LETTER: To The Prime Minister And Government Of Antigua & Barbuda: Fruits Of A Failed Government With A Failed State

Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda as of Feb 2022

It has been pellucid for quite some time now that the ABLP government does indeed consider all the people of Antigua & Barbuda to be fools. Even before the covid-19 pandemic started, the prime minister was on the airways parading the BIG lie of the nation’s GDP being so high. Economic growth much better than any other Caribbean nation and even surpassing the major countries in the western hemisphere.

Then came Mr. Covid-19.  Landed as a thief in the night and stole the GDP. All the gains that the nation was perceived to have obtained suddenly went missing. The about a half billion dollars that the junior finance minister mentioned; that was secured to help us through the pandemic; got the virus also and vanished.

Where did all the money go?  If the economy is doing so good, then there must be obvious signs of the benefits shown in the public. Instead, there are only signs of hardship and sufferings.

By its fruits a tree is known.  You tell me that it is an orange tree; then when it produces fruits, I do expect them to be oranges.

As we survey the landscape and horizon of the economic climate here in our nation, there is DEFINITELY no sign of a flourishing economy. You tell us where the fruits of a growing and vibrant economy are when:

1.      Public servants ( CBH workers, nurses, etc) are crying out for their monies. Industrial actions have to be taken to force the government to pay their monies.

2.      Law enforcement officers are lamenting the poor conditions under which they function and the lack of proper equipment, no proper police stations, inadequate fire engines, and the list goes on.

3.      The police service commission had to seek help from an investor in Barbuda (PLH) to rent a building to accommodate the police station because the government has failed to do its job.

4.      The public water situation is deplorable.

5.      A secondary school ( Sir Novelle Richards academy) has no science laboratory and library.

6.      The roads are in deplorable conditions.

7.      The list can go on and on.

These are not the fruits of a thriving, buoyant economy. Instead, they are clear effects of a failed state as a result of a government that is incompetent and corrupt. These are obvious results of corruption gone unchecked.

I hear a so-called political analyst speaks about a minister of public utilities being praised if he solves the water problem in Antigua. Such filth! These are the basics.  Ensuring that the public is able to obtain a consistent supply of potable water is a basic functionality of any government. When you go beyond that and can clearly show that not only can you supply water consistently but have in place the capacity to store water in the event of emergencies. Then can we laud praise on the person.

Get real. Are you so stupid? Look around and you will clearly see that the country is a failed state simply because of a government that is CORRUPT AND INCOMPETENT.

The people of Antigua need to wake up. No government should come to you and brag that it builds schools, fix roads, etc. These are the expected functionalities of a government.

Antigua is in for a very sad awakening when the bottom finally drops out. The people have allowed corrupt and demonic politrickians to take advantage of them for too long.

The fruits of a high GDP apparently are only for a very small minority of the population while the majority laments in suffering and poverty.

One thing is certain : the handwriting is on the wall. This country is soon to fall and all its corrupt leaders and their cronies will pay dearly for their evil deeds.


Take heed to that: Mr. radio talk show host, prime misleader, religious misleader, statutory board members, air traffic controller,  trade union misleaders, calypsonian, taxi drivers, bus drivers, hotel owners, supermarket owners, ……..   YOUR CORRUPTION WILL RESULT IN YOUR DESTRUCTION.

WAKE UP Antiguans!  What does it profit you to accept some fleeting filthy loot and lose your soul?

J. Surhamme


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  1. Thank you ANR for giving all and sundry the opportunity of a voice. I hope they give that support from as little as $5 also.

      • Top dawg how you feel standing next to that 600 lbs Buffalo in your cabinet? You know about everybody weight, talk about the 2000 pounds of waste in your cabinet. Your cabinet is full of flushable waste. 600 lbs in St. Phillip’s South, 700 lbs in St. John’s City South, 350 lbs in St. Mary’s South, 350 lbs in St. Phillip’s North and no talk about your Senator from St. John’s City West another 400 lbs hippo.

    • Well said, J. Surhamme.

      Indeed, it is a failed state. Only the corrupt and foolish would not call it for what it really is.
      They call evil good and good evil. Hypocrites! Fools! Stupid!
      A time of reckoning is soon to come when all will answer for the corruptions.
      Those who foolishly and blindly follow politicians; scrambling to scrape up the crumps that they throw off their tables.
      The wise will hear, listen and take heed. The foolish will continue in their foolish path to destruction.

