LETTER: Unlocking The UPP Leadership Saga

Opposition Leader Jamal Pringle

Dear Editor,

Harold Lovell put the political leadership question of the United Progressive Party in a quagmire when he abruptly resigned as Political Leader following his third straight defeat as candidate of the St John’s City East constituency in the general elections held on January 18.

Since that time, it appears that the Leader of the Opposition, Jahmale Pringle, who was before the elections called Deputy Political Leader of the UPP, cannot determine whether he is still the deputy, or the interim leader, or the new political leader.

Not many persons consulted seem to know the ins and outs of this quandary. It is being said that the Leadership, along with Lovell, have named Pringle the new leader. And indeed, he has been calling himself and been referred to as Political Leader.

It would appear that this is contrary to the rules and regulations of the constitution. Consultation with top members of the party has unearthed the following information.

There is no such position as deputy leader in the UPP Constitution. This position is simply left up to the leader who chooses whether or not to name a deputy.

As it stands Lovell, as leader, named Pringle, especially on the grounds that he won the lone party seat in the nation’s Parliament.

On the resignation of the Leader, Lovell, the position of deputy leader became null and void.

According to the constitution, for Pringle to be named leader, he must be elected to this position at the Convention of the party to be held during this year.

In the meantime, he can be known as Interim Leader.

It therefore makes sense that Lovell should have held onto the position of leader until the Convention, and further, he should not have named Pringle as leader to succeed him.

A leader can only be voted in at the Party’s Convention.

Mr Pringle should therefore only refer to himself and be referred to, as the Interim Political Leader of the UPP.

Leadership Watcher

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  1. Mind you Businesses, and ABLP Constitution. Leave UPP to Deal with Their inHouse business..You all are just a Bunch of Detractors running from the issues that Really matter at this time.

    • @ johndoe: No need to blow hot air. Just listen to facts. You can’t make laws and break them. It is for that reason why UPP is stifled & cannot progress any further. UPP are a bunch of law breakers not even their own constitution they follow

  2. They planning for him big time!! Already embarrassed by his awful grammar, reading and comprehension skills. The “little boy” is no politician or leader. He mediocre at events planning and worse at picking up DEAD DARG

    “CON-CON-SHE…..” the exact same oath he tripping up over



  3. Brewing as we speak is Bowen, Serpent et al plotting to remove Pringle as the “leader” handpicked by Melford’s Banging Post

    One already declared “NO LIKKLE BWOY A RULE ME” #26Acres1pupahTree

    Stay tuned……..

    • @ Sad But True

      Maybe you and the author of the letter and all the ABLP minions need to take some time AND SOLVE ALL THE CRIME AND SCHOOL FIGHTINGS AND GANG VIOLENCE TAKING OVER OUR YOUNG PEOPLE IN THE COUNTRY.


  4. Dear Honourable Jamale Pringle,

    Please do not take this devisive and devilish bait propagated by ABLP deflectionary operatives.

    Look, as you know the ABLP are imploding at present with a raft of problems that they can’t or will not resolve.

    If the UPP continues to build on their narrow defeat in the recent election, and just focus on more growth within – and outside – the party, then future looks bright for many generations to come. Simple really!

    So let the author of this editorial letter continue with their inane utterings, whilst UPP’S viability just grows and grows unabashed …


    From a proud patriotic Antiguan


      Did you congratulate the Hon. Gaston Browne and ABLP on Their victory in the general election January 18 2023 ? Brixtonian be a a true PARIOT.
      Brixtonian would you support Jamale Pringle as the Leader of UPP ? To be honest Jamale cannot cut it. It is time to remove Him before it get worst. I was so embarrassed at Him at His swearing in. UPP will never support Jamale.

      • PHILLIP.G why should Brixtonian congratulate Gaston and the ALP and their victory. What victory? A pyrrhic victory. Didn’t you and Eric (The Red) always proclaim that it would be 17 none. Even Gaston used to proclaim such nonsense. By the way, where is your comrade Eric (The Red)? He has retired from his ridiculous polling and gone into hiding.

      • Do keep up @PHILLIP G,

        I’ve lost count on the amount of times I’ve said on these ANR threads, that I’m now glad (though reluctantly at first) that Gaston Browne won by the narrowest of margins.

        Simply because he now has to carry out his manifesto promises and fulfill all his obligations to complete our road and water infrastructure; and not forgetting that Antiguans will never again put up with a delay in wages, overtime and pensions. Simple really PHIL … enjoy your day 👍

    • Please be honest with Pringle…before he embarrass himself in parliament. If you really have Pringle best interest be open and honest with him…he is young ..over his head…he needs time to mature be patient….your time will come…Richard Lewis is ripe for the job. De Serpent 🐍 is waiting with venom to strike and insult. If the UPP constitution says a political leader has to voted upon…so be it, just enjoy the interim leader until such time.

