LETTER: Where is the Love for Asot


Dear Editor,

As a comrade, I cannot tell you how disappointed I am with how the Hon. Asot A. Michael is being treated by his own party, the prime minister in particular and all the people whom he has helped over the years.

Talk about kicking somebody when they down. In the last month, I have heard seen Asot being attacked again and again in the press with literally no one standing up for him, at least not publicly.

Gaston was quick to kick him to the curb even though to this day the man has not been charged with any crime.

Gaston knows that he has Asot to thank for his victory over Lester Bird for the leadership of the party and Gaston also knows that he has Asot to thank for the 2014 election victory especially where campaign financing in concerned.

And to hear Gaston say on radio that he’s willing to provide the Integrity Commission the money to investigate Asot was painful to hear.

Not one of Asot’s colleagues has spoken a word in support of him. How many of them have benefited publicly from him?

Where are all the people that Asot Michael has employed over the years? Where are all the people who have benefitted from the thousands of dollars of his personal cash Asot hands out daily?

Well, well, well..what a bunch of ungrateful Antiguans!

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  1. You are no comrade. Nice try.

    You are a tearing renking UPP trying to pose as a govt supporter!! Tap you fart!

  2. You IS NO COMRADE!!! Tap lie on the name COMRADE!!!! You trying to score cheap political points here trying to tear down the Labour party. Asot made his bed now he have to lie down in it.

  3. Ascot is one of the most skilled, learned, well spoken and hard working political leaders we have ever had. He was loyal to the former PM Bird, has always performed his work with competence and passion and is well loved by his constituents. Isn’t that worth some respect. Gaston will throw anyone under the bus if it makes him more secure and look good in the eyes of the Feds!

  4. Asot Micheal is a good person. Allegations are being made and in my view he has no support from the ABLP. Its sad! Hope the other politicians are paying attention because plenty more there to come.

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