LETTER: We are a country of laws


Dear Editor,

We are a country of laws. That is the way democracies work. There are 3 cases recently where there has been public out cry and criticism, but in all cases the laws have been broken.

We cannot pick and choose what laws we want to observe as it suits us.


  1.   The Mary John cyber charge. Is there a cyber law on the books? Should it be observed or not because of who is involved?
  2.    DCA action at Parham. Were laws broken? Should we ignore the laws against squatting and illegal building? I wonder how we will feel if squatters set up an illegal bar next door to our home on an empty lot?
  3.   A number of letters to ANR about noise nuisance from cars, motorcycles and bars in residential neighbourhoods.


I was amazed at the number of persons who felt it was better to have young people breaking these apparent small laws. These persons felt if they were not allowed to break these small laws, they would be pushed into crime and violence.


Really? Really!


In terms of the cyber charge, I do not think that Mary had any ill intent. She just jumped the gun and was over enthusiastic. This is not to say that she did not do damage to the character of the person mistakenly identified in her post. But let the law take its course.


What we should be doing instead of justifying these illegal acts, is pointing our young people in the right direction. Help them. advise them. Educate them. So that they will learn to do things the right and legal way.





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  1. Reds,I am glad you write we are a country of laws. My problem is the way out laws are been applied . It seems it is only use against the most vulnerable in society. As long as you are well connected , have money and politically affiliated ,the laws doesn’t apply to you . You will hear about a case that happens a few months ago gone through our court system very quickly ,while others in jail on remand for years can’t get a trial . Our justice system is very corrupt .

    • YUP… rules for us but not for them – it’s a disgrace.
      When are we going stop settling for this nonsense?
      Are people really this stupid to keep voting these clowns into office or are they cheating?

    • Writer, let me get this clear, Mary John did not have any ill intent when she defamed one’s character, your justification is that she was over enthusiastic but the youths who clearly had permission from the CDA are squatters and should be treated in that manner. CDA was dead wrong and uncivilized. The right thing to do was give the young men at least 30 days notice to remove the structure if it was illegal. Don’t just destroy the structure. Red, would you prefer someone squatting or someone defaming your character which could destroy your good reputation for life? If you have any. Or is it about status?

  2. I do not know the facts but without the facts, I can ask a question and bring something to readers attention. Are these laws constitutional? Do they pass the strict scrutiny test that any laws interfering with natural, human and protected fundamental rights MUST go through?

    When was the last time a statute was challenged in Antigua on constitutional basis?

    Laws are not always lawful. These are general statements, that must be considered. I have not read any public opinions on the matters here to five my public personal opinion. But I am sure, my points here are vital parts that must be considered.

    Reliable and waivers, constitutional rights etcetera. Even we must comply with constitutional laws.

    • You bring up some EXCELLENT points.
      When was the last time a statute was challenged on constitutional grounds… Even once?
      I’d like to know the answer to that question.

    • What can be unconstitutional about a law that says you OUGHT NOT, MUST NOT, and CANNOT squat on another person’s land, including that of the Crown? It is NOT your own, so what can be unconstitutional about forcibly removing a person from land that is NOT theirs?

      • Antiguans have for years made to believe that as long as you are born ya you can do as you like. That is why squatting has been condoned by the authorities that need to execute and uphold the laws. The police are in some instances not upholding some laws. We have therefore become in some cases lawless. And when the police try to rectify that it seems strange, and we rebel against the police. Just look at the street vending in town. Anyone just put up a table or a crate anywhere they want to and people have to walk in the road instead of on the sidewalk. Police don’t even touch that. I believe the COP needs to come to the public to explain how and when they decide to uphold laws and which one. Since it seem that they do not uphold every law.

        • The fault of unimaginative law makers, not the people. Where are the laws that set the standards and ALLLOW people to earn a living? NOT PROHIBIT but ALLOW and set the standard how things should look nice? Poor people have to eat at all cost and they will do what they have to. Is there any money in the 500m for this program? or just a bunch of fluffy stuff made to sound good? These same people can pay flat tax and operations low fees and help improve the economy. opening a business should be a no brainer and for everyone not just the elite

  3. There are TWO SETS OF LAWS in Antigua and Barbuda.It all depends on the status of those involved,in breaking said Laws.

  4. The COP Mr. Rodney also needs to come to the public and explain to us why after nine years or more we cannot get justice for Andrea Hughes, after she has been killed by a driver on New Winthropes road. Why are they able to bring charges against other similar drivers and let them have their day in court? I hope one day the AG and the PM can voice their displeasure on the manner in which the police is handling this case. And the silence that they show is not good at all. She was not a dog. She was a human being. And deserve justice. And her children are entitled to closure. I not saying that the driver is wrong, but he needs to answer the questions in a court of law.

    • And thanks to our journalists who never seem to be interested in keeping this issue alive and ask pressing questions from the COP on our behalf. Shame on you guys and girls calling yourself defenders of democracy and Voice Of the People.

      • Nonsense, Jounalist report they are not responsible to meter law. Thats the job of the legislature, DPP and the police. Why we have to be shamed? Shame on the Authorities and those in charge. The way we pressure the authority is to vote them out. This is a black country with black history about black people. Our laws are COLONIAL and created against black people. The only thing missing is black LEADERS who remember and know what it is really like for us. So we need to have the will to create BLACK PEOPLE Friendly laws. What the hell is crown lands? Who the hell does it belong to if not the people whose blood has soaked this soil? These brothers should have been helped and we should create empowerment zones in every single village of all Local people. These brothers is exactly what we need to boost the economy and to help boost SS, give them licenses and flat rate social security based on age. Allow all, EACHENDEAVORING ALL ACHIEVING. There constitutional rights we violated. They have a right to peruse a livelihood and happiness in a land our ancestors earned. The crown and the queen can (finish my sentence).

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