LETTER: When Dem Dun Use You, Dem Jail You Or Deport You!


There is a political party in Antigua that when the leadership is challenged, it retires their no-longer-useful adherents to jail. The most recent member to challenge the leader and be programmed for jail has managed to get away, and in spite of all is preparing to run in the coming election.


There is another one who is hanging by a thread, while a foreign country is being persuaded to take jail action against him. And then there was one from another era, same party, who also challenged his leader and actually did time for what was really his party’s crime!

It is no wonder that the others are all afraid of their leader who has encouraged them to enrich themselves, while he took notes and prepared the beady-beady to hang over their heads.


Well, the time is up and all those who have taken from the cookie jar must be prepared to sin some more to ensure the life of the leader and his party. This development is an interesting part of the culture of this old party which like the ancient Canaanite god Moloch, they eat their children.

So it is now that the one that got away is quick to expose the conspiracy, including the arm of the law which was quick to join ranks with those that pay for favors.


His wail was long and carefully explained the psychological torture of a short spell in the grounds of the jail in a bus with convicts, clearly designed to put the fear of God into him. He claimed constant fear of God!

The time is coming soon when the veil will be torn off the face of this duplicitous political party whose plan is to keep its people poor and needy then shower them with ham, turkey and electronics in exchange for votes.


And when they tire of those who have helped move them into leadership positions, they plot how to shake them off, and especially if they dare to challenge, they are immediately programmed for jail.

This is not the politics of the region, it is the deadly win or else threat of one party which is contemptuous of its own people and has no apology for importing voters from other Caribbean islands.


It started with Santo Domingo and spread to Guyana, Jamaica, and St. Vincent the last of which also supplied members to the Police Force. This strange combination of sister nations together now control more than 40% of the electorate, many of whom are grateful for their Immigration status and expected passports. They too are used and abused!

Our sister nationals are no longer non-nationals, with Antigua passports they are free enough to vote as they would in their own country for the best candidates, and not for favours.


New nationals are beginning to build in Antigua, putting down roots, and will consider who is their best bet for their future, and whether they should vote for a party that sends their own jail when they have used them up.


A party known to dump anyone who challenges their authority and that includes new nationals. This need to send their own people to jail is also equated with deporting Caribbean nationals after soliciting their vote as they did the last time.

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  1. You telling THE TRUTH! Asot just asked; how you get so wealthy in 7 short years? The other challenged him in CABINET and he caught a charge. So your on the money with your analysis.

  2. …school pickee-neargah say,
    …at de end ah day
    …wen dem dung nyam!
    …all ah dem!
    …and get fat lakkah hag!
    …and, hold on pan dem money bag!

    Gaston cyant even lift up fu he!
    Baldwin say, fu me bury undah Cemetry!
    Lovell chime in, dem teef aff fu me!
    Asot a cry! Gassy Babee why, oh why!
    Membah wen u was just a political baby,
    And, u no min hab no money!
    Me does gee u plentee dunnee,
    Dat me teef fram de Treasury!

      • @Freetownson…none a dem rass innocent.
        I pray🥴🤫😀😆that the young lady who won the trip to space with Branson could take the WHOLE PARLIAMENT building in toe, as a broken down space ship, and dump that shit at the edge of space, just like the HERD of Swine parable which they believe in.
        We could then get a fresh start with all of those #Fat #Cats and pigs out of the way.

  3. This is a good piece of article. It has been years since I read a local article like this. To the author, please continue to produce more similar articles.

  4. This letter seems to be a paid ad by that rotten mango. He nah get the memo he is a rotten element and is no longer needed or wanted. Pack up a go rotten mango. Karma is a b i t c h!!!!!

  5. Seasons greetings to all. Have to say its good to see DNA finally putting thought behind their utterances. This piece was well planned and delivered, a first for DNA. If I had seen this before I may have dropped off (with Max blessing) some turkey and ham for a few of their candidates (especially the one in my area, Rural North who lately been acting like he is starved), but alas all done. Jokes aside, Happy 2022 to all

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