LETTER: Unprofessional experience with female police officer #203


Dear Editor,


My mom and I encountered an issue with traffic officer earlier this week at Dee’s gas station.


My mother’s vehicle didn’t have the new sticker because Transport Board didn’t have any when she registered her vehicle, but she had the paperwork to prove that it was indeed registered.


The way lady officer #203 dealt with the situation was uncalled for.


She shouted at my mother and snatched the paper out of her hands. I don’t think that she should be allowed to converse with people.


That officer should be behind a desk and not on the road talking to people.


Her behavior was piggish and unnecessary.



EDITOR: Response from police public relations arm.

There are several sides to every story. Not sure what caused, if anything to provoke such alleged behavior. However, I’m sure hearing from both sides would help to to determine what corrective steps can be put in place going forward.

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  1. I find that women in jobs tend to behave very piggish, especially to other women. This does not surprise me. Putting them behind a desk is even worse! Try getting any business done at an office and see how they behave.

  2. Writer, you’re lucky that the officer was wearing her badge #. A lot of them like to remove it so that you can’t ID them when they do their bs.

  3. I saw situation at times where civilians argue with police officers at times,in my country Jamaica we were taught to respect law enforcement officers…

    But in this situation with the female officer,and the lady, I’m not sure who was wrong,I assume that something must have been said differently that the disturbing situation….

    • @Just a socialist – so much for being taught to respect police in Jamaica. See below for some shining examples of the respect you alluded to.

      1). “ The policeman who was shot and killed in Westmoreland…“

      2). “ Two men, one of them a metro police officer, were shot and killed during an attack by gunmen in Montego Bay on Friday.“

      3). “ A police officer was killed in St Catherine last night, the Constabulary Communications Network (CCN) has confirmed.“

      4). “ JFC Shaken As Two Cops Killed“

      5). “ Gunmen Kill Jamaicas Third-Ranking Police Officer“

      6). “ The Police are at this time confirming that a Police woman attached to Harman Barracks was shot and killed in Marine Park, Portmore, St. Catherine last night.“

      7). “ Trainee Cop Fatally Shot in Whithorn, Westmoreland“

  4. I will accept there is 3 sides to a story. However, whether this young lady is speaking the truth or not, it is common knowledge that many police officers use their badge * uniform to be boisterous to the public. Yes there will be times where the officer needs to be assertive in carrying out their duties especially when the alleged offenders are not cooperating but it does not give them the right to overdo

  5. Oh well, I know that some police officers are very polite and friendly while they are a few pigs from hell that exist in the force.

  6. nothing will become of this. I had a similar altercation in 2020 – made a report and still waiting for the 3 officers to be reprimanded.

  7. She was having a bad day or prob recently found out her man has been cheating on her

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