Letter to Representative for St. George


Dear Rep for St. George,

This photo is of the stinkiest gutter in Antigua located just outside the gallery of a lovely senior citizen and it has been so for years. I know, because I pass it all the time and at times my car has been splashed with the vile sewage waters.


The location is on the Powell’s main road after the bend going to New Winthorpes, and if you pass in the daytime the lady is on her gallery catching breeze, alas!

Mr. Representative I know you know the spot, it is one of a kind! Sir this is the sort of thing which is often overlooked because we are in a time where everyone from outside Antigua is being cared for while our seniors are being forgotten.

Please Sir send your people to look for sewage water running across streets and stinking up the whole place.


Sir you have another big one in your constituency along the main road near the shopping plaza opposite on the right side of the road – stink too! If we are not to descend into an island ghetto, you will have to work and explain to your colleagues in Cabinet to go into their constituencies and fix the sewage running over streets, and causing ill health among our poor people who have to breath in the toxic waste.

While you are at it, there are sewage issues in English Harbour running over a road stinking up the main Dockyard drive with sewage water from up the hill.


Local people need Public Works help in their sewage issues plus this type of Third World tourism has no place in an upmarket location like Antigua.

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  1. The most vile in English Harbour —> at the crossroads of Dockyard Drive and the road to the AYC, just in front of “Yalla”, “Flatties” and “Life on the Corner”. Many visitors and locals (including poor me) have fallen victim to these putrid puddles! The sidewalks in this area are so rotten, its a miracle to navigate them without falling into the road. Additionally, there is a massive hole in the sidewalk in front of “Flatties”, precariously covered with a rotting piece of plywood. Who is responsible, not if but when someone falls in this hole and is injured? National Parks? APUA? Ministry of Works? English Harbour is an UNESCO World Heritage site! Get it together!

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