LETTER: Transport Board staff fed-up of the victimisation, sexual assault


Dear Editor,

For many years the staff of the Antigua & Barbuda Transport Board, has been crying out for help.

The constant victimisationย  has become overly unbearable.

For years the female employees of this organization has been prey for an individual who sexually assaults us.

About 4 weeks ago a team of investigators, were put in place to interview both male and female of this organization.

Numerous meetings were held with many authorities, would you believe after such an intense investigation the said individual was placed right back to his post as if nothing happened.

Where are the rights of these females and males who are also victims?

Who do we turn to?

It is time that the staff are taken seriously, no woman should ever feel a sense of fear coming to work not knowing when she will fall target.

We are urging the present Minister, tourism isn’t your only ministry please try to lend an ear to us as well.

This organization is in a serious mess, the clean up is long overdue.

Everyday we make it our business to show up because this is our means of survival.

However it has become very hard, working in an organization where our mental health is at risk.

We are begging for some sort of positive outcome from this matter.

Female Transport Board Employee

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  1. Where is the Chairman of the Board and it’s members on this?
    As a former founding member of the ABTB this is deeply disturbing to me.
    Where is the voice of the Union on this. The mantle of the Trade Union is not just about negotiations for wage increases but also to address ANY issues that workers have on the job.
    My advice to those who feel they are targeted and feel fearful is to (a) band together and approach (I) your trade union, (b) the Permanent Secretary, (c) the Public Service Commission and (d) a lawyer who will advise you of your rights.
    I am aware that doing so might put you in the spotlight and might even threaten your job so you have to be aware of what the negatives will be.
    I, personally, would not be quiet. Always be aware of your surroundings and whom you may be able to call upon as a witness to what is happening.
    I do hope that this helps if all that you have reported is true.

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