LETTER: Where Is Propagandist Dane Knight a.k.a Knight In Shining Armor?

Dear Editor,
For two straight nights Mr. loud mouth Dane Knight has not been on the air waves of Propaganda, so-called news organization Observer. I have the following questions for Mr Knight in shining armor.
Is it true loud mouth, propaganda and lies spreader Dane Knight has left Propaganda, Liar, UPP Station Observer Radio? Did liard Knight fall out with the fake news Observer board room? Dane, did you leave because you can’t get rid of the labourities we have working right in your organisation? Is it true you throwed a tandrum with the Snake Serpent because you cant get rid of labourities working for your fake news, terrorist, fake news organisation?
The Liard Trevor Walker you always big up was exposed as the liard that he is like yourself (birds of a feather flock together) lying on the government with the growth percentage which was exposed as a big lie and that alone should show the people how the UPP and Observer are nothing but liars and ensure they remain the useless opposition if they get any seats at all after the upcoming election.
Propagandist Dane Knight, you need to sit down and understand The Honorable Prime Minister Gaston Browne will beat UPP and Terrorist Organization Observer 17-0 in your tails. Right now, the foreigner is behind us significantly and we have been registering them across all constituentcies in numbers so prepare for defeat. everybody in the coming months will get work, people will get water and roads will be fixed. We the laborites are out in the field doing the work behind the scenes to ensure we retire Lovell permanently, shut down Liard, fake news Observer and ensure The Honorable Prime Minister Gaston Browne remains in power for the next 50 years and more.
Please stay off the air waves, with your loud annoying voice, spreading your lies and propaganda nightly. The people of Antigua and Barbuda has seen right through you and the UPP and you all will be defeated if the election was called tomorrow 17-0 in yours and UPP behind.
Prepare your pressure pills because the defeat thats coming for you and the UPP will be legendary, and you and the UPP won’t be able to catch yourselves ever again. If you look sharp Knight, after this election you will have to flee the country. Stay off the airwaves, with that annoying, loud, squeaky voice, Liard mouth.
 Labor all the way!
David Francis
ABLP Supporter

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  1. “This little piggy went to market
    This littple piggy stayed home
    This little piggy had roast beef
    The other little piggy had none
    The Knight piggy cried wee wee wee all the way home.”

    He is an EMPTY VESSEL. a CACKLING CAN-CUP who Dave Leser Payne will not sit by and allow to ruin his investment in NewsCo.

    Watch our DARREN MATTHEW-WARD and GEMMA HANDY. If you both get called into another board meeting AMBUSH, then you know what to do.

    Good riddance to MISSA Knight!

    • If that big mouth night personallity has left the radio station then he has done the station justice because his callous conduct will perhaps put the radio station in disrespute sometime in the future. He lacks professionalism & he allows his emotions to get the best of him rather than he get the best of his emotions. He behaves like his brains are made of sawdust.

      • yeah too many EMOTIONS. maybe he needs to get his ESTROGEN levels balanced.

        “Estrogen dominance is a type of hormonal imbalance in which the body produces too much estrogen”. Symptoms of estrogen dominance can be similar to those of perimenopause, menopause, or even PMS and include…

        1). Mood Swings
        2). Irritability
        3). Decreased Sex Drive
        4). Weight Gain
        5). Hot Flashes & Night Sweats
        6). Hair Loss
        7). Irregular Menstrual Periods
        8). Trouble Sleeping
        9). Fertility Issues

  2. Maybe he gone for a ride on the Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS 🚌 to ease his mind. Guess it’s not easy spending extended hours in the studio because you’re afraid to feel lonely and come face to face with yourself in an empty house.

    Enjoy the ride Knightee. Daniel can teach you some Spanish aboard his STRIPPER POLE BUS 🚌

  3. I can’t understand for the life of me, why Laborites still listen to Observer radio if they have a problem with them. Stick to Pointe FM or Chet Radio station, simple!!!

    • Observer touts itself as the “ONLY” “INDEPENDENT” media in Antigua and Barbuda. Yet not one single story in the Daily Observer about the *26 ACRES* of land for the UPP Shadow Minister of Agriculture. Dont you think that would have been a good topic for the Big Issues? If it was a candidate for another policital party, it would have made the paper and the Big Issues.

      Enjoy your “INDEPENDENT” media.


