Letter To The Minister Of Education, The Director Of Education And The Local CXC Registrar

Education Minister Daryll Matthew

ON 7th January, 2022, the Ministry of Education opened a new block at the Sir Novelle Richards Academy.  Over the last four years we have seen this school grown from just a few classrooms to the level of a full secondary institution. However, I am rather disappointed with the development or rather lack of it.  There appears to be NO  planning whatsoever.

How can you have a secondary school without a SCIENCE LAB AND A LIBRARY ?

The students of that school deserve much better.  Are the CXC officials or even the local CXC registrar aware that the school does not have a science laboratory and a library ?

The students are now preparing to sit CSEC examinations for the first time and our system puts a road block in their path right at the onset. This is quite shameful.

The parents of the students of this school should be outraged. However, it goes to prove again that the people of Antigua simply accept whatever are thrown at them. The politicians and policy makers do not care because their children are enrolled in schools that have all the basic and necessary infrastructure to facilitate proper learning.

The issue of the lack of a science block and a library at the Sir Novelle Richards Academy must be dealt with IMMEDIATELY.

I am calling on the parents of the students who attend this school to take interest in your children’s education and demand that these necessary facilities be constructed at the school.  To settle for less implies that you too, have no concern about your children’s development.

The Ministry of Education mentioned that more attention will be given to the supervision of schools. Let us start with constructing a proper science block and a library at this school.

It is time that the teachers, students and parents make a stand for the children.  We pay the taxes for these things to be present in our schools. It is not a favor that we are requesting. It is the duty of the government to have these things in place. Then when you have done your given responsibilities, do not make a comedy show on the media to highlight what you should have done in the first place They are the basic necessities.

Also, please do not blame Covid-19 for the lack of these infrastructure at the school.  The school structure begun a few years before the pandemic started.  Simple planning and foresight should have guided the development process.

Our people need to wake up and ensure  that those who manage the system are accountable to the nation.

Concerned parent


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  1. Well said. I saw this opening ceremony on ABS television. I did not hear any complaints about the absence of a science lab and library at this school.
    Indeed it is quite shameful that our public officials speak so highly of their “supposedly interest” in education and yet still their actions or lack of action state otherwise.
    As a former educator myself I understand the critical need for the school to be outfitted with a science laboratory that essentially allows the students to conduct their SBA’s. We talk about improvising and being innovative, but in this postmodern environment it is quite unbelievable that a secondary school could exist without a functioning science lab or even a library.

    SOMEBODY IS DEFINITELY JOKING HERE! Do you mean that you set out to build a school with classrooms to accommodate 1st to 5th form students, but made no provision to construct a science laboratory?
    Please give the students the tools to efficiently and effectively learn. Education levy is paid by the people to deal with these situations.

    OUTRAGEOUS! The CXC officials in Barbados need to investigate this matter urgently. The local CXC registrar and his office need to conduct an assessment in all the secondary schools to determine how equipped the institutions are to facilitate effective teaching/learning experiences.

    In any democratic society the public officials are required to give account for the stewardship of the peoples’ resources. Not so in Antigua. We are far from being anything democratic.

    Do the people of Antigua observe how a real democratic society operates? Just watch the news on CNN, NBC, Fox news, BBC. There you will find public officials going before the media on a regular basis to answer questions about the stewardship of the offices they administer. The same applies to public officials in Caribbean nations like Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados and Jamaica. Watch CNC3 news out of Trinidad or TVJ News from Jamaica.
    However, democracy in Antigua has NEVER taken root because the original drafters of the nation’s so-called “independence” saw it self-profitable to create a nation of people who are weak-spirited and dependent on politrickians.

    The politrickians and their ministries continue to misuse and abuse the nation’s resources with no accountability.

    When will it end?
    When will it change?

    The system is corrupt, and the people of the nation have become immune to the corruption.


    • Wow. Let me ask: Are you an idiot or just play one on TV/internet??
      Wow. There’s a song which says gratitude is a must.
      Logically speaking, wouldn’t that be the next step?

  2. The political outlook of this school is what is driving its preferred requirements. For example, the children are getting their Mandarin learn and are being forcefed learning Chinese. Who cares about library and science lab? Any sensible person knows that Mandarin is one of the hardest language to learn. It is almost impossible to write it, unless you are totally immersed in the country, and to speak well again you have to be immersed or taught to learn by memory. Students get it in a once a week, 30 minutes class.
    So when we see the media moment of students collecting their certificates in Mandarin, and the reporting is that they know Mandarin, it is almost laughable. Most of these students are now learning English. Can you imagine the confusion in their heads?
    There are principals and teachers who beam with pride that their school is teaching Mandarin. Some of the kids learning Mandarin are now trying to get their English good. This is so ridiculous.
    I guess we will be telling CXC to drop the science subjects and replace them with Mandarin.
    Our new masters are guiding us well. They have a plan.

    • You know I thought the same thing hing when I saw the news piece and the children collecting certificate but I held my peace.

      Glad to know I’m not the only one. If learning Spanish and French poses problems is Mandarin?

      Just give me a break.
      Better must be done

  3. Will the Ministry of Education investigate the teachers for giving one peice of work for the term and using it for the Term marks for the students? Students who would have been sick, have device or internet issues or the teacher misplacing their work end up with “0” for a term. The ministry needs to investigate the record number of students who have 0 for a term’s work.

  4. I am of the view that everything takes time but priorities should be considered first and foremost. Our children are the future fabric for the nation. So having old wine in new bottles may not serve a meaningful purpose.
    Our students should be educated across the spectrum. Many of them may not be fortunate to venture into tertiary level training, whether it be in the field of Science or ICT. Some students may only resort to vocational skills such as carpentary, mechanics plumbing etc. As a result, our secondary schools including Sir Novelle Richards Academy should be equipped with labs to facilitate skills of such nature or make it a part of the school’s curriculmum that the school is linked with an institution that offers vocational training so that all students across the board will be catered for and not feel left out……

    • I remember when Grammar school boys went down to High School for classes and High School girls went up to Grammar school for classes.
      Let’s hope there is an arrangement until..
      Money doesn’t grow on trees. Last I heard we’re still a third World country. Smh

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