LETTER: Uncertain Burton


Dear Editor,

The late Michael Burton (May His Soul SIP) had a saying, “Burton For Certain.”

Now another Burton has come on the scene and appears to be his polar opposite- most uncertain. I was buoyed to listen to him last week during a “space” on social media site Twitter with other young people.

Like many in the space, it was my first opportunity to listen to the young man on many of the national and domestic issues that he would have to tackle in the event he is elected or even selected in the Upper or Lower House respectively.

For the most part, his appearance was vaccuous but his fans and friends in the space will attack anyone who dare to scrutinise his responses to questions.

Here’s the thing, Regis Burton felt he needed to give all the right responses so that nothing would compromise his chance of being selected to run for the Labour Party in St. Peter.

On the question of LGBTQ rights, Burton said he wanted the population to have an open discussion on that subject. He was asked his view on giving the same rights to LGBT people that are afforded to heterosexuals within the society including marriage.

He really didn’t answer the question or even attempt to answer it, instead he said let’s discuss it, pushing it aside for another generation, like any typical politician.

But Sir, that it not what we expect from a politician in the 21st century, we want someone who can recognise an injustice and suffer the consequences of taking tough and unpopular positions. That is what we expect from you; bold a decisive leadership.

His fans said the headlines were misleading but I know they don’t believe that.

On the question of YIDA he failed to condemn their destruction of the environment instead choosing to say he wants “more information,” really?!

He was asked about misogyny in our society and he did not know the meaning of the word.

Uncertain Burton was asked about his plans for the constituency and he sounded more like he was running for head-boy as opposed to for national office.

I hope ANR plays the full recording because I know his fans and girlfriends will come for me.

All his responses lacked depth. In some cases he said exactly what he needed to say to get into office, in other cases he said nothing.

I was not impressed. He wants to uphold the same policies of the past, he does not want to face the hard truth of poverty in Antigua, he stares clear of controversial issues and he is filled with cliche.

I’m sure he is a bright boy. However, Antigua will remain the same if we elect people like uncertain Burton. I would have more respect for him if he took bold positions on policy issues and stuck to it.

By the way, despite his faults, you could never beat Asot and let’s be clear, I am no fan of Asot.

Wheel and Come Again

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  1. “Uncertain Burton”

    The writer is 100% correct. Uncertain Burton is unambiguously unimpressive. Both political parties need minimum standards for eligibility.

    • What minimum standards of which you speak? A long as a person meets the Nations requirements to attain Political Office. What more do you want? That they must have 15 Degrees of separation. Two PHD’s. Look at the Nation now.Being run by all of those with College and University Degrees. What they done?

      • “The great combination?”

        This is not a carnival queen contest. Yes, minimum standards are required. There’s a reason why most of these candidates can only talk about sports and sports fields. They’re uneducated morons. The country is facing serious economic, fiscal, social, educational, and public health problems. We need MP’s with the necessary knowledge and skills to finally address these problems. As for the ALP, only 3 or 4 would I consider educated.

    • But still a much better option than most proposed bt the other side! So where does that leave them? Regis presented a youthful, frank discussion worthy of emulation, not a person full of the ready-made answers, bluff talk of false promises designed to fool the less discerning followers into taking them seriously. We know your game!!

  2. Avatar photo After Dictator Gaston run little children and pregnant women last Sunday he's concerned about about his family Karma works in strange ways

    All we need is another puppet to dance for the 🤡 show puppetteir Gaston .
    Young yes but brain is not developed for politics yet .Same as Maria the immaturity shines through LIKE A DEER IN A HEADLIGHT

    • Better believe it! Karma works in strange ways. Looking forward to hearing of your own close encounter with Karma.

  3. LOL I listened to this man and I was like..can he at least have one firm position on any subject. The man danced for the whole 1hr:15mins. He danced around almost every issue. He sounded more like Hilary Clinton what he need now is a Bernie Sanders

  4. You may have had valid points but at some points it sounded like Regis tek ya gyal and yuh bitter.
    Regis, I think would be great at community building but maybe he’s not yet ready to draft policy or isn’t able to sell that side of himself? Who knows?

  5. Regis is a really good person and he would be great at community building. I also think he could be a politician with a difference simply because he has a heart of gold and he is good person. He is smart, yes but to say he’s really ready for Antigua’s dirty politics, not sure. He’s too good of a person to get himself involved in this shit.

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