LETTER: Who Are The Wealthy Nigerians?


Comments from West Africa elicited by the article on the Nigeria – Antigua mid-Atlantic people movement, have pointed to the real mover behind the charters. It is important to know that charters have to be fully paid up before an aircraft can roll out of its base, so it is important to be well financed or with a backer whose financial worth is guaranteed. The Nigerian Madam hidden behind the operation, who has been fingered, is such a person.

t is said that the creation of an Antigua Nigeria Chamber of Commerce has created a false impression that the charter operation has the support of the Antigua Chamber of Commerce, thus suspending any doubts in the West African market. But who authorized the lower level public servant of the Government of Antigua & Barbuda to use the name of Antigua, in what appears to be a private sector owned charter operation which does not have an airline registered name?

The Antigua Nigeria Chamber of Commerce lists its Owners/Directors/Key management personnel (7) and include Emmanuel Adinoyi Samson and Owalabi Oluwatoyin Elebanjo , (government employee in Antigua) both of these men managed the Antigua ground arrival and movement of the passengers, who turned out to be mainly from Cameroon, West Africa. For those who do not know, Cameroon is in a civil war, much like it was in Rwanda, where the French-speaking people war against the English-speaking , all orchestrated by Europe. People are glad to escape, but they are being preyed upon by ruthless money-driven wolves in the same clothing of those who controlled the mid-Atlantic slave trade.

The Ministry of Aviation Antigua has been strangely absent from this melee which erupted over the Christmas/New Year with the arrival of several charter loads of West Africans. The Ministry has finally come out with a Stop Order for passenger charter flights into Antigua from Nigeria until strict aviation demands are satisfied. The last flight arrived empty and it is said left for Nigeria with relatively few passengers.

We all are aware that the government does not care to share the story behind this fiasco, and further, whether they shall return the West Africans to their homeland. After a year-long amnesty program amassing thousands of Caribbean and other new nationals, the Antigua Immigration Department has just barely managed to clean up their work re illegal immigrants dodging and diving to work. Now hundreds of new immigrants may seek a new amnesty, because Antigua is a member of the UN and must protect refugees rather than send them back to their destruction.

> We hear that consideration is being given to have the West Africans employed by the development in Barbuda, and, to quote the Nigerian businessman/government employee, ‘Antigua is underpopulated’ – so maybe these new arrivals are to populate the future Barbuda with new-nationals; the creation of a future swing vote in under-populated Barbuda? A new set of Africans to build Barbuda into a playground for the same oppressors under whom our African ancestors suffered?

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  1. Is the Prime Minister the mouth of Antigua and Barbuda. Stop making us suffer. Alot a like the African he is bring here. These people would not ever allow our national to just flowed their country like what they are doing. I would not be surprise they would secretly vote in our general election. Please remember we know that there set of works in the country vote in advance. U can slip them in. Prime we a stupid.

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