LETTER: UPP No Longer Has The Confidence Of The Populace


Dear Editor,

As the political warfare continues to get more & more intense, I will admit that I am impressed by the courage, the confidence & the enthusiasm that is been displayed by the UPP candidates towards this upcoming election .

Additionally, I also admire the personality, the mannerism, the charisma, and the eloquence of Mr. Lovell, who I think has some perfect attributes to become a Prime minister.

However, as I reflect back on the track record of UPP, especially during their time in office between 2004 & 2014, the data has not presented itself to convince me that UPP is qualified enough to be the best political party to manage the affairs of our country for next five years.

According to the record, Mr. Lovell’s constituents have rejected him more times than he has won at the polls. This then tells me that if the top is slack, then there is no doubt that those below would certainly be slack also.

On the other hand, Lovell’s age is a factor which cannot be overlooked. Obviously, Mr. Lovell is now cruising off into the sunset and as the leader of UPP,  his campaign policies & programs are clearly illustrating that he suffering from a weakness and deficiency to create new ideas to propel our nation forward & more so, to take the country to the next level.

Presently, many persons both young & old are scared of reliving another term under UPP’s administration. Many have bluntly indicated that they have not forgotten, neither have they forgiven UPP for putting the country into the hands of the IMF. To them, it was like living in hell.

Under the IMF program, people’s spending power instantly dropped. Persons immediately lost their jobs. Families began falling apart.  Breadwinners could no longer provide for their families. The nation’s best teachers & policemen were evicted from the system. Crimes began rising & the education system began crumbling. Life in Antigua was extremely scary back then.

On the other hand, Non-nationals were charged exorbitant fees to regularize their immigration statuses, their health care services & their work permits. Monies were badly spent & misappropriated by the UPP administration, causing the country to eventually be plunged into darkness several times, due to a lack of generated power. The supply of water to the populace also had its challenges. Disappointedly the nation’s utility resources were just falling apart because of lack of proper maintenance.

SembCorp & APC as two private utility enterprises came to the nation’s rescue but because of UPP’S incompetence of managing the country’s finances, these companies ended up been owed large sums of monies and in retaliation, both companies were forced to hold the nation at hostage so that they can be paid their monies. Of course, the list of UPP’s incompetence can go on & on.

It is sad to say but the local economy began collapsing under UPP.  The economy was definitely on the verge of becoming a failed state. Foreign investors had no confidence & credibility in UPP’s governance. As a result, to generate revenue UPP resorted to selling our patronage such as the Royal Antiguan hotel for a pepper corn price. PCS, our telephone company & State Insurance were next in the pipe line to be sold. Thank God the Labour party challenged them & stopped them along the way.

It is my view that UPP no longer has the confidence of the citizenry and to add salt to a wound, the candidates that UPP have now selected to run the affairs of this country is certainly unattractive & very unappealing. Their reputations are left to be desired.

It will definitely be against my conscience & my constitutional pride to give anyone of the UPP’s candidates my sacred vote.

I think the development & progression of Antigua  and Barbuda has reached too far under the Gaston Browne’s administration to make a change now. Therefore, I am of the firm view that it would be a grave mistake and furthermore a sin to return the governance of this country back into the hands of UPP once again.



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    • UPP has a bunch of candidates who are like square pegs trying to fit into round holes…. Non of the candidates can’t even run a sweetie shop muchless running the affairs of a country

      • @ Bluddy Joke

        Seem like the MEGACADE riled you guys up, lol

        • If I were you I would not be excited from a motorcade. Don’t forget 2004 Labour Party had the biggest motorcade and lost the election. Yes your motorcade was big. It was filled with many empty vehicles & vehicles with kids.. Take my advice don’t count your chickens until they are hatched

          • The motocade was not big. The stretch was from Johnson’s Point to Clairemont (end of fig tree drive going into Old Road) with about 3 large gaps. That is not big. Having been around for a while, I’ve seen much larger motocades, some taking 2 hours to pass a single point. It’s safe to point out that many people are getting fed up of the politicing and these sort of activities will become less appealing.

      • kinda like how papa bird said he wouldn’t let lester run his sweetie shop. rip sir lester . national hero.


