LETTER: Using the political platform to verbally disrespect their opponents


Dear Editor,

I am a young Antiguan who is thinking seriously to cast my vote, for the first time in the upcoming general elections.


I will admit that I am presently spending a lot of time reading several articles in the online news portals and listening to the talk shows on the three main radio stations, ZDK, Pointe FM & Observer Newsco.


Although I find the discussions very enlightening and the articles very informative, I am yet left baffled as to why our political pundits are using the political platform to verbally disrespect their opponents.


Recently, the nation’s prime minister was referred to as a “dog….. ” On some talk shows the radio hosts has gotten very callous and very personal with their opponents.. Now, is this what politics is all about? I really thought politics is debating the issues of the country in a respectful manner…. In my view the time has come where our candidates & radio show hosts should be held accountable to an office of decorum.


Antiguans are a people who usually display a high standard. Hence, it confuses me as to why some candidates & radio show hosts stoop so low to get across their messages. I do understand that at this time there will be some tension between both sides but getting personal & ridiculing the opponent is certainly uncalled for.


Now where is the voice of the Christian Council? We, the younger generation need to see better politics and not persons been ridicule in a personal & deplorable manner.


Remember The following quote comes  to mind
Simple minds discuss people
Average minds discuss events
Great minds discuss ideas !!




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  1. So true!! The candidates for UPP & their supporters need to raise their standard. Personalizing & degrading your opponents is definitely cheap & immature politics …..

    • You people think people are going to fall for this shitty boose wack storey, I’ve reading this for quit a while now, like some serious years back. UPP talking facts and you dum ass people call it deaming. I have seen women get kicked in their ass, ass torne, verbal whipping and you people still promoting the Gaston Browne shit

  2. This writer should listen to Pointe FM on Saturdays to hear the venom that spews out of Gaston Browne’s mouth about anyone who crosses his path. Plus the PM calls himself the top dawg. Others simply disagree with his dawg ranking and have recategorized his dog status. That’s all!

    • Truthseeker your comment is a perfect and honest answer to the young Antiguan who will be voting for the first time. Bluddy Bloke should be as honest and admit that no politician in Antigua denigrate and cuss their opponents more than Gaston Browne. And by the way, with respect to the world dog used against Gaston Browne, he was the one who gave himself the name Top Dog.

        • Look who ah talk. U go look for the boy ya knock down yet? U go fu check of the boy suffering any long term injuries or ah one dog he be ya knock he down and left him to the side of the road fu dead? Or u nar look for her cause word on the street the boy family are big labour supporters so that why I always claim that a labour party a set u up. U is a wicked man and karma go deal with u.

    • Surely this complaint is as fakeis as fake as the top dog. It is quite obvious this is ABLP news and the article as fake Astje top dog and their lies to misslead and if the platform is used for such isn’t world boss and top dog another ABLP mantra? I have read this article to many times too many of the same decietful comments. I guess you never listened Point FM radio or your mind is already set to vote for the wrong ABLP government. From all the cries, political crimes, the atrocities on the Antigua public and you still continues stray. Truth seeker you take ask Gaston Browne and his self enrichment leadership ams scheme.

  3. Here we go again with this youth crap for political votes. All I have to say to this youth when the bribe comes your way please take it and vote your conscience, look out for the land for youth, duty-free, 500 and 1000 dollar, remember you have your future ahead of you. For your information it was Gaston Brown who called himself the top dog around here, you want the video? It’s was Lie No Hell who said politics is a ruff game, what we do in the Labour Party is nasty up the credibility of our opponents. So if you want to vote for a Pastor please advocate to change the constitution. If you want change in your country join the fight.

    • And a wah DARREN MATTHEW-WARD do you so? You called him a nasty name just because of certain questions he asked the woman that Lovell badplay for party leadership. Mr. Ward is NOT your puppet. So you can hack and bark and rar-rar-ray-ray like a naked vagabond.

    • @ KNIGHT
      KNIGHT is a DIRTY , FOUL MOUTH VAGABOND. AWFUL person Miss Knight. Miss. Knight , Do you still model dresses at home ?

    • Sorry that is no youth that write it. That is an imposter. You can see his positing from his first sentence where he went straight at UPP. I see no mention of the behavior of the ALP and that is showing where exactly he is coming from.

  4. This article is VERY enlightening. I am happy that the Young People and First time voters are tuning in to the news portals. ABLP , UPP and DNA are All responsible for what the Youth mentioned above. Let’s take the HIGH ROAD and start discussing ISSUES.

  5. Baffling? Young people, the reason why politicians are behaving like that is very, very simple – It is who they REALLY ARE. They’re not good people. Not one of them. They never were. They are just pretending to be upstanding, “honorable” people. Politicians are merely thieves with money who are looking for more money to steal.

  6. Give me a break, youth. Or what you call yourself. Where do you live? Under a rock? Have you decided now to come out from the video games and the text books? You come with you hypocrite claims and crying for clean politics and saying how disappointed you are with the politicians.
    When the UPP offered you all scholarships you all said you didn’t want scholarships, you wanted iphones and tablets that Labour was giving out. You took the concert tickets to see Chronix and Coffie and the others. You all were not thinking about good politics. Too much damn hypocrisy. And pretence.
    I agree with Knight that you all are overrated. Don’t know why the politicians are fussing up themselves to get your vote. If Gaston had a concert the night before elections with the latest dance hall artists and free weed, he will get everyone of you to vote for him next day. So just chill out and stop the damn whining.
    A pissed off so- call youth who see how you all operate
    PS: I only get to cuss politicians and hear them cuss one another every 5 years (4 for the Dawg). So lorwe me!

    • Ok Missa Knight. You’ve been sipping too much venom from the snake pit. Detox and get a little R&R on Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS 🚌🤣

  7. This fake youth ever listen to rumshop radio and how the top dawg talk about people? Just give me a break!

  8. @ Charles Tabor: We all know that depending upon the context a word is used in, it can take a different meaning… The PM did not refer to himself as the ” Top dog” in a derogatory manner but it was a phrase used figuratively to indicate that he is the Boss. However, others who refer to the PM as a dog, was done in a very disrespectful & diminishing way…. I am sure that other adjectives or nouns could be used….. Obviously, it shows how limited the vocabulary of that individual is…… Mr. Tabor, are these the type of persons do you want to be led by…..?

    • hey Bloke,, I guess you did not hear what the same Gaston referred to the former PM Spencer as on a political platform? Wa happen, you have selective amnesia?

    • Bloody Bloke? Bloody Bloke! I am baffled at what you wrote so I place your name as a question and as an exclamation. Can you guess the context in which this was done? Is blood red and might I say that you’re obviously steeped in the cool aid as well? Might I say you’re also Diogo or dyed in red! Context?

  9. The FAKE YOUTH STRIKES AGAIN. The ABLP believes in creative enrichment. This is not so creative propaganda. Who are you trying to fool. The Ablp really desperate!

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