LETTER: Upsetting issue of non-availability of access to government water facing the communities of Buckleys, Muntrula and Renfrew


Dear Editor,


I am writing this letter to merely inform you about a upsetting issue of non-availability of access to government water facing the communities of Buckleys, Muntrula and Refrew communities.


I am a 60 year old man who has been living in the Buckleys/ Muntrula area for 55 years. When I bought the land from CHAPA the price included water, roads, electricity, and sidewalks which for the most part is non-existent. I find its extremely unfair and highway robbery from CHAPA and APUA not to deliver service which has been paid for by all living in the community.


Winding back between 2012-2014 the then administration before they left office built a huge water tank on the top of the hill in Buckleys for water to be distributed throughout the Buckley’s, Muntrula, Renfrew and part of Sweets village.


For 45 years I have been having to buy water when my cistern runs out from the dry weather. When the ABLP took over it took them 5 years after getting into power to continue where the former government left off, to their credit in 2019 they dug all the good road roads in the community to place pipes in the ground which the community didn’t mind APUA doing. Fast forward since then the roads have been left in an unbearable state for both cars and trucks to traverse the community to get where they are going made worse by last year’s heavy rainfall.


Therefore, I am appealing to The Honorable Prime Minister Honorable Gaston Browne, Representative for All Saints West Honorable Michael S Browne, and Sir Robin Yearwood, when the Covid-19 situation eases and government revenues start to pick up, as a matter to priority, I am asking the Honorable Ministers to finish the piping and install a pump station so that the communities of Muntrula, Renfrew, Buckley’s and part of Sweets can have access to government water humbly Mr. Ministers.


Everyone have a safe weekend.


Ryan Joseph,

Buckleys/Muntrula Resident

ANR Fan/Reader

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  1. The government is responsible to install the basic infrastructure for lands before selling them. When you purchase government lands you pay for the water and electricity lines.

    • Where you get that? That’s for the developer to do. Unfortunately those lands were sold at a cost which did not properly include funds for infrasture

  2. Tax paying citizens should not have to beg these minister skunts for basic necessities and infrastructure.

  3. I had bought land in Montrula back when Minister Humphreys was the representative for the area. I was told at that time, that I would be responsible for running the pipes and getting the poles for water and electricity.
    I was so glad to get a piece of the rock to call my own that I paid for the 8000sq ft of land, approximately $14,000.00. Others more knowledgeable than myself can determine if that cost should have included the cost of putting in the roads, electricity and water. I know electricity went into the area as the person who built right next to that land had electricity. Maybe she paid for that. I do not think she has pipe borne water to this day. I sold my rights to that land. I bought the property I now live in, which I had been renting.
    It is hard, for the persons who bought lands in those areas, for the most part are poor people. I am not calling them paupers, but the vast majority of them are not wealthy and having to purchase water for all their needs is expensive. The roads have ruined many vehicles, another additional expense. Shock absorbers, bushes, tires and the like cost plenty.
    Now is the time for persons in those areas to band themselves together, form a united front and take their causes to the relevant Ministers to be addressed.

  4. YO Robyn, Granny have to bade, Tanti have to bade, Jamal have to bade and Tiny have to bade.

    A government that cannot provide water to its citizens does not deserve to be in office.

    (Remember Robyn’s words when he was in opposition)

    Vote out the ABLP

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