • … And God doesn’t reward or respond to avarice: greed: aggression; pride, anger, bad-mindedness; boasting and self-enrichment from a Prime Minister.

          Again, praying for a better leader in Antigua & Barbuda @ Ron.

    • So make a prediction….who will it be? I bet with those young fresh bright prospective candidates enrolling in the ABLP….it will be the new and dynamic ABLP that’s going to solve our WATER WOES.
      Be honest Brixtonian….why can’t the UPP …the Sunshine Party get these young bright Antiguan into their fold…look where they heading ABLP… other than the All Saint west candidate…the rest is a popularity contest.
      What say thee…

      • Howdy Dex, as you know Brixtonian NEVER hides away like many ABLP supporters when it comes to responding to controversial situations regarding this our-of-touch government.

        Now that saying, in response to the UPP not attracting bright young Antiguans.

        I’m sorry I beg to differ, especially when you look into how much the current opposition have improved markedly in attracting more youthful recruitment inside the party, and even more supporters outside of it, ever since the last General Election, and the recent St Mary’s South victory a couple of weeks ago.

        Yes, 9-12 months ago, the UPP was looking slightly elderly, lost and out-of-sorts – but not now.

        The political tide is changing in favour of the UPP … YOU JUST DON’T WANT TO ADMIT IT!

        40 years of inactivity by the Bird and Browne administrations is coming to a close.

        Antiguans – hopefully – can hold out for another FOUR dismal years of ABLP governance.

  2. Solving the #water_problem(s) in Antigua have to be incorporated, into solving, the #INFRASTRUCTURAL PROBLEMS(sewage treatment to roads), as well, simultaneously!

    They are all a part, of the same #KIT and CABOODLE!

    The ONLY method which will address, and bring some semblance to this vexing issue(the water problem) is the SCIENTIFIC METHOD. The TRIAL & ERROR will not work.

    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  3. Amusing but true. It had been one of the greatest disappointment of successive governments from independence to present day. We still cannot get the water situation resolved to this day. For a small country such as ours, it is shameful and a reflection of our leaders priorities over the years.

  4. This is an economic powerhouse remember?
    We get soo much water during the rainy season and it just goes to waste no provisions are made to catch and store the water..
    Is the populace responsible for making the water come through our pipes?
    We have always have a water issue since I was a little girl but
    The problem has gotten progressively worse within the
    Past 20 years..
    Which political party has had the reins to do something about the issue?
    People when you don’t hold people accountable,
    You get a government you deserve.. cause you voted for them, so therefore you suffer in
    Water is basic,
    You need water to survive!

  5. They don’t want the issue fixed because the water truck drivers are making big money for politicians on both sides

  6. Melford Nicholas and the government know how to fix the water problem. Melford knows all the fifty year old rusted iron water mains have holes and are leaking. He said that they installed some new pipes ten years ago and they are twisted and leaking. The government was most likely charged top dollars for these inferior pipes and we know where the money went.
    The government knows they have to repipe the country but they won’t spend the money to do it. They spend money on reverse osmosis plants knowing fully well that when the water is turned on the water will leak out the mains and not go to the households.
    This government finds money to do all Sort of things but they won’t spend money on building out the infrastructure. They then shamefully blame UPP operatives in APUA for turning off water valves and some of their supporters believe this crap. Gaston know how to beg. Why doesn’t he beg some foreign donors for help.
    We don’t need no foreign engineers to tell the government that the water situation will not be rectified until the government spends the money to replace the old rusted leaking water mains.

  7. We do not have a water problem. We have a management problem. We have people that are not working to solve the water problem. Once you take care of the human resource issues you will solve the water problem cause putting money towards it is the easiest part. But not having the right people to do the job make every dollar that you put towards this useless spending

    • You are totally correct that we have a management and human resource problem. APUA is cramped with CONSTITUENTS from St. Philips North and so are all the other ministries that Robin ever managed. He has mismanaged APUA for decades and was knighted for longevity in politics. Robin has been allowed to plunder that entity under three successive ALP Prime Ministers . It’s not unreasonable to assume that they might have benefitted in some form from his deliberate malfeasance. We know what was suspected in the Tango Powerplant deal and later, the APC contract. Do you know anything about APUA Funding and the Heritage Market scandal? Those areas are the concerns of the government and not our water plight.

  8. Sorry to say,
    The water problems here in 🇦🇬 will not be solved because, it doesn’t fit into the plans of the POWERS THAT BE, an their 2030 agenda.
    The Paris Climate Change Agreement was a hoax, just do the search and research. We need to get real here in 🇦🇬

  9. Antigua don’t have a water problem.The water that runs from Body pond via big creek to the sea please pump it up to Buckley hill and let it run to Potworks dam.

  10. And yet..this is a problem that can be solved once and for all. There are so many countries much worse off than Antigua when it comes to rainfall and drought. Yet they provide their citizens with 24 hour water. But these are countries with competent leadership..which we don’t have …and will never have if we keep electing Gaston, Cutie..Molwyn and Robin..and the band of incompetent crooks whose expertise is enriching themselves..NOT solving problems and delivering services to the people. APUA ..with all due respect to them..struggle to keep a dysfunctional water system operational..they do not have the expertise or the resources..or the strategic guidance from our Leaders to even begin to solve this problem…we need competent Leaders at the top who can attract the expertise to solve this problem that is the cause of so much hardship in our Country.

  11. Robin and now is Partner in crime Rob already got Knighthood and Indian town for solving the water problem. Yes Sirs !

  12. Sixty years ago, back in 1962. Zee Mc Coy won the calyso competition when he sang: “Ze McCoy says the utility is serving the public well, and who dont like it can go to hell”

    Consistant with the ABLP politcal guru Ronald Saunders who has been knighted as a polital genius: Keep them uneducated, begging and poor.

    I empatise with the writer who resorts to scasism to make the case. Like most things which affects public life in Antigua and Barbuda “curruption and ignorance” governs.

    The Nepo Babies have adequate water supply. The wealthy foriegners, the political elites have adequate water supply, and they run the country.

    The holidays are on us. The ham and turkeys will be flying soon. Come January go see the Minister for your personal favor like getting a scholarship for you to go to a US trade school
    like Monroe College, and come back credentialized for a government job.

    Who needs portoble water or any other State services when we have record number of cruise ships arriving at the Port; and the 2nd highest projected 9.5% economic growth in all of Latin America and the Caribbean.
    We are on our way to being an economic power house Baby? Weather you are cry cry baby or a Nepo Baby like sex pays … Curuption pays

  13. We cannot progress equitably as a country without integrity in politics. While some will ignore the destructive effects; we ignore it at our own peril.
    Future generation will not look favorably back on these times.

  14. @From the Sidelines
    An executive of a major financial firm who has been responsible for restructuring and downsizing, you should be aware that the management problem of which you wrote is the a result of a corruption problem.
    Corruption created an over staff utility organization, which is overburdened with incompetent staffing.
    Anyway you cut it Mr. financial, it’s all about the Corruption.

  15. I love reading this article. It is true and funny at the same time. Sometimes I want to know who authors are to genuinely say thank you and you are genius.

    Water problem solutions is there, the issue is that the government do not care.

    The knuckle situation, be like me, sadly, work all day and night, with no social life, and send a lot of money to your mother. Having no woman means no knuckle. I am actually starting to regret that part of my life. My wife search has began.

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