LETTER: We need some vloggers showing hot women in Antigua and Barbuda


Letter to Antigua and Barbuda vloggers

Can someone put up some videos on YouTube about catching crabs in Antigua and Barbuda and cooking them.

I also want videos of folks playing marbles. You know I always wanted to invest in unpopular sports? Let us have a marble tournament. Angle and hole tournament.

I think these can be traditional games and sports that we promote culturally, I honestly missed watching those games.

Please put them up on YouTube. I enjoy drafting emergent applications while watching these travel and culture vlogs but there is hardly any pertaining to Antigua and Barbuda.

I have seen a few walks by Mr. Isaac, I think his name is.

I would literally sponsor a marble tournament. Seriously ha ha ha. I think I like angle more than hole.

I had some much planned for Antigua and Barbuda. I just remember how passionate the guys were while playing marbles, it was really entertaining. The guys had skills like professional pool players.

Antigua and Barbuda need to have an Antiguan and Barbuda day that includes mini competitions like these. How about in November, independence celebrations.

Finally, we need some vloggers showing hot women in Antigua and Barbuda. I have watched the Jamaican vloggers showing their gorgeous Jamaican ladies walking, and other Caribbean Islands vloggers showing their ladies. I do enjoy that, but may I please see some options, hot ladies walking Antigua and Barbuda.

It is just my way of passing time while I work.

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  1. Maybe get a pet wife and watch her walk… Why is it other people’s responsibility to entertain you with themselves?
    Would be great to showcase marbles, warri, and other local activities more. It would indeed be nice to have a local adventure and sports show or channel. Maybe you should start one…

  2. Instead of watching antigua women pan laptop, leff you house and go look gyal. You obviously don’t have a very challenging job if you ah watch youtube at work. Ah mussa observer you work lol

    • I promise you it is not as challenging, get it done fast is my motto, and then sit there and wait for a decision. And with the “pandemic induced undue delays” we are waiting for years now for decisions.

      So please entertain me. Ha ha ha ha ha

  3. Get you a “hot” woman and be satisfied or you can’t get one so you engage in voyeurism? Of all the worries one could have, you come with this so you can watch and smile? Antiguans have real issues to worry about.

    • Ha ha ha ha. I do not feel stressed anymore. After reading the post, I started laughing out loud. Folks must wonder if I am crazy

  4. I am thinking this article is a joke and meant to evoke a particular response.

    Dear Writer – accommodate us by letting us know what immoral side of your psychy you are hoping to satisfy with this request. More than half the population of Antigua women and girls already walk naked on the streets and you now want them on YouTube?

    • Ha ha ha ha. It is party meant to ease the political tension and to make people laugh. But it also was serious in some areas.

      Please smile

  5. Antigua woman? Dem mostly Big, fat, outta shape, big belly woman? Fake lashes, fake nails, fake hair, tattoos all over, nasty attitudes, most of them totally useless outside of sex? No my friend, let’s stick to the warri and crab… Oh, and the natioal dish of Antigua is now the chicken shawarma.

  6. @My Way Of Helping…it’s obvious you’ve come into some new found wealth, and it’s your prerogative, as to how you want to spend it.
    However, to even suggest women should be paraded, as sex objects for yours and others like you pleasure is sick and demented.
    I’ve being reading your commentary’s and it’s obvious, that you think money is The End Game. Well since, it’s to you hire some Trannies with their BBL and have them skin out all over you! I don’t thing you’ll know the difference between them and a real woman, until they drop their dick from between their BBL asses. I don’t even think you’d object to being fucked with it. Your disrespect towards our women, for suggesting such says, you’re a POS on a mission!
    You can bark, all of the legalese you want. Those who are indoctrinated through its uses are the worlds oldest crooks and criminals. Some call them LIARS instead of lawyers!

    You come off, as someone who has being molestet!

  7. @A who molest u batty,

    That was so funny ha ha ha ha ha. Please do not abolish pageantry because some guys and even some ladies admire beautiful ladies, in a respectful way.

    If I would guess who this blogger is, guess who my guess would be? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. That post was so funny.

  8. ANT…. You really posted this BS
    Shame on YOU



    • Pedophile are those who targets minor children for sexual gratification. At no point did this article suggested or could reasonably conclude to have supported any such act but for you who now clearly bring such action into the picture as if to strongly support such despicable actions.

      A grown man commending other countries for proudly displaying their beautiful ladies going about, as every is doing on YouTube and then one writer who seems to be a male responded by saying, no, men should not like female or admire female but men should watch men instead and not only that have sexual relationship with men, that is what men and men should do. Why would Amy person encourage straight men to be with men? What kind of people are these bloggers telling men to not admire women but admire trannies instead? You guys are nasty.

      Then another one now is saying, do not admire ladies but admire little children. You guys need mental health and I know who that male blogger is, you nasty people.

      If I was any authority in Antigua, i would have had to know who is this single blogger is demanding for grown men to sex men and children.

      I believe folks have the right to choose but leave innocent children out of things. It should be made criminal when you do.

      These statements are not meant to criminalize consenting adults******. Adults have a right to choose who they want to be with, they may choose what I do not support but they do have the right.

      I am pretty confident I know who this blogger is.

  9. How about this instead, how about “vlogs” showing Antigua and Barbuda as the decent and moral society that it is? How about “vlogs” that illustrate Antigua and Barbuda as a country and culture where (gasp) absolute right and wrong still exist and wrongdoing is promptly adjudicated and punished?
    How about boasting of your National pride, having an official language and boarders that are enforced?
    Tight little heinies don’t last, morality and character can last forever.

  10. Are we so ashamed of our women that we Re afraid to show them off. How could it be wrong here, but not at carnival and other shows. I’m a man and I’m sure the person that made the suggestion was a woman. The person didn’t say show the women naked. It’s not what we do but how we do it. Marbles were also played by young girls also. So let’s stop this behavior and encourage a good clean showcase of our women or men. Remember I said women and men. (ADULTS). Nutten tall wrang wid dat!

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