LETTER: Vandals, thieves terrorizing doctors and nurses at SLBMC



I’m sure we’ve all seen the videos/photos recently circulating on social media showing a Vitz that was parked overnight at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Center which was apparently vandalized.

It has taken me a while to write this, but I feel this needs to be said. Many persons have found this situation funny but it is not. THAT WAS A DOCTOR’S VEHICLE (rented of course).

Now I have been working at said institution since 2017 and I happen to be a doctor myself. In the short time that I have been there I have seen the vehicles of many of my colleagues (nurses and doctors) in a similar predicament.

From all 4 wheels being removed, to emblems, side view mirrors, windshields/windows smashed and valuables removed, and the list goes on. There has even been an instance where a complete stranger walked into the hospital, into the doctor’s lounge and removed a doctor’s bag with laptop, phone, wallet, etc. and walked back out.

Now for those of you who are unaware. We doctors work everyday from 8am to whatever time the work is done (we frequently find ourselves at work at 8pm and even later on occasions) and we have our “on call days/duty days” where we work a full 24 hours or more at a time.

Now can you imagine working for 28, 32 or even 36 hours non stop without food or even proper rest to take care of persons, all while neglecting yourself, and when you finally get the chance to leave work you meet your vehicle vandalized!!?? Can that be right!? Can it be right that we slave over patients day in and day out, just to be taken advantage of?! For the general public to find our misfortune “funny”…

I’m sure we’ve all seen the signs around the parking lot; basically you park at your own risk, and apparently that includes employees as well.

But this has happened far too many times to count. Something needs to be done. Why can’t the security guards patrol the parking lots at different intervals instead of spending their entire shift sleeping?! Why are we the employees left to fend for ourselves!? Why can’t we get proper lighting around the parking areas that are all dangerously dark and get WORKING security cameras!?

There are clear areas designated for doctor’s parking where even a regular civilian is allowed to park, so on many occasions I have to circle the hospital for half of my lifetime trying to find a spot, but I cannot even dream of parking in a taxi’s spot or the spot designated for the staff bus or they will threaten to tow my vehicle.

The safety of your staff to include their personal effects while on the compound should be just as important as the work they do. We are human beings first before we are doctors, nurses and orderlies.

Disgruntled ANTIGUAN doctor

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  1. It’s a shame and this must be addressed. The system need to be evaluated and upgraded. The workers need to have a peace of mind when attending to patients.

    Praying this be addressed urgently.

  2. I do not believe a doctor wrote this or perhaps my expectation of doctors to compose a report is skewed.
    Scientists has a way of chronicling facts, without being emotional.

    • @ Melchesidec, why don’t u just shut up! There always has to be a dunce person in the bunch! Regardless who wrote it, it is a serious issue and needs to be address immediately! At the end of the day they’re humans, not robots! U will be the same person if sick to run to the hospital for help! Doctors and nurses are all heros and we need to give them our support. It’s astonishing to hear these useless scums of animals would go to the hospital and do that yet alone walk inside the hospital and thief!

      • You are a human and not a robot and will eventually need the same doctor to save your life. Imagine working for 12 hours staight only to find your vehicle vandalized. That will drive me completely crazy.

    • You I think you need too shut up about who write or wrote this letter just please be quite if you don’t know what’s going on in the Hospital Compound .High day they hitting your car or vehicle and leave like nothing happen .so until you experience it just Shut too again too Hell UUUP..We need our Doctors too be Safe in order too take Care of US..

  3. The lack of support for healthcare workers in Antigua is astonishing. Who is driving this bus?!

    I had a bad experience with the security at SLBMC. I needed security assistance at the hospital & not a one moved a bone.

    Constant theft & damage towards the doctors & nurses is a disservice to us all.

    When will officials make our hospital a priority?

    Oh- I forgot, they fly to the US for their medical needs.


    Respect to the doctors & nurses of SLBMC.

    It is not a far reaching thought to prioritize healthcare. This is simply pathetic oversight.

  4. @Melchesidec
    The point this “emotional” person was trying to make has clearly gone over your head. It doesn’t matter who actually wrote it or how it was written. There is an issue that needs to be addressed here. Do not attempt to draw attention away from the issues at hand by how “emotional” this person may be. The fact remains, our healthcare providers have made a plea for help. If you have nothing good to say, keep your Melchesidec mouth shut!

  5. Security cameras there do not have night vision security are human being too you all expect them to stand in the cold the entire night?
    A security guard can patrol a certain area an soon as they leave a thief appears so dnt blame security guards for damage veh,the hospital needs light around those dark areas an night vision cameras so person can view better, this why I would never do security everything they get blames for it so sad.

  6. The hospital personnel should have a designated secured parking space. The area should be monitored by cameras with night vision. There should be at least two security guards monitoring the cameras from a building in the parking lot.
    Antigua has gone the way of the thieves. Don’t know whether it is destitution or wickedness driving theses thieves, but they need to be caught and brought to justice.

  7. You I think you need too shut up about who write or wrote this letter just please be quite if you don’t know what’s going on in the Hospital Compound .High day they hitting your car or vehicle and leave like nothing happen .so until you experience it just Shut too again too Hell UUUP..We need our Doctors too be Safe in order too take Care of US..

  8. That place is already in a state as it is. Doctors and nurses decides to pick up and leave, what will happen? We need them yet this is how we treat them. Shameful!

    I spent some time up there with my mom. These people are overworked, pulling double shifts. And quess what, not even something to eat is offered when they pull those doubles.
    Don’t know about the rest of the hospital, but, the 4th floor, I applause you guys. All the doctors and nurses of the 4the floor, thank you for being amazing.

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