  5. I do not know the situation with Knight and Observer. I heard Knight on Monday night.and if I was the owner He would be FIRED on the spot. Knight has NO regards for Anyone. Knight is responsible for UPP losing the election.. Knight also is responsible for OBSERVER Losing Customers. Knight Is BAD for business. I stopped advertising on Observer because of Knight. Hope Knight is gone from the AIRWAVES. Good RIDDANCE.

  6. Soon an very soon all who a big up gaston your name will soon be called he a say how much he give you all low life labourities the brown paper bag have all a you going stupid fool’s election day will tell.

  7. He a saddle up in his shining Armour , watch out !! do not get too happy Labourites. You are spouting Rubbish, Cooks close by, Dump your Crap. “It is user Friendly “.

  8. What more can Gaston Browne do to the writer of this letter and the Cheerers in the Amen corner? (I don’t dare call them Labourites because there was a time when Labour actually stood for something).

    Just the other day, MP Trevor Walker exposed Gaston Browne’s bold-face lies uttered in the People’s house! We heard of Gaston’s frequent travels to Barbuda – not to check in on the concerns of the citizens residing in tents, but to hobnob in a restaurant that sells burgers for US$140. So sad that his nouveau-riche status fails to mask the stench of his recent beggar past.

    Gaston begged PLH – an investor – for money to complete the airport in Barbuda, and plan to turn it over to them for the next 10 years so that all income inures to them. Even Ray Charles can see OUR COUNTRY IS BEING RAPED! Yet you are more concerned about whether Dane Knight is on the airwaves? Either you are profoundly obtuse, or you had a deep gulp of Mad-Puss Piss!

    Gaston has saddled our country with so much debt, his actions will entrap us for the next 3 generations. He has give away our lands, created ‘special economic zones’ that will be a burden and not a benefit. All this and more, while failing to deliver basic services to citizens. No water to wash yuh arse. A tourism industry that has not been upgraded to be competitive in a post pandemic era — roads, water, drains, internet in a worse state. How do we plan to survive? Yet we can depend on traitors like you to stand up and defend the indefensible. A pox on you and your house!

    With our treasury drained, our lands given away, the only thing left for Gaston to do is to rape your wife and molest your children. No one would be surprised if you greet him at the door and lead him to the room to have his way with whomever or whatever he finds there.

    As for the Amen Corner, sing this … The upholder is worse than the thief!

  9. Knight doesn’t denigrate anyone, he just play them in their own voices. He is the most popular talk show host in the country, even the labourites stay up until two in the morning listening to him. We know that the powers that be would like to get rid of him because he exposes their corrupt deeds. Waiting for him to come back as the nights aren’t the same.

    • yes he does “denigrate” people!!!! Dont you remember what he had to say about MRS. GISELE ISAAC-ARRINDELL? He shell some narsee, dutty wud at her. Narsee and dutty like the *26 ACRES* of abandoned farmland for UPP candidate, ALGERNON WATTS.

  10. Knight will be back. Simmer down people. No need to rejoice. It’s a false alarm and you all fell for it. Wishful thinking. Now as you were. Your dreams DID NOT come through!

  11. Daney only behaves like that on radio. When they pulled his plug, he lap his tail between his legs like a 🐕

    He and the UPP pedophile are bad for business and have inflicted terrible damage to the UPP image. Not as detrimental as Lovell, but still bad.

  12. It really amazes me. Knight has not been on Observer for 2 nights and the Laborites are rejoicing. I did not realize they were ardent listeners to Knight on Observer Radio .Knight has not gone anywhere,people.If Gaston Browne and those BIG FAT TOADS are re-elected,Then you people deserves what you got and is about to get into the future.

  13. I listen to Knight every night he is on. He plays back those jackasses in their own voices. Knight has not garne any damn where. Many of you would like to see him gone. Knight does what he is doing on Observer for GRATIS. He is not an employee of Observer. Come back soon Knight,you are doing a very good job for and on behalf of the Nationals of Antigua and Barbuda. Continue to play their own voices and show them up. Greedy,thiefing,selfish,BLOW FISH BASTARDS, profiteering while being Members of Parliament. Using Insider Information to enrich themselves,family members and their baby mamas.Let the bull chit stopped now. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORKS,KNIGHT.

  14. Not so long ago, Dane knight was not on Observer for a little while. The same songs were been song by his detractors. Now, they at it again. If knight is such a Liard propogandist, why oh why do the labourites listen to him so religiously? SMH

  15. there is no louder , loudmouth than colin browne and his topics for discussion is just as disgusting as knight. so before the letter writing and the pointing of fingers check out point radio. no body better than the other. wasted air space and timed.

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