LETTER: Very long queues at APUA


Dear Editor,

It took me 1 hour and 45 minutes to pay my electricity bill at APUA yesterday. When I arrived the queue was at the door and there was 2 cashiers working and one for the pensioner’s side.   The service was so slow and when I asked if they were short of staff the lady said no some staff have gone to lunch. I asked to speak to a supervisor they said she was busy.

I cannot believe that the service can be so bad nearly 2 hours to pay a bill.

Not good enough just going to pay a bill in my lunch hour by the time I got back to work it was 2 hours, so now I owe my workplace an hour.

The shop pack and two are working, come on you do not care about your customers.

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  1. “I asked to speak to a supervisor they said she was busy.”

    Too busy to speak with a CUSTOMER??? WOW! mind-boggling!! How about installing some kiosks where payment can be made.

  2. This is the result when you have a management team filled with individuals with Narcissist personalities..Self aggrandizement is where their focus is and not on the true reason they are there for- that is serving the needs of the public,who are the ones btw keeping them in their grand positions..

  3. In this modern era customers should not have to wait for piece of paper to know what their electricity bill or stand in line for 1 1/2 hour to pay their bill. APUA remains the only electricity company in the Caribbean -or perhaps the world- that does not allow customers to view and pay bills online. You would think that with a telecoms company offering Hig speed LTE and broadband internet they would have figured out how to do that. By the way. We also pay more for electricity than any their country in the Caribben. That’s what we get for OWNING APUA.

    • gaston put the dinosaur in charge of apua after he ran it into the ground for the last 30 plus years.
      he know jack shit about online payment and online billing, all he know is how to rent building from haddeed them.

      he a chat in parliament know bout praedial larceny and lazy police but he nah tell us why we antiguans cant get water and electricity after all dem decades in charge of apua

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