LETTER: We cannot take any increase in gas prices


Dear Editor,

The poor people and middle class are struggling already in this country. Now the Prime Minister has a heart to tell people increased gas prices at this time.


I am very upset with this government and they all are useless charlatans and loafers occupying public offices in this country. The inflation and high gas prices in this country isn’t affecting these millionaire politicians and elites in this country, they are affecting the poor people of this country. People are still unemployed and if they are working the supermarkets are sucking people’s wallets dry and this government has done nothing to ease the squeeze on the people of this country since the start of this pandemic up to this day.

Everything is increasing in this country but working people’s salaries, which was supposed to increase as well considering Social Security increased, but because we are so politically divided in this country, we choose to remain silent about it. Shameful!


Where has the billion dollars in CIP revenue been used? Where is the 400-million-dollar credit Mr Weston said we have in reserve funds if needed? Mr Knight has played clips of the CIP boss talking at the rotary club admitting to the above mentioned and Mr Weston in their own voices saying these things. Aren’t we supposedly the economic power house of the Caribbean? all a big lie to fool the people?

The poor people of this country are suffering tremendously just barely making ends meets, and now with this announcement of increased gas prices, the people of this country better brace for extremely unbearable food, electricity and transportation cost which is going make the poor fall into poverty and the Middle-class poor. This government is absolutely wicked, and the trickle-down effect is going to have a significant impact on the spending power of the people which has been already hard hit since the start of this pandemic.

Let’s be serious people, this pandemic has exposed this government significantly. 500 homes in 500 days, fail. Water daily in pipes, fail. Unemployment rate, fail. Constant supply of water, fail. Sourcing and maintaining fire trucks, fail. Constant electricity supply, fail. APUA (INET) Internet and Telephone, fail. National School meals where children are supposed to be the future of this country are eating “dog and pig” food to “allegedly if true fatten Ministers of government food who have moved into the Poultry farming, what a absolute disgrace. Pensioners can’t get paid. Poor roads and infrastructure. Lighting and overgrown brush everywhere. Failed 15 proposed projects these losers couldn’t get off the ground which they said would transform the economy of the country. I could go on and on. Some beaches has access blocked off and Mr J’Truth expose this but the PM lied to the public to make his wife and Minister responsible for lands look good and J’Truth a liar. SMH!

The people of the country better believe these failed charlatans have been lying to them for years about economic power House. We are the economic poor house of the Caribbean. They spend our monies recklessly on One Nations Concerts and Happy Ministry people and now when we need the money most there’s none. They have the young people wine up and smoke enjoying themselves to distract them from the failures and happenings in this country.

Ask the Prime Minister if it’s true this country’s economy is on the verge of collapse and that an economic recession, we are about to face but he is trying to delay it as much as possible to tell the public because of this government’s mismanagement of the economy. Ask him if that is why pensioners can’t get paid and they struggling bad to pay government workers. Don’t ask me how I know this information, if you know you know.

Expect the price of propane gas to go up my people to $45 a bottle from $32 dollars the way things are going around here. Electricity and water prices will be going up also. This is the result of the trickledown effect of this governments failed policies. Also remember when the price for a barrel of oil 2 years fell the prices stayed the same. Believe me when I say the gas prices the motorists of this country will be paying come Monday will remain even if the price drops a year from now, remember the Prime Minister said he never lets a crisis go to waste.

Mediocrity runs amuck in this country and we the people need to stop with this shallow mind-set of $1000 in RED T-Shirt, Free Toyota Vitz Cars, exchange of Voter ID by politicians in exchange for money because at the end of the day, none of these things last forever and your quality of life remains the same and cycle of mediocrity continues and we all suffer.

The people of this country got what they voted for, so we have to suffer until a year from now where we can vote for change in this country. In the meantime, these politicians who never cared about the people continue to abuse the people of the country.

Tell them keep they bribe money because we want change in this country. Vote for individuals who serves your best interests and not party lines.


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  1. ok Dmani Tabor. Tis makes your 4th letter.

    We could not take a pandemic, but it came. Maybe you can move to USA where the gas prices even higher

    • Just like you thought that the world financial crisis of 2009 was Antigua specific.

      The mantra for the ABLP IS ENRICH YOURSELF. Certainly a down-grade from government is continuous.

