LETTER: Time to question your age-old religious beliefs (PART 2)


Dear Editor,


Why Do We believe the things we practice without first Researching:

In a previous letter I mentioned four (4) points of tradition that we as human being simply accept without questioning their origins and legitimacy.

Today, I will just focus on ONE traditional belief:  THE SECRET RAPTURE

Most of the Christian world have grown up accepting the notion of what is commonly called : “The Secret Rapture”.
It is said that Jesus Christ will return secretly and rapture His church away into heaven and leave all else here on earth.
Let me state EMPHATICALLY that NO WHERE in the Christian Bible speaks about a secret rapture.

Instead, the Bible tells us that the second coming of Christ will be an incredibly AUDIBLE and VISIBLE EVENT that no one will miss.

I Thes 4: 16

Acts 1: 10, 11

Rev 1:7

Matt 24: 30

When Christ returns to earth, everyone alive will see Him. The event will be SPECTACULAR:  Earthquakes, Thundering, Lightnings, mountains moving out of their locations. Christ himself will put out a loud shout ( I Thes 4:16).  A trumpet will be heard all over the earth. As lightning flashes in the east and is seen in the west…so shall the coming of Christ be.

Matt 24:27

There can definitely be nothing secret with all that will be happening at that time.

Many persons use scriptures where it is mentioned that two persons will be in the field; one will be taken and the other left:  Matt 24. 40-42

This scripture does not speak about a secret rapture.  Also, in the context of the message, remember just as in the days of Noah’s flood how the people who did not enter the ark were taken away. They all died. This scripture has the same connotation. Those who will be taken are the ones who will perish.

This secret rapture idea is a deception from the enemy of mankind. It offers false security. God never take His people out of tribulation times. Instead, He always save them in the midst of tribulations.
Remember these events:

1.        God did not prevent Daniel form being thrown into the Lion’s den. Instead, He protected and saved him while inside the den.

2.      God did not prevent the three Hebrew lads from being thrown into burning furnace in Babylon. Instead, He saved them while they were in the furnace.

3.      God did not take Israel out of Egypt during the seven last plagues. Instead, He protected them from the plagues while they were yet still in Egypt.

4.      God did not prevent Paul from going through shipwrecks, imprisonment, bitten by snake etc. Instead, He was protected while going through these events.

In the same way:  God’s people will remain on the earth during the time of tribulation that is to come on this world. They will not be raptured off to heaven. Instead, God will protect His children here on earth during the tribulation.

It is after the tribulation, (immediately after) that Christ will put in His appearance and take His church to Heaven with Him.

At His second coming, the saints who are asleep (dead)  ( Adam, David, Joseph, Paul, Peter, Daniel, Mother Teresa……) will come up in the first resurrection from their graves.  The saints who are still alive will also be caught up in the air.  They will meet Christ in the air and go to heaven for 1 000 years.

All other life on earth will perish at Christ’s appearing. No sinful being will be able to survive in the presence of a HOLY Creator.

For a 1 000 year period, this earth will be a barren and desolate place. No human being will be alive. Only satan and his demons will be here in what the Bible symbolically refers to as the bottomless pit. Rev 20: 2, 3
For 1 000 years satan and his demons will be bound on this earth. The earth will be as it was as described in Gen 1:2

Then at the end of that 1 000 year period; the second resurrection will occur. This will bring back to life all who have rejected God’s calling.

Search the scriptures for yourselves.
Question your pastors about this issue because they will NOT find any reference of a secret rapture in the Christian Bible.

Christ’s first admonition to His followers is that they be aware of false prophets and teachers. Deception is satan’s main strategy in leading the world astray. He had succeeded in deceiving Eve in Eden and the whole world is under his deceptive spell today.

Most of what we practice come from traditions. The Christian church that was persecuted by Rome in the dark ages; had to go into hiding to practice the truths as shown in the Bible. For about 1 260 years, the church suffered the wrath of Rome because the power at that time wanted to suppress the truth.
When the church reappeared from its hiding place in the 18th Century, many of the original Bible truth were lost (changed). However, there was still a remnant of believers who adhered to the “Sola Scriptura”.  They persevered and God gradually opened their minds to the truths of the Bible.

Let me also add: That NEVER in all of history was there ever a time when the majority accepted TRUTH.

Always the opposite:  The majority always accept error (evil).
The same applies today. The road to destruction is wide…easy to traverse…takes no effort.

The road to salvation is narrow:  Few wants to take its path because it requires discipline and obedience.

TRUTH makes one free.  You stand for the truth, and stand alone ( with God though), as the late Lucky Dube sang: “ You stand for the truth; you always stand alone”

The Bible interprets itself. Here a little…there a little…
Study with an open mind and ask The Holy Spirit for guidance

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  1. Pastor said these are the last days yet he asking to tithe more and sow a seed. Where the money going if these are the last days?

