LETTER: Today the Prime Minister has made me so happy with this vaccine mandate


Dear Editor,


Today the Prime Minister and his government has made me so happy with his vaccine mandate for all civil servants. He has shown leadership beyond what any other Caribbean leader in the region has shown to date.


We are the first country in the region to mandate the vaccine because of vaccine hesitancy and the reckless behaviour of some in the public.


The government has been extremely patient and accommodating in allowing the population to voluntary get the vaccine which they have failed too corporate on.

To the governments credit they have worked tirelessly to source these vaccines to protect the population but it seems that most persons just don’t care.


I would advise however the government to take it a step further and target the general public. One step in the right direction would be to start restricting persons from doing business with government institutions and statutory corporations unless your fully vaccinated.


The government can also encourage the private sector to follow the governments suit and only allow vaccinated persons to work and do business in said private institutions.


Another big step would be also to work with social media companies to reduce misinformation on Covid-19 and reduce their audience reach on these platforms and fine persons who intentionally spread covid-19 vaccine misinformation.


Finally, the government can implement mandatory vaccination for all students, parents, and teachers eligible for the vaccine from Pre-school to Tertiary level and encourage/mandate private schools from all levels to vaccinate ALL to stem the spread of Covid-19.

All businesses including my own has suffered significantly because of the lockdown and curfew restrictions because of the reckless behaviour of members of the public and also those who refuse to take the vaccine for no good reason whatsoever.


I highly commend the government for taking such steps which should have been taken months ago but better late than never.


I don’t understand for the life of me why Antiguans and Barbudans do not get it, get vaccinated, reach herd immunity, drop restrictions including curfew and State of Emergency which affects all.


Please Honorable Prime Minister Gaston Browne don’t back down at all, not even one bit, clap more restrictions on the unvaccinated who refuse to vaccinate for no good reason at all. It’s time for the public to stand up and do their part to protect themselves and others and take the vaccine once they are eligible for it.


Covid-19 doesn’t care what party you support, status in society or religion you support, it’s kills and severely affects everyone’s life whether health wise or economic wise.


Antiguans and Barbudans the government has done their party, it’s now your turn to step up and do the right thing for yourself and others. Get Vaccinated once your eligible, it will save lives and livelihood.


Nuff said! Over and Out.

Fredrick Byers

Proud Citizen


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  1. Why u nah shut u ass. .. Bout minister make me happy with vaccine mandate …. Wait man r u go perish . the stupid prime minister a block students from.getting education casuee of vaccine and u happy with that. Maybe your just a dunce as him…. Stupid ass

  2. I don’t get it why Antigua’s so dummy and stupid . look at this . we turn refugee in we own country. We are slaves again . but its OK r u will know

  3. Why stop there? Why not mandate all to bend over and receive it in the rear from the honorable PM, just like you do?? Nuff said! Over and Out. Proud citizen (that won’t bend over and take it)

  4. This letter writer wants Antigua to become a mini version of the CCP. Well, I hope all who’s happy now, will continue to be happy when they take away all of your autonomy and agency in the not to distance future.
    If you think this is just about a virus… hehehehe!

  5. I don’t understand y’all. If a person is healthy and adheres to COVID-19 protocols why force them to take the vaccine??? A de people dat nah follow protocols you fi go after. And de vaccinated people too cuz some a dem feel dem too invincible, like sey dem cyah have or contract the virus too.

    Unuh tek heed enuh! What’s gonna happen later? When the mark of the beast touch down? Eh??? You go force people fi tek dat too?


    I hope y’all have space in the hospital and graveyards fi wen people drop down from starvation or commit suicide (God forbids).

  6. THE PM RIGHT!!!! People equating the new measures to slavery, military rule, and a dictatorship should know the mere fact that they can openly make these claims prove otherwise. People are harping on defending freedom just for the sake of it even if it means they die. Foolishness. Yes Gaston! Ya right!

  7. And what do you think happens when the tens of thousands of mostly young people say no to mandatory vaccination? Nothing that will keep you smiling….

    I was just speaking to some young guys who are all employed by the government about their views on this latest development. Long story short, the government NEEDS to back down.

  8. Interestingly these Naysayers when they seriously ill, will run to the doctor’s, the same people who they don’t trust to save their lives. A bunch of hypocrites masquerading as intelligent people on issues pertaining to Vaccines snd Medicines.

  9. Frederick only agrees with the PM because his business has suffered due to the pandemic. Not against been vaccinated but against being forced to do so, it should be a choice not mandatory. That’s the issue.

    • The early lab rats don’t want to be the only RATS in this experiment. You can tell who the chickens are, projecting their fear of death onto everyone.
      ” The obedient think of themselves as virtuous rather than cowardly.” ~ Robert Anton Wilson

  10. One thing he can never mandate; where the people place their mark on the ballot papers! So fellow cabinet ministers make sure y’all set just like y’all leader cuz you will be out of bread just like how ya’ll threatening ppl bread. Y’all said take the vaccine or test and never gave it time to happen but now we under a mandate…ok…

  11. The Prime Minister is right. Unfortunately, we still have simple-mindedness and unstable persons who refuse the only thing that just might save their lives. The PM is simply protecting the people from this foul pandemic. It has nothing to do with politics. This is a life saving move. God bless Antigua and God bless Gaston Browne.

  12. Do your homework. Start evaluating da pro’s and con’s. I for one am not interested in da vaccine due to it’s not truely vetted as other vaccines, it was rushed to market, there are other alternatives to getting well if you get sick, the vaccine doesn’t stop you from getting Covid or spreading Covid, prominent doctors who have studied these things all of their professional lives are warning against mass vaccination and this vaccine technology, there have been too many adverse events and death from the vaccine alone and on and on…….not to mentioned, again, the unknown long term effects. Wake up!!! Ask your PM how much he’s being paid to tow the line?? It’s a “world wide pandemic” and da pharmaceuticals are allowed to reap billions $$$$$ in profits and have no liability for anything that may happen to any person that has a adverse reaction. I’m speculating they’re throwing money at the politicians all over the place, cause that how da gov officials work now. They’re changing da story as they go…..CDC now says da PCR test can’t detect Covid, but the PM hasn’t changed policy for testing people coming on to da island. It’s not a vaccine. Its cellular gene therapy. Da CDC just changed their definition of vaccine to stop the questions of why it doesn’t stop the sickness, which is what a vaccine is supposed to do……Wake up before it’s too late!! Go read about Dr. Mike Yeadon, former VP of Pfizer. Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the PCR test. Or just take the jab like your uneducated gov official say!! Peace.

  13. No long talk.

    Get registered my people so that WE CAN VOTE GASTON AND HIS GANG OUT OF GOVERNMENT.

    That is what it is about. LET US VOTE THE A.B.L.P. OUT of government so make sure you get registered to vote.

    No long talk.

    • While you in USA where Federal Employees must be vaccinated or get fired your chatting this SH!T?
      People just watch dem- looking board position…… Smdh

  14. have any one see the pm take any of the vaccine them just asking like how you see Josiah daughter take on tv just saying

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