      Seem like the MEGACADE riled you guys up, lol

    • Lord, lord what utter nonsense by Gaston FITZROY Browne. The caption of your letter should more appropriately be UPP HAS REGAINED THE CONFIDENCE OF THE POPULACE. That is the phenomenon that we are seeing at every activity organized by the UPP. While the UPP is showing a clear resurgence and dominating the political space and narrative, the ALP as the incumbent seems so apathetic and lackluster and is in the doldrums. The very catchy phrase RED DEAD is so apt to describe the extant political dynamics.

      • Not sure why the more capable within the party do not put themselves up for public office. People like yourself, Dame Giselle, Mansoor etc. The party prefers to go for who have no experience in anything whether nationally or at the community level. Our development has been marred because we see politics as popularity contest. UPP has bought in to that thinking and it will cost them dearly. People want change, not a recycling.

        • Some people just cannot be bothered to run for politics. And a lot of the professional people who ran for the UPP before want nothing do do with what politics in Antigua has become. They have paid a hefty price for their education and are living comfortable lives. All labour supporters do are nasty good people’s name. Antigua politics is in the gutter. Who needs that?


      Seem like the MEGACADE riled you guys up, lol

  2. Pearl “FOOTS” Quinn
    Gladys Potter EMPTY HEAD 🍦 🍨
    Franz DeFreitas G-R-E-A-T-F-U-L
    Pringle CA-CAPA-TI-TAH and MASKses
    Peter Redz CAN’T TALK
    Jonathan “VOTE ALP”
    King Lyadd Lovell Limpy Joe IMF
    Alex Browne washing dishes at Pizza restaurant
    Alister “inTERllectual” Thomas


    • I hate this term “Sing for Supper”. You think if the UPP wins, many of their mouth pieces won’t be placed on Boards or given positions in government, where they wouldbe required to sing the praises of the governmentto keep their jobs? Would that be considered “Singing for Supper”?

  3. Again, another pointless, inaccurate entry from a red cool aid drinker. Exactly what development has Antigua and Barbuda experienced under this incompetent, narcissistic, self-proclaimed qualified, idiot? Have you ever listened to this man? He thinks that the use of a few “big words” here and there, an obvious malaprop, makes him sound educated. 30 failed project, endless unaccounted for billions, no annual audit of the government’s finances to include the statuary boards as required by lay, yet he dares to use the word transparent; no IMF article 4 report for years. The list of failures is indeed long. ALL government ministries are in absolute chaos; people are dropping dead (SADS) as in all other countries, with a high linkage to the mandated jabs this same fool and his cabal implemented, after saying something to the contrary; they brought the Chinese jab, which we now know, as per Veritas, to be nothing but a pathetic hoax. Land swaps to benefit him and his family, no water still with an election on January 18th, and on and on. We can not afford the ultimate downfall of a country with this man in charge.

  4. Gaston should really start taking his medication or increase the dosage. He is unraveling while Asot is as cool as a cucumber.
    Marvelous Mike really knock Gaston a bad deal. What a black eye!!! For the love of money!

  5. Having lived in Atlanta Georgia for 25 years I almost cried last night when I heard Trevor said UPP told him outrightly that they dont want any NON-NATIONAL on their ticket in the future. How can any non national in this country support this party?

    • @ Just Saying

      Seem like the MEGACADE riled you guys up, lol

    • @Just Saying UPP’s Bruce Goodwin said some awful things about Jamaicans and Guyanese

    • Not one should vote this incompetent UPP. Remember how they deported our Caribbean brothers and sisters by the plane load? These same people stood up and said no to Ballswinds, rap1ng brother B, incompetent Caught, lying lovell and the rest of them. They will do the same again on January 18th.

      • A lot of them should be deported. Which other country importing people to join their poverty line? Europe, England, Canada and the USA requires a certain level of education and skills before they let you in and these are richer countries than Antigua. Ask yourself why the Labour Party requires non nationals. Because they want to use them at election time to vote for them so they can stay in power to continue to rape this country. I heard Gaston say that non nationals are going to ministers to bring in their family members and they don’t even have a job. He even said that they should go home rather than burden down the society. You think labour really loves non nationals. Sure, bring them in and pay them $300 per week and create more poverty in the country and fill up the ghettos. Real countries control their borders and allow in people that have the skills the country needs. All you hear the red koolaid drinkers talk about are non nationals. We don’t want Gaston no more. And if what it takes to get rid of him is to deport all the non nationals who would vote for him, then I am in agreement with that. A lot of them cares nothing about Antigua. Their primary reason for being in Antigua is to make money to send back to their country. They have no loyalty to Antigua. When things go south, they will go home or find another country to go to.