    • That’s funny. But, people should not confuse the pastor with God. Jesus warned that there would be wolves among the sheep. Just because some people do iffy things and use God’s name in them does not necessarily mean that God supports what they are doing. You should not allow those persons to cause you to reject God himself without further consideration. There’s good and bad in every profession.

  2. Weak ass people need cult to be strong. Just like druggies need drugs to cope.

    Religion is nothing but a business.

    Sometimes it’s a great hunting ground for preacher man who love their little boys.

    • Actually, it takes a lot of strength to turn the other cheek, show patience, forgive enemies, seek appropriate justice, make sacrifices to assist others, stand alone for what is right, love the unlovable, maintain integrity in the face of temptations, find joy in the midst of suffering and all the other things that Religion teaches us to do.
      Sure, Religious persons lean on God’s strength to accomplish all of that and find peace going through the struggles of life.

      Non-religious persons more easily cave to self-destructive temptations, I find. I see no evidence of superior self-control or happier or better life outcomes among the non-religious crowd. So, maybe you should give Religion a try!

      • You love your Nancy story dem. Enjoy your life and live how they tell you to live and give the money they tell you to give.

        I hope to bull god one day and see what it like

    • There are more predators outside of churches than inside. However, not everyone who calls themself “Religious” is actually practicing the Religion. So, you should not condemn an entire Religion (or God) because of the the bad things done by some members. You are trying to punish God for the sins of some men…

  3. I, began questioning this RE- ligious quicksand, the moment the Church decided, that I was a #Bastard and didn’t deserve to be received by the same god/energy which created me, in the front of the Church, but at the rear or side entrance like a #dog begging bread.
    I, think, that from that time forward, my SPIRIT said, “fuck RE-legion,” and told the god/energy which created me in its own image, and likeness, let me live what are the important and necessary aspects of life, and not read and regurgitate, read and vomit up, read and import the confusion and nonsense which these RE-legions are trying to mold, indoctrinate, assassinate, my Spirit with.

    I definitely am positively blessed, to have said, #Fuck #RE-ligion.

  4. A few years ago, a number of highly religious persons that I knew of suddenly passed away around the same time. One from a year long illness. Another from an unusual surgical error. Another from a different sudden illness. All of them were highly religious persons – the kind of people who spent their weekends feeding the hungry, preaching the Word, attending every service possible etc. In addition, I heard in the news of some prominent people in society who were religious and had done a lot of good who had passed away around the same time. I couldn’t help but wonder if there was some kind of rapture happening. Fast forward a year or two later and there’s a Covid pandemic followed by a potential world war, possible mass starvation from skyrocketing prices, possible climate disaster etc. etc. etc. I don’t know whether there is or was a rapture, but I do believe that God sometimes takes some of his people home in peace before certain ‘tribulations’ happen. He does different things for different people. Those of us ‘left behind’ to face such events might either need to purify our lives a bit or perhaps we have some useful purpose during these times and after.

    I’m not sure what the purpose of these articles is though… I don’t think Christians need to be fighting over denominational interpretations of endtimes. Pretty sure God is not going to send anyone to damnation because they misunderstood endtime prophesies. We should be coming together to support one another during these difficult times…

  5. I personally doubt that what you are seeing is the ‘RAPTURE’ but who can really say for sure.
    YES, “We should be coming together to support one another during these difficult times…”

  6. So now that our appetite for endtime prophecy has been awakened. Check out endtime.com. Been following them for years. They’re right on. No fluff, just bible

  7. The bible doesn’t say the “catching away” will be secret. That term is used by your organization. What the bible says is that it will be unexpected, like a thief in the night. It never said it would be quiet or secret, just unexpected. 1 Thessalonians 5 says it comes as a thief in the night to “THEM” which are not expecting it, but according to verse 4 – “YE BRETHREN” should not be caught off-guard. The way to prevent this is to “watch and be sober”. That’s it, no confusion necessary. He’s coming down, we’re going up. We meet him in the air. Be ready.

  8. “As you rejoice in your loyalty to the gospel, pray the Father of truth to shed abroad in your hearts a new and greater love for your brethren. You are to love all men as I have loved you; you are to serve all men as I have served you.” ~ Jesus – not in bible

    “The acceptance of the doctrine of the fatherhood of God implies that you also freely accept the associated truth of the brotherhood of man. And if man is your brother, he is even more than your neighbor, whom the Father requires you to love as yourself.” ~ Jesus – not in bible

    “Devote your life to proving that love is the greatest thing in the world. It is the love of God that impels men to seek salvation. Love is the ancestor of all spiritual goodness, the essence of the true and the beautiful.” ~ Jesus – not in bible

    “Let your hearts be so dominated by love that your spirit guide will have little trouble