Letter To The Prime Minister Gaston Browne & ABLP Administration



Dear Mr Prime Minister,



As I drive around this beautiful country daily, I am shame and disgusted of how the country looks, smells, and the poor roads we the taxpayers drive on a daily basis.



The bushes on the side of the road are growing onto the road which makes the road even more narrow because rightly, so people don’t want to catch their car, in St John’s and its outskirts stinks to high heaven, and the roads are in horrendous to say the least.


Just yesterday I was driving up All Saints Roads and the number of potholes I dropped in was despicable and don’t talk about going up Buckley Line, that road is horrible, my vehicle was bouncing up and down like am bouncing on a bounce castle, bush growing from the side of that road onto the road itself making the already terror road even narrower, and don’t talk about the amount the of potholes on that rode smh.


Parham back road full of potholes no joke, bush growing from the side onto the road, at night that road is dark and is a nightmare especially when persons are exercising and there is heavy duty equipment up and down that road constantly. Going to Newfield that road is so dark at night and the bushes are growing into the road.


In St John’s city the roads are bad, potholes on every street, APUA digs up the road to fix a pipe and they don’t even fix it back to decent condition so cars can humanely drive on the road surface e.g. lower Nevis Street. There are other roads too numerous to mention in the same state of the above roads mentioned. It’s shameful!


Let’s talk about the airport. Imagine the airport is the first thing Tourists see when touch down, but it is overgrown with long grass which attracts birds which can nest in jets parked on the runway and can possibly cause a terrible accident if sucked in by an aircraft engine. Furthermore, as grass dries it becomes a fire hazard which can cause havoc for Airport staff, airlines and operators.


Mr Prime Minister we need to do better as a country as we say we are a Tourist based country with our main Industry being Tourism.



You said in Parliament your Administration has money in the offshore bank and Minister Weston said you guys have 400 and something Million dollars in credit so why not use the monies and make the Antigua and Barbuda look like a decent country for tourist and local to enjoy.


Where are our tax dollars going and what is it being spend on???



I am sickened and disgusted with the state of affairs in this country. Mr PM and you and your administration need to do better for the people of this country.




David Green

Fed-up, Sickened, Disgusted Antiguan Citizen

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  1. Let me add my frustration. Renbert Road in Herbert’s is a disaster waiting to happen. Overgrown bushes, no sidewalks, no drainage, road damage caused by water from the hill AND no streetlights at one end of the road. Residents are afraid to walk or drive after dark. PLEASE HELP US.

  2. Did the agreement for the new special economic zone state that the government was responsible for building the infrastructure to the zone and proceeds from the sale of our passports will be used to build the infrastructure in the zone? Gaston said on his radio show on Saturday, that it would costs $100mill to build the infrastructure to the zone. Now what Antiguans should understand is that labour government, headed by Gaston, does not genuinely care about Antiguans or the state of the Infrastructure. For them, the government provides cover to thief and to enrich themselves and families.
    When Gaston was asked on his radio show on Saturday what benefits Antiguans will gain from this new free zone, he said the medical students at Yida will be buying food and renting accommodations. We know who has a farming enterprise and who owns the biggest supermarket on the island. Those students won’t be renting from local Antiguans as I am sure Yida will build accommodate for them.
    Gaston also said that taxi drivers will get jobs. There is nothing wrong with taxi drivers getting more jobs, but is this the only jobs available to Antiguans from the economic zones? How many Antiguans are working at Yida.
    I will say this to Antiguans, the government does not care how much dirty water you have to walk in to get to your house or how much potholes you have to drive in. Even when they say they are fixing roads, half the money disappears in the pockets. Everything Gaston does, there must be something in it for him, friends and family and that is why nobody can convince me that politicians and their friends and families are not part of this new economic zone when you consider all the give always. Think about it, Antiguans are not guaranteed one job, except as taxi drivers, and Antiguans have to pay for zone’s infrastructure when Antiguans live in a filthy environment.
    When we were children, some of us were walking through mud pastures to get to our homes. Has anything substantially change?
    Antiguans should stop being sheep and demand politicians work for them and not only spend our tax dollars where they stand to benefit.

  3. Mr. Greene, as the author of this letter, I do share & appreciate your concerns and I will hasten to say that I will also agree that the Govt need to be more responsible since they are the custodians of our taxes. However, I would like to draw to your attention that a country’s development does not depend on the govt alone….. We the people need to play our part. In my view it is not right that we have properties and choose not to take care of the estetique of our properties….. Community groups should be created to assist in culturing of the communities. If the govt play their part & we play ours I can assure you that we will have a better looking Antigua and Barbuda

    • Ya we clean in front of our homes. But we must pave the roads and fill in the potholes to?

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