LETTER: UPP members urged to pray for DPP

Mr. Editor,
As your audience knows by now,  Director of Public Prosecution,  Anthony Armstrong  is in a spot of bother at the moment;  much to the delight of members of the main opposition,  the United Progressive Party. 
They are in a jubilant mood because of Armstrong’s troubles – Perhaps the professed Christians in  the UPP, such as Sean Bird, should point his erring colleagues to Proverbs 24:17 -18 which states,
‘Rejoice not when thine enemy falleth, And let not thine heart be glad when he stumbleth: Lest the Lord sees it, and it displeases him, And he turns ⁰away his wrath from him.’

Interestingly, just a few days ago one of UPP’s most vocal members, in the person of Algernon  ‘Serpent ‘ Watts issued a plea for believers to pray for God’s  intervention in the forthcoming elections.
UPP members, if it is to the true and living God you pray, while you are seeking Him for favour at the polls, also ask that he shows Armstrong mercy; Instead of gloating over his predicament. 
Have you not heard blessed are the merciful for they shall receive mercy?
( Observing from afar)

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  1. UPP Very very wicked and then Baldwin Spencer acts like he don’t how they treated Zaza Greene

    Broad Daylight shooting in the Main Cruise Tourism Plaza and Central Commercial Center in UPP time and NOBODY WAS EVER ARRESTED. rip Susan Powell

  2. The telling part is what he is accused of doing ie selling land without his client permission. During his disciplinary trial, a handwriting expert testified to the satisfaction of the those trying Armstrong that his client signed off on the sale document. The problem for Armstrong was that he signed a document claiming it was signed in his client’s presence (it was not). Someone should ask Harold Lovell, Bowen and the other lawyers, if they would would swear they have never done same.

    • @ askthem

      Is this about Harold or DPP?



  3. This is for the author of this letter.

    The UPP is held to a higher standard than the ABLP. i guess that is a compliment directed towards the UPP.

    Exactly a year ago, the UPP bus case trio appeared in the High Court to answer charges levelled by the said ANTHONY ARMSTRONG.

    Did the author of this letter ask the ABLP TO PRAY FOR THE UPP bus case trio?

    A friend of mine wants to know

    • @ Asking from afar

      I guess they did not, instead the writer and the entire ABLP ‘chabang’ sang the hallelujah chorus!!!!

  4. harold loveLIE been godless since his ACLM days.
    any organization ok with a member dousing he moomah head with water because she perm she hair?

  5. Why the UPP has to pray for the DPP? He should have been praying for himself a long,long,time ago. Does it really matters who hired him? He has been the DPP from 2014 to 2022 under the leadership of Gaston Browne as Prime Minister. According to my arithmetic that is 8 years they had to make decisions on that man Armstrong. They sat on their hands and did not one darn thing. Why you people are not blaming the Gaston Browne Administration for being lacking in leadership. That man 10 yards needs to go now. He in my opinion is the worse AG Antigua and Barbuda ever had. He does not even know the laws of the Land,the CONSTITUTION.

  6. @ Hmmmmm
    I saw HAROLD LOVELL at the 6: 15 Service at the Cathedral last week in the Communion line.

  7. The ones living in tents as you CLAIM, need to check Trevor Walker. He can use his gas station profits to help them

    • Why should Walker used his profits to help? When the Administration of Gaston Browne received more than enough monies.To rebuild all of the homes in Barbuda and still have millions of $$$ left over. A wey de money garne. A who fa pockets it went into

  8. I hope all Christians pray the same prayer I will for Mr Armstrong.

    The man is alleged to have done something illegal he broke the law that he took an oath to uphold.

    We can pray that justice is swift and fair, we can pray that he is honest and tells the entire truth, we can pray that God has mercy on his soul.

    I’m certainly not going to pray that God saves him from prison when it’s alleged he broke one of the TEN Commandments- Thou Shall Not Steal.

    It’s evident when the UPP sent for him to prosecute ABLP members they knew exactly who to go to.

    A person who could bend rules, skirt the law & use it for their own benefit. The UPP always seems to find unsavory people to coerce and consort with.
    They got what they paid for, a man who told them he could make ABLP ministers go to jail with zero evidence, a man who lied and old them he would see to it that they get buried under the jail, they bought his lies.

    Armstrong is the great pretender who will do something strange for a little change. The UPP Government had long pockets and he found another victim in them. They were too stupid and desperate to spew evil that they bought everything he was selling from his bag of lies and half truths. The UPP got conned again.
    Me nah sorry for Marga dawg tarl.

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