LETTER: Transformative Lovell vs Autocratic Browne


Make no bones about it Antigua and Barbuda, this upcoming election is going to be a choice between two very distinct leaders, and we have to decide which one we want to take us into the future.

Let’s review the options; first there is ABLP leader Prime Minister Gaston Browne, a man who displays all the characteristics of an autocratic leader. The literature informs us that such a leader has all the power, has poor relationships with his followers and makes decisions independently. But what we should be most concerned about is this; such a leader displays no vision, inspiration or motivation and such a leader also does not actively participate in a group. You know who else embodies this style of leadership; North Korean leader Kin Jong-un.

The second option is the UPP’s Harold Lovell. Now it is no secret that Harold Lovell may not be the most aggressive of persons, like some members of the public expect politicians to be. But what he does have going for him are his traits as a transformational leader. Such an individual inspires people with a shared vision of the future. They set clear goals and motivate people in reaching them, and they communicate clearly. Transformational leaders expect the best from everyone on their team as well as themselves, leading to improved motivation and high productivity. Steve Jobs is considered such a leader, and he changed the world.

We can go further. An autocratic leader eliminates commitment, creativity and innovation, while influencing and inspiring others are key components of the transformational leader. Now there can be instances where autocratic leadership is useful even necessary, but that also depends on the individual.

The next step is to display a little bit of honesty, if not to others then at least to ourselves. Political allegiance does something to individuals; it takes away their sense of bias and that often makes then view things in a skewed manner, when normally they would not. So let’s try and honestly reflect on both Mr. Browne and Mr. Lovell, and see whether the above descriptions do not indeed describe both individuals.

If we have done an honest assessment, then there is only one question that remains; who do we want to entrust our children’s future to? Is it Gaston Browne, or Harold Lovell?

A. J.



  1. Ok Tabor. Ok
    Ease off the arsole pills jack. Antigua neargah woulda junk fu mek Lovell de next PM. Even Gisele Isaac have more balls than him.

  2. This letter could not have hit the nail any more squarely. And what I like is how the writer says people need to be honest with themselves. Let’s see how many of us will do that.

  3. The author definitely understands the critical time we live in and how dangerous it would be to water the dictatorial spirit of Gaston. Lovell speaks his mind and doesn’t live in the shadows of backrooms, having his strings being pulled by the likes of Barrett. Anybody voted for Bob? No. But who is controlling our Prime Minister? And that is why Trump could get away with calling us shithole countries… because leaders like GB are thirty pieces of silver to throw away, in order to control an entire economy. Gaston running down a hotel fee, but what about the gambling tax? He posing with school children, but cut the vocational programmes. Gaston talks about respect, but watch Asot. He speaks about family values, but what has he encouraged his own wife and son in, even while the Spanish woman is on the wings. He talks about how much money he’s made before office, but can’t be transparent on his windfall after taking oath. He talk about freedom, but wants to muzzle out journalists and artists. I may have been born in the morning, but not THIS morning. I thought Gaston would have done much better, but I know now that he has to go. He must. That’s the only way to save our country.

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