LETTER: To The Leadership Of The UPP

Team UPP

The talk is around that the party, especially the candidates, want Richard Lewis to come out to the public and ‘clear the air’ about his relationship with Trevor Young and what he said in his famous letter that he wrote to the party secretary about one month ago.


From what is being said, the UPP wants Lewis to come out and bad talk Trevor Young, and to show that he disapproves of him and his outburst against the UPP. Apparently, this is the only thing that will absolve them of the bad things Young said about the party, and persons in the party. If he did this, then the leader and the candidates would stop treating him like a traitor and a step child. No one should blame Lewis if he gets a swell head. This makes him look like he is to be the savior of the Party.


Why should Lewis come out and address the Young issue? Young did not say one single bad thing about Lewis. But it appears that at least three other persons in the leadership need to come out and clear the air, because what Young had to say about them in his letter was not nice, and needs to be address like yesterday.


The first is Young’s indictment of the Party Chairman, Giselle Isaac, and what she had to say about the non-nationals and how they were the ones who cost the UPP the elections in 2018. To quote from Young’s letter: “when the executive and the candidates met for a postmortem of what took place, the Chairman of the Party Giselle Isaac said in no uncertain terms that non-nationals caused the UPP to lose the election.”


To date, there has been no appearance by Giselle Isaac on the media to clear the air about what Young said she said about the non-nationals. One would think that would be a crucial step for the UPP to take to mend fences with the non-national voting block. Why isn’t the party calling on Isaac to clear the air?


Next pertains to the Leader, Harold Lovell. Young said Lovell denied meeting with the Tradewinds group when in fact, he was a regular attendee at the meetings. This was confirmed by a known person who attended the meetings.


Quoting from Young’s letter:” I told him I heard of various meetings being held at the Trade Winds Hotel which are geared to replace candidates from the 2018 elections who are suspected supporters of Richard Lewis for leadership. He said he heard about it and was not a part of it and that it was Devon Benta who was spare heading those meetings with Anderson Carty.”


Next is George Whenner, who is the Mobilization Officer of the Party. The whole of Antigua heard Whenner slap down Lewis over the radio. Yet to date, Whenner has not been disciplined, nor was he asked to apologise to Lewis. In fact, he seems to be doubling down on his remark.

It looks like inside the hierarchy of the UPP there is a little Animal Farm set up. Some seem to be in the inner chamber and others dare not peep inside lest they get their head chopped off.


That is bad business, Sir Harold, very bad business. Lamin Newton said you told the candidates that they could undermine each other because that is politics. Is this what you are allowing fellow candidates to do to Richard Lewis? Undermine him? That is bad form, Mr Lovell. Very bad. Especially because he ran against you. Can’t see how you hope to win that way. The whole nation is looking on at what you are doing to Mr Lewis. Even your ALP opponents are talking about the bad treatment Lewis is getting from the UPP. Even though he is the enemy, they don’t like it at all. He should not have to go in the media and curse Young to satisfy your dream team. He should be cursing some of you, but for sure not Young.


I have therefore come to a decision. I will stay on this subject until I see some improvement in the party’s attitude to Mr Lewis.  In fact, Mr Lovell, I will soon be doing a national poll for who the people would prefer to see as leader of the UPP. You or Mr Lewis.

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  1. Here we go again. How often would these UPP people go on this all white boat cruise? Didnt they have one earlier this month?

  2. “To date, there has been no appearance by Giselle Isaac on the media to clear the air about what Young said she said about the non-nationals.”

    You really expect the POMPUS, HAUGHTY, HIGH n MIGHTY Lovell-controller to HUMBLE HERSELF and admit that she is flawed and worse yet APOLOGIZE for any alleged comments regarding non-nationals?

    Have you not observed how she comes across whenever she speaks? Bitter, crass, entitled, elitist and bitter etc etc

    Beelzebub cannot cast out Beelezebub

    • Ask Gaston and Asot and Maria and Michael Browne to Clear the air.
      Stop trying to create friction.
      Did you respect and support Trevor young when he was part of upp team?

      • “create friction”???

        The UPP done gone past friction. They IMPLODING. Sinking further and further into the cesspool in Lovell backyard. The ripple effect of badplaying Joanne Massiah. He a reap wah he sow. putta putta patta patta & down the drain he goes. flush flush flush straight into the cesspool

        • Hmmmmmmm.
          You’re hurting. You’re getting too personal.
          Harold and them surely did a job on you.

          • Mr. Lovel did one helluva ´´job´´ on our ECONOMY! No wonder he has rightfully earned the name MR. MASHUP. Worst Finance Minister this country has ever seen.

  3. These Candidates appear as They are Auditioning for American Idols. UPP are known for disliking NON NATIONALS.
    We would never vote UPP. NON NATIONALS Hon.Gaston Browne and ABLP.

  4. Mr. Young , Lamin ,Drifwood and others are telling the TRUTH. Gisel Isaac. Lovell ,and others have destroyed the UPP. 2023 ELECTION results will be as follows.
    .PEDRO..You’re correct NON NATIONALS FOR ABLP.

  5. I like Cleon Athill outfit. Serpent looks like a CLOWN. I wonder who won the BEAUTY QUEEN contest ???

    • I think Pearl looks sexy…The one next to her is like a barbie doll. Probably she is caught in moment of lapse memory. The doctor looks like a haitain obeah worker!

  6. The same crap being regurgitated again.Antigua News Room,it must be a very lazy slow news day.I read this same crappy arse letter about Richard Lewis and the UPP before.This is not a story.The fishes would not be biting it today.

  7. I like CORTHWRIGHT MARSHALL. He looks like He just had a few shots of Rum.Why the Hell UPP take these photo for Introducing Their Candidates ??? Bad advice !!!!

  8. I wonder how CLEON Ahill would charge me to let me know who stole my chickens since She looks like HAITIAN OBEAH Woman ?

  9. Yes ANR.
    Who wrote this letter.
    The writer should disclose his or her name.
    Obviously, Pure Gabbage by an ALP supporter.

    • “not news worthy” but certainly worth your time eh?

      Don’t shoot the messenger. Examine the MESSAGE!

      • How many of you are willing to post one commentary on the Gaston Browne versus Asot Michael Shameful under the carpet deeds. Millions of dollars …our Antigua and Barbuda people of.
        Where is the stimuli………..
        Who is going to stand up and tell them that they are….

          • So you didn’t hear them in parliament accusing each other of corruption.
            Suddenly, you are clueless and uninformed.
            There lies the problem.
            Too much party politics

  10. This story is obviously written by a labourite trying to stir up trouble. Why should UPP or Richard Lewis answer to you and Robert young? He is a bitter ex candidate not allowed to run for the party.
    The person writing this letter is disingenuous and using the Tactics of labourites to try to cause dissension in UPP.
    The constant mention of non nationals? Why should they be used by the Labour Party to usurp the right of indigenous Antiguans to select their government? These non nationals would never except this situation in their own country.
    The person writing this article should include his/name as what he/she writes seems to be of great importance to them. I have read this disingenuous tripe before.
    UPP should not take the bate. Let this charlatan continue to bark.

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