LETTER: To Mr. Baldwin Spencer


Dear Mr. Spencer,

Before I proceed, first let me extend my personal commendations to you for serving this country very well. As an individual who came from humble beginnings & who has never detached yourself from the stigmatized Gray’s Green community where you come from, the qualities you possess as a Trade Unionist, a politician, and as a Prime minister will always be remembered and much has been left to be desired.

Interestingly, although you have displayed to the nation that your mathematical skills were not the best especially in the area of identifying numbers, and perhaps you have regrets that you did not do enough for your Rural West constituency, which unfortunately cost you your parliamentary seat in the 2014 elections, you certainly were a man of integrity & high standards who ensured that you had a competent political team working along with you while exercising your civic duties. Of course, I must extend to you best wishes as you continue to enjoy your retirement.

Now Mr. Spencer, I am sure politics is still within your blood, hence, you capitalize on  opportunities that present itself to assist those who have succeeded you in the political arena, including those candidates who are presently vying on the UPP ticket.

If I am correct, I can’t help to say that it is evident that your support / advice to win a general election are falling on deaf ears and your footprints that you have left behind seem to be completely ignored.

In the past, on paper, UPP has presented  some good plans & policies for this country but in reality, based on their track record they never administered and properly executed these plans correctly. This has caused the past administration to fail miserably and therefore, the citizenry rejected them to manage the affairs of our country.  It was very obvious that hate, anger, jealousy & arrogance took the best of the hearts of your team and hence, superseded the organization’s objectives.

The same seems to be reoccurring today. Deep hate, anger, jealousy & arrogance is becoming very prevalent among the present UPP candidates & supporters, thus causing UPP to diminish and its moral fibre to weaken.

Generally, organizations grow from good, to better and finally to best but, disappointingly,  it is quite clear that UPP is moving downhill in the opposite direction.  Evidently, it is extremely visible that they are moving from good, to bad to worse and perhaps rather sooner than later, they may end up in the dustbin of Antigua’s political history.

The present slate of candidates for UPP is no doubt the worst ever. They do not seem to have strong command for the English language and thus seems to be experiencing an epidemic among themselves. The art of disseminating their unscripted ideas, plans & policies,  is creating a challenge. Their spelling & pronunciation of words is deplorable and their written communication is certainly incoherent & confusing.  FLED’s recent online post is one such example.

As the song writer wrote in our state anthem “Let us Raise the standard, Raise it boldly and answer now to duty’s call……. ” If UPP does not take these few lines to heart,  sadly they will implode and eventually end up in our political sunset.

So Mr. Spencer,  for your legacy to remain intact and for the pride of our twin island state to remain second to none, I beckon you to allow your voice be heard and indicate to Mr. Lovell & his candidates to discontinue disgracing themselves because we are a proud nation of high standards & moral integrity… Thank you!!


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  1. Who in ABLP has moral integrity? Fitzroy you need to put yourself as a humble servant and instead of criticizing , show how Antiguan you are.

    • LOVELL IS A SPENT FORCE 🎯 he will finally be banished into retirement and ride off into the sunset on the Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS 🚌

  2. Fitzroy your observation is right on point. Kudos to you for such an outstanding letter…… I am sure Mr. Spencer is in agreement with the sentiments you shared

  3. I cannot stand by any longer and not comment.
    Robin Yearwood speaks worse English than any UPP candidate. He and Langford Jeremy should be crowned Kings of the Grammar Tree, yet they both became ministers in the same ALP government. VC Bird never attended a university either.
    I would rather vote for an honest committed person than one who seeks to enrich himself.
    Whoever you are, you are not fooling anyone on ANR.
    Many like me will still vote these poor grammarians than to return the ALP to power.
    They have to go.

    • Stand tall you sound like an idiot much my type like an idiot
      ALP all the way to glory
      up will never stand tall
      And to you take a back seat and a rocking chair

  4. @ Fitzroy
    From the time I started reading your post I knew your were being disingenuous. Why didn’t you put yourself out there for the UPP?
    I tip my hat to the brave souls who came forward as Antigua is not the same country as 2004. They Labour government will destroy your business, career, character, your family and livelihood once you come forward for the opposition. They don’t care what they have to do to stay in power. Who wants to be part of the gutter politics that Antigua has become under Gaston Browne?
    Tired of this type of government. Will vote for anyone but labour. Antigua needs a change and accountability.

  5. G-R-E-A-T-F-U-L for Franz

    MASKses for Pringle

    Pearl “FOOTS” Quinn

    “CATASTROPHIC reforms” for education by Franz


  6. Teach Pringle to focus on SUBJECT-VERB agreement, GRAMMAR, READING COMPREHENSION and COMMON SENSE. Get rid of the PAID RESEARCH OFFICER who continues to undermine him. Why didnt he choose someone from his constituency for that role? Oh yeah – you dont call the shots. Gisele controls the party!

  7. Why not use Prince Klaas as your example? VC Bird died over 2 decades ago, the same opportunities for tertiary education existed in the 30’s or 40’s when VC was a youth? Compare that to the opportunities in the 80’s and 90’s (half a century later). You really pass your place comparing Sir Robin with those losers. What success have they had that can be touted? Compare what parades as a team now to the team UPP had in 2004.Boss the norm is to get better (raise the standard) not praise getting worse. No Wonder Joseph uttered these words: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EO-ecCMu8SU

    • Still voting UPP, Pringle, Pearl, Franz, Jonathan et al.

      ABLP has to go.

      No one debases the grammar tree more than Robin, apart from Jeremy in the past. Now its an issue. Please give me a pill.
      You red supporters are so pathetic. Discuss the issues, oh yes I forgot, there’s nothing to discuss, for y’all operating a failed state of affairs. No fire truck, water etc!
      Just want distractions.

  8. Mr. Spencer was a true statesman with enough integrity. He earned and deserved our respect. Some even consider him the best PM Antigua and Barbuda have had so far. A Good Man!

    • Listen. Please dont purge your conscience in the name of trying to prove a point.
      The truth is still important.

  9. Who took time to write this excrement anti-man fitzroy from point? Reading this piece of nonsense, it’s obvious it is a red ants cult member.

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