    • The same Bruce Goodwin in 2009 called for the UPP to round up non-nationals who weren’t working and send them home, all because he thought they played a role in the UPP losing ground in the 2009 elections.

  6. What utter drivel. This hungry belly needs to go back home. Crime and poverty stalk the land under ALP. Public education is a national embarrassment, and basic infrastructure is in terminal decay. “Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink…”

  7. I was just about to write a comment in response, and then I scrolled down to see who had written this load of baloney and bull dust and saw it was Fitroy (aka NOMAD or Gaston), so didn’t bother …

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  10. Y’all really need to stop all this political bullshit and being influenced by the red Kool Aid. Upp developed most of the programs that you are now benefitting from. Including school meals, pdv, uniform grant and MANY MORE. STOP THIS CRAP!!

    • I’ve never benefitted from any of ghe programs you mentioned so i guess that why i prefer ABLP to grow the Economy so i earn more to make those programs obsolete.
      Vote ABLP for continued Growth and Prosperity

    • I’ve never benefitted from any of the programs you mentioned so i guess that why i prefer ABLP to grow the Economy so i earn more which make those programs obsolete.
      Vote ABLP for continued Growth and Prosperity

    • It’s one thing to introduce a program but it’s another thing to implement & maintain / manage them.. Perdon mi idioma….. UPP is full of COCA.

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  12. @Fitzroy, it seems you have a blatant disregard for history, short memory, no understanding of politics and/or government or more appropriately are being paid to write what is considered nonsense!!! Your efforts at trying to sway the election to vote ABLP again are falling on deaf ears and eyes! How can you look yourself in the mirror and justify your words? Anyone who is interested in the truth can take every one of your claims and refute them. No government nor candidate is perfect; all flawed people with either a love for Nation above self or fueled by greed and self enrichment at the populace’s expense!!! Since you have so clearly articulated how UPP has lost the people’s confidence, please prepare a checklist of the UPPs and ABLPs accomplishments for 8 years in office!! I can help you with the answer – no comparison! Gaston has enriched himself but look at the state of the Nation – Dispicable!!! Every project he boasts was developed or improved by UPP! I would recommend finding better use of your time and intelligence. They way you have utilized them here is shameful!!

  13. Some of u act like the ABLP is so nice an caring who loves the people, singing dearly for ur supper Gaston his son, his wife are now alll millionaires some labour party supporters still living in crab hole.Gaston knows every thing about upp business all there faults an ablp is ten times worst.now it election time Government start hiring packing up the work force even more pushing all there personal agenda to b re_elected not for the love of the people God help Antigua!!!!! Reddd deadddd

  14. Who is Mr. Lovell, is he an independent candidate or is he a one man party? Because the Alp campaign is based only on this person. Is he the giant of the state?

  15. Who ever wrote this letter is trying so hard.
    But we the youth actually want to see change.

    Most ABLP voters are the blind elderly and the foolish who only seek handouts. You’re all just on life support, afraid of being unplugged lol.

    The crazy thing is, you older folks aren’t the ones who will feel the impact :/ its us, the future of this nation. When this nation crumbles, you are the ones to blame..but why care, right? Because you all will be gone soon.

    P.S Fitzroy, you’re an idiot with no vision.

  16. Antiguans should go to Jamaica, Guyana and DR and start behaving like they have more rights than the natives with the help of their government with the buying of votes and see what happens to the Antiguans. There would be a lot of fire power. And I mean real fire power especially in Jamaica. See how fast we would have to get out of their country. These people take us for granted and think are we fooly. Gaston thinks so too.

  17. It is very sad that for the past 8 years school meals has been serving rice and pasta to our children every other day and prior to that there was a varied menu. Children also had access to technology and tech ological devices.If a government cannot take care of its children then they are not necessary to have in office.

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