LETTER: To The Cabinet Of Antigua & Barbuda


Dear Members & Ministers

We the Constituents of  St John’s Rural West {Cooks New Extention} are writing you this letter in regards to the Representation of the constituency, we are also writing in regards to the gutter and road infrastructure in the constituency .

For the past 14 years the constituency has been neglected, no representation from any member of parliament.

We have reached out to the Ministry of Works numerous times no response or movements have been made by them. As you all may know that we are living in low-lying area,  when  rain falls we cannot enter or leave our homes because there is no drain for the water to escape in the constituency.

We are desperately in need of some representation in this community we don’t only want to see the MP  when its election we have been neglected for to long no roads, no gutter infrastructure, no community groups nothing has ever been done for this community.

This community has been neglected for too long there is also an expectant mother  in the community that is at high risk because of poor gutter infrastructure, so we are appealing to the Cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda and the elected member of parliament to do something.


Frustrated Constituents













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  1. This would not get you elected UPP Candidate for this Constituency. UPP trying all sorts of GYMNASTICS. This Constituency will VOTE ABLP. GOOD TRY.. Will get you no where. Why the Residents don’t clean in front of Their yard ?Government cannot be RESPONSIBLE for everything. CLEANLINESS belongs to everyone.

    • This is the new strategy. The other day it was the constituency of Max Fernandez in Cedar Grove sending in a letter. I guess they are running out of ideas how to be an effective opposition party. So they are trying to go behind some constituents and push their agenda.
      They had a representative for ten years that was the PM and did nothing and yet they said nothing.

  2. @C.CARSION:I wondered why the letter writer did not signed off on it.
    This letter was not penned by the UPP.It was penned by a resident of Buckley Street,Greenbay.Running as an Independent Candidate in that Constituency.By the way that gutter is not a regular gutter.It is not a paved gutter.It was always opened with lots of bushes growing inside of it for many decades.It runs through Cooks Estate into Greenbay and empties into St.Johns Harbor.It has nothing to do with cleaning in front of one’s yard.Perhaps you should know that of which you speak.Before flapping of the jaws,typical Antiguan.

  3. To Jesse James and his Latin Combo, here’s a suggestion that might be even more effective and long-lasting than having the government despatch remedial officers to clean up your mess in the Rural West Constituency. Perhaps you – yes even you – through whatever civic/community oriented group that may exist in the area, especially the many churches that continue to spring up and thrive, perhaps you could through informal meetings whether in classrooms, church rooms, on the corner/Block, launch basic discussions teaching the affected people about their own responsibilities in creating and maintaining healthy environments . This slavish mentality of expecting even our basic needs to be provided by others while we stand around with arms outstretched complaining is sickening. We need to savour once again the taste of community pride, with clean yards and surroundings, community spirit, with each one looking out for his neighbour., where the village or community raised the child. Sadly, we contribute too much to our own demise as far as our communities are concerned, and too often because of dirty politics.

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