      BTW you probably live overseas so you are not aware that many appointments in the government service must first be approved by cabinet

  2. Wonder who “Belssings” talking about cause if you “Blessings” think that UPP any better you are in for a rude awaking. I voted out ALP in 2004 only to be victimized by the so called party who promised “change” while some on her pretend to have amnesia and act like UPP was never in power me nah forget them and me never will. We want a new government not them red and blue devils cause all of them ah the same. Go in poor and in 5 years come out a millionaires.

  3. Meanwhile in Jamaica March 10, 2022 Petrojam has announced a sharp increases in petroleum products, effective today. Petrojam says 87 and 90 gasolene, automotive diesel, ultra low sulfur diesel, butane, propane and kerosene will all go up by $4.50.

    Grenada February 25, 2022: GBN reached out to Energy Minister Gregory Bowen to find out whether Grenada will be able to sustain the $15 Cap on local Gas Price, which was implemented in December.

    Trinidad and Tobago March 9, 2022: The Prime Minister has said the population cannot be insulated from the effects of changes in the price of oil, as the cost of maintaining the fuel subsidy has become prohibitive. He put the nation on notice that the recent increase in the price of oil could lead to an increase of prices at the pump in Trinidad and Tobago.

    AND THE LIST CAN GO ON AND ON!!!! Be real people…

  4. G-Ass-ton don’t care about anyone but himself. He can’t even show he pays tax on anything even on the $20K USD he gets in rent from Singh. All he does is practice creative enrichment schemes and will continue to screw all of us until he voted out and brought before the high court and be prosecuted for dereliction of duty, trafficking of people, murder of people, stealing of lands and the rest of his ill gotten gains. Every corrupt politician needs to be relieved of office and prosecuted regardless of party affiliation.

    • You run into the pupa tree on the 26 acres and knock ya head on a stone. Sit still for a few hours and see if a little sense come back in ya empty head.

      Take a seat on the Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS 🚌🤣😆😂😄

      • Smh you can’t even get raped if you wanted to again. After they raped you the 1st time they don’t want you anymore. You can only wish you get raped again.

        Not even Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE want your no good dutty hole.

  5. Politicians are grifters and there are far too many in a country this small.

    A good start would be a deep cuts in the perks and allowances that MPs and Ministers receive. They are too insulated from real life and the practical consequences of their decisions.

  6. I cannot believe that we in Antigua think that we live in some kind of bubble that the effects of the world won’t be felt by us.

    I still laugh in the beginning when we said that COVID was a “white people and chinese disease” and that Black people won’t get it. How quickly that changed to “they are trying to kill black people”

    This is election time….and the mudslinging has begun. If UPP ever graces the government floors again (and I certainly hope not), I can’t wait for them to continue with “the treasury is empty and government is continuous” all while rewarding their followers.

    • Just like you thought that the world financial crisis of 2009 was Antigua specific.

      The mantra for the ABLP IS ENRICH YOURSELF. Certainly a down-grade from government is continuous.

      BTW you probably live overseas so you are not aware that many appointments in the government service must first be approved by cabinet

      • I don’t think you read the person’s comments correctly because if you did you would realize that your comment “Just like you thought that the world financial crisis of 2009 was Antigua specific” was not warranted.

        The writer is saying that we all live on the same planet and what happens on one side will eventually affect us all.

  7. Lmaooo if u want the biggest laugh to change your day no matter the mood come to Antigua News room.

    End of the day Antigua is a country full of all talk, grumbling and complain and they gonna still vote and put another entity to run the same cons and scams the funny thing about it u would think the ppl would learn from past experiences but how much common sense do u need before u realise how foolish antiguans still are.

    Lol watching Antigua is like watching someone burn your skin with brandish like a cow and sit there and take it and complain about how it hot and just never do nothing.

    Lmaooo they still go vote, government is continuous and no matter who u vote in its more bullshit

    U would think to stop a problem u go for it by the root but lol not Antigua

    How it go …,dip your finger and wave ya hand from government in sunshine to lmaooooooooo RED-y to rebuild to what next Go Green?

    Come in Antigua do what u do best just lie back and take it like a popeshead street professional lmaoooooo

    I really don’t feel sorry for none of u

    Hurry up election can’t wait to see the fools rally up again for Air Force, Jordan’s and duty free

    They go take price increase and get suck fry and still go braff weekend lmaoooo

  8. If Donald Trump was still president of the USA russia would not have invaded ukraine. This means the cost of oil would not be so high and once oil prices are high everything else will go up. Nothing the government can do about that. All of you who glad Trump is no longer in the white house has to worry about high cost of living and maybe a nuclear war.

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