LETTER: We are overworked and underpaid at APUA

APUA Headquaters

Dear Editor,

I am an APUA worker, I have been working at the establishment for 10 years, at the


I honestly think management can do better, treat their staff better, pay their staff better. We are overworked and underpaid.


APUA has good workers because all now no one has said anything about our salaries or wages or even a raise …we need more money.


Everything has gone sky high some of us can no longer survive on our income. For example, look at the cashiers, many times I pass and see the lines long and it cannot be easy for anyone to be staring at a computer screen all day cashing from morning to afternoon even leaving work at night…cashing nonstop.


The heads of APUA doesn’t seem to care about the small man because they are all getting their big payments.


The meter reading staff needs a raise, the cleansers need a raise, Customer service needs a raise and the cashiers need a raise.


They are the ones who deals with customers…face to face interactions, they are the ones who brings in the Bacon.


My question is directed to the Management of APUA Mr. Yearwood, Mr. Tonge, Mr. Martin, and the Prime Minister honorable Gaston Browne; when is APUA staff going to get a raise ???


Mr. Browne raising minimum wage should not even be a question or be up for debate because goods and services are extremely expensive right now. Raise minimum wage to a percentage that workers can be able to survive off.


Please note : When workers are paid well they work well.

APUA Workers

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  1. If you work in the Customer Service department writer, your department needs to do some work. Cannot tell you how many times I have dialed the number and got a recording or it just ring out and cut to voicemail or hold music.

    DO some Work!!!!

  2. i agree with everything except the meter reading staff. apua needs to step into 2022 and get modern meters. how is management spending the money and where are they making investments? no water. no modern meters everything that not managed by another company run down.

    • So because Apua needs modern meters the staff who reading the meters must not get a raise of pay?…this is a twisted way of thinking!!!

  3. Your leaders want it so. Lots of your processes are from 1817 so you are over worked because you still plowing with donkey and blow

  4. Both cashier’s and meter readers need to go away. Electronic payment and electronic meter reading only. When inflation is high productivity needs to improve. Invest in capital expenditure and brining APUA into modern times.

    • But it is not everyone that is going to be able to pay bills online, They have to have services for everyone.

  5. okay people, yes the technology needs upgrading, that has nothing to do with the staff, that falls on poor leadership. The employees still need a living wage. Cost of living is extremely high but you can’t just wish people livelihood away. Find others ways to train and improve the workers to utilize new technology. It should start from the top down. I wish people would be more considerate to others. Think about what you would like for yourselves.

  6. Staff overworked? Most of the times I visit the Costumer Services they are chatting and most times they didn’t know how to gide you peoperly in some matters..and leaving at night? Who arebthey? Those places dobt klen weekends and Most times at 4 they are closing..The bus stop around 2 and finish..They are only talking about cashiers, but the rest they relax a lot..dont come with that drama here..Upgrade your payment system, is like 20 years behind..

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