  5. Twas only a matter of time before the cracks began to show in this upp “united” front. Them min too glad for the Gaston vs Asot drama to take the spotlight off of their own in fighting. Now the dust has began to settle we’ll see just how “united” them really be. more bad play to come in the UPP pipeline. Badplay is lovell specialty. poor duncyhead charcoal pringle….he go fart bomb and cry acid when the undercover group done with him. dey gone wayyyyy back to dig up his background and pull pringle file to trip him naked b4 the public. fall on your own sword or get finished by theirs. when a snake and a pompous ex-con form a deadly alliance…….pringle u sarl. u done wid!

    • @ Grabs Popcorn
      Maybe you and the author of the letter and all the ABLP minions need to take some time AND SOLVE ALL THE CRIME AND SCHOOL FIGHTINGS AND GANG VIOLENCE TAKING OVER OUR YOUNG PEOPLE IN THE COUNTRY.


      • @solve school violence

        It was UPP’s Baldwin Spencer who famously told the people to “SHARPEN U CUTLISS BACK AND BELLY. CHAP DEM UP!!!”

        Family training is needed. Even those violent students CAN READ. Pringle just can’t.

  6. to put it plainly: PRINGLE HEAD EMPTY!

    Baldwin Spencer: Trade Unionist. university graduate, ok speaker
    Harold E. Lovell: Geology, paper Lawyer, Fluent speaker
    Larsz .J. Pringle:
    Richard S.Lewis: Information Systems, uni graduate, basic speaker

    • I would rather an honest, dunce leader than one who 'creatively' steals and defraud the country of it's resources and lands I would rather an honest, dunce leader than one who 'creatively' steals and defraud the country of it's resources and lands

      HONESTY AND INTEGRITY ARE PRINGLES HALL MARKS, which were rewarded 700 hundred times over Colin ‘motorcade and one million dollars’ James.

      Honesty trumps corruption as in the case of ALL ABLP POLITICIANS

  7. Pringle the people of Antigua and Barbuda 🇦🇬 need clarity of your pronunciation of words that you can’t even pronounce. You need to that first before come and talking garbage to the people.

    In order to represent your people. You must be able to comprehend and articulate . You sends dump as Prime Minister to represent your country or else you will be the laughing stock of the world 🌎 and who needs that.

  8. which side of the DIRTY UPP LEADERSHIP RACE will the TABORS be on? Damani supported Richard Lewis against lovell last time. Serpent against Pringle and will use Observer to bring down the black jampeepee. Miss Knight awaiting instructions from boss man. If UPP had won in 2014, that would have been the end of Richard Lewis. UPP HATES FOREIGNERS and Richard Lewis wife is JAMAICAN (Gisele is still Chairman). Damani gunning for her head?

  9. I’m not going to pretend about this issue here because in all seriousness, Mr. Pringle needs to polish up his intellectual capacity and competence. It is embarrassing for real. Let us not shy away from the truth. Yes he was opposition leader in the last parliamentary term, because the party didn’t have any muscle to flex due to its one seat situation in the national assembly but now it’s time for a more brilliant and intelligent person with greater understanding of the English language to take the leadership of the United Progressive Party. Pringle can use this opportunity to go back to school and sharpen his skills etc
    Just my two cents on the matter.

    • @Quann he doesn’t need to polish. One can only polish what exists. He needs to OBTAIN intellect and common sense, THEN do the polishing.

      A burning shame and nasty disgrace he is to the party!!

  10. Pringle need to go and study what’s going on in his party. Cause two of his colleagues re causing problem in the Upp camp that they don’t want him as the opposition leader of the party. young incompetent whipper-snapper devoid of common sense, skills, intellect and integrity

  11. Mr PM send Mr Pringle to the Regional Opposition Conference when it tables again to represent his people with his political presentation .

    • @Political Genius that would be a national, regional and internation embaRASSment for Antigua and Barbuda! Mr Pringle cant cut it locally, much less regionally. The rar-rar-ray-ray village politics wont suffice at the regional or international level. Send Richard Lewis. Get Pringle some reading classes meantime.

  12. All fool day is around the corner all mad dog talking leave Mr Pringle and the upp alone . All who talking like a dunce will soon be in jail with brown and he fools

  13. This is absolutely a waste of people’s time!! Interim Leader is still the leader until such time he or another gets elected at the Convention. What is all the hoopla about – this is just a GOSSIP MILL and to distract from the mess ABLP has brought to our shores through greed, naïveté and foolishness! Water, social security, health care, infrastructure, governance, CIP, Antigua Airways, LIAT, Jolly Beach, Pensioners, lands, crime, security, regional and global standing, human trafficking, money laundering, education, sports and recreation, placement of Africans – all critical issues and Jamale’s position as Interim Political Leader and his capabilities is new worthy?!!! The ruling party needs to tend their own garden and start governing. Elections happened almost a month ago and they’re behaving like mice, quivering, afraid and on the way to the mouse trap because they can’t help themselves from the cheese of corruption!! PLEASE!! People have better use for their their time and brain cells!!!

    • Well said @Disgusted, my exact sentiments earlier.