      When will a people wake up from a slumber of CORRUPTION & GREED?
      When will a people reject the evil path and turn to righteousness?

      Their loot and evil ways will not save them. For many, they will only begin to open their minds to good when it is too late. Great shall be the lamenting on that judgement day.

      The path to destruction is VERY BROARD and many….MANY ARE ON THAT PATHWAY NOW.
      The path to salvation is VERY NARROW. Few are on that path. God has NEVER been in the business of QUANTITY, but rather it is about QUALITY. All throughout the Bible, the Majority has ALWAYS been on the wrong path:

      1. Only 8 persons saved during Noah’s flood.
      2. Only 2 of the spies came back with a good report of the land of Canaan.
      3. Of ten persons healed by Christ, only one returned to thank Him.
      4. In Babylon, just 3 persons refused to bow to the king’s idol statue.
      And the list can go on.

      The salvation path requires discipline. It forfeits the temporary pleasure of this life and holds on to the righteous way of a Master Creator.

      The fools die not for lack of knowledge but for lack of wisdom.
      Stiff-necked fools: you think you are cool, but your way is leading to destruction.

      God NEVER and will NEVER force man to follow His way. If He did, we would be robots. Free choice is given, and every man shall give account. At the end of the day: No one can say that the devil made me do it.
      There are just two paths in life: GOOD and EVIL.
      We chose either path. No middle ground.
      Unfortunately, the majority has chosen to follow the evil path and we look around and see the effects of such. The people are hell bent on corruption, greed, and worldly pleasure: All of which are designed to bring destruction. On day soon, God will step in and forever put an end to this madness.

      It is so sad when a people would rather enjoy the temporary fleeting pleasures of this world and lose their soul salvation.

      WORLD “CRYSIS”: WAKE UP, antiguans: Your end is. near!

    • @ just saying:Nobody gives a rats ass what you and Tencent man have .to say.which is normally not much and smeared in Redism.
      If right and wrong stood in front of you and him you’ll would still have no idea.

  2. People may agree or disagree with what J. Surname has written, but this why FREEDOM OF SPEECH is so important to one and all… 👏

  3. Imma jus buy AND SELL this FIRM some waist trainers….

    3x 4x 5x……400$ EACH….


  4. I hope the message in this letter resonates in the minds of those who are blind to the corrution that is rife in Antigua and Barbuda under this present administration and deterioration of our economic prospects. Antigua cannot survive much more of this else we are destined to become a failed state.

    • Lovell already tanked the economy. That is why he is a “SPENT FORCE” and will be KICKED TO THE CURB LIKE A CHEATING EX come next general election.

      No amount of “clutching at straws” techniques (letters, campaign launch, radio programs or opposing for opposing sake will save the drowning UPP with Loser Lovell as “leader”

      THE PROBLEM IS HAROLD LOVELL. point.blank period! Until this fact is accepted, nothing else matters.

      • Antigua is in a downward spiral and these are sound policies that can bring us back on the road to recovery. As far as i am concerned, and the numbers dont lie and Harold lovell and the UPP have a better track record for economic and social development than the current administration. You are welcomed to check the stats for confirmation.

      • Harold Lovell has not been in office for eight years. EIGHT YEARS.
        When he was in office, Forbes Magazine proclaimed that Antigua was one of ten countries in the world poised to become rich.

    • I too hope these followers of the RED MACHINE wake up to the damage that they and their bosses are doing to our country and turn their collective backs on them…. but I doubt that will happen unless each one of them have a ‘come back to God’ moment in their corrupt little lives.

  5. John French II…no Fanon and Asante, to cool the waters!!?


    Tenman, a U name Carnell Hues, according to Tabor…hmmmmmmm!
    So, a U a fudge dem numbers wid U programming!


    Anyway, when the likes of #UPPER-CUT aka Carson can switch to UPP, according to Wang U, de Chinese Karate Expert…SUM TING WONG, top DAWG.

  6. The level of stupidity that this website allowed to be published is astonishing. I don’t know if the writer is worse than the publisher in this case. Cause sensible people would know where to draw the line. Given that the website needs to think of its reputation. But then again. Who knows how low they are willing to sink if it is to bring the government in a bad light?

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