      Deflection is a well known political tool that’s used by governments around the globe, when their economy is tanking bad, bad bad!

      You only have to look across the pond at the United Kingdom (UK) since they left the European Union (EU) – from a European powerhouse to the dog house. Incredible!

      The UK’S economy has now nosed dived since leaving the EU. Their food prices and energy costs has gone through the roof, and is totally out of control; and don’t forget that there’s a general strike on the horizon, with doctors; nurses; teachers; railway workers and other public and private sector workers on the verge of industrial action as well.

      The UK’S current Prime Minister is now using Deflectionary tactics (just like Gaston Browne) to hide the ABLP’S current shortcomings.


      • The US is doing same!!

        It is quite pathetic actually!! What happened to integrity and good governance. These elected officials don’t realize that being truthful and owning up to what they’ve done wrong while soliciting assistance from experts goes a long way in garnering electorate support. I’m so over the ABLP game-playing and childishness!

  14. To the Pup candidates elected. Now is not the time to fight against each other and share your dirty laundry publicly. It’s a time to work together to rebuild the nation of Antigua and Barbuda. While I agree that their are issues within the party wait until the convention and discuss it amongst your self. Fighting against each other at a critical time like now when the nation is asking for change, as seen in the election
    The people are not looking for another Gaston and Asot war. they are look for good governance for the people of Antigua who believe in you to make changes and better the country.

    Fucus on the Job the people vote you in for not fighting with each other it gives the leading party ammunition to destroy what you all have worked to accomplished.

    So if one in week in a particle area help that person and viceversa. Build up and not pull down each other.

  15. The leadership of the UPP is the least of your concern Laborites. This is just another desperate attempt at misdirection and mudslinging. The fact is, ALP is in a serious spot of bother. This Antigua Airways thing is just one of the real saga, not the UPP leadership. Gaston Brown is involved in this up to his ears. He is claiming that its nothing, but money laundering and human trafficking are no simple matter. Let’s not forget he signed a MOA with “Marvellous” Mike. Has anyone ever seen this man? How involved is Banjo? These Africans were swindled under some false pretense. These are the concerns NOW,Laborites, not UPP. Deal with that.

    • I am also hoping @Watching that our own intrepid reporter, George Wehner is on the case (if he hasn’t already done so, knowing how George works) with this airline fiasco, and carries out some thorough investigave interviews with the Africans that are stranded here, and he asks them what were the promises made to them by the ABLP, and the circumstances as to why they are really here in Antigua?

  16. why shawn and giselle did not help de youth man fu elevate since 2018? shawn is communication degree expert. come like they want to see him fail.

  17. Gaston Browne and Members of the Cabinet face the real possibility of being tried in the Hague for Human trafficking and money laundering, yet your preoccupation is with the constitution of a party that lost the election? Obviously, you care nothing for Antigua and Barbuda. You are from the ABLP WIIFM club defined by Max Hurst as “Whats In It For Me”.

  18. The word is “PER CAPITA income” and not CA-CA-CAPA-SI-TAH ”

    The plural of mask is masks and not “MARKSIZ”

    CON-SCIEN-TIOUS-LY take your time say it slow. Practice in the mirror boy.

    • GASTON …

      Duplicitous (adjective)

      Involving duplicity: A duplicitous politician

      Deceiving others and not telling the truth – A Dishonest, devious and deceitful person.


      “If someone is UNTRUSTWORTHY, they are not able to be trusted, because they are known to lie, cheat and deceive other people”.

      Remember, when you point a finger 👉 at someone, there are 3 fingers pointing in the other direction … 🥸

  19. Lewis, I think would be the better person for the role. I do think that Pringle will eventually get there but he needs some more experience. I won’t even consider Serpent to be honest as he has even less experience than Pringle.

    I do agree that the UPP should continue with their momentum that they have going and let’s see what happens in 5 years, but I for one am looking for both parties to work together for the good for Antigua and Barbuda and stop the bickering, but time will tell if both the ABLP and the UPP can get it together and everyone concerned will work in the best interest of the country.

  20. De 💄 🐖 🐷 🐽 has failed this young man. Everything for her is Lovell Lovell and more Lovell.

    Fat paycheck from Treasury to be his Research Officer and nothing to show for it in his parliamentary skills. Checking his phone and reading questions from a prepared script only!! No critical thinking. Nothing to contribute to this country. De 💄 🐖 🐷 🐽 have heart murdah

    • Do you have anything TANGIBLE to say @ Proud Jamaican, or are you just another person who can only write in SOUNDBITES?

      Seems so to me …

  21. Your are so right if they all felt this way why not help him so the party can be stronger instead of hanging him out to dry

    Dispute all he’s flaws he was the only one that win is seat in the previous election.

    Funny how they did pull him down then. You all need to work as a team or rest assure the people will vote you all out as fast as they voted you all in

  22. Pringle baby mama isn’t a teacher? Can’t she help him with reading and subject-verb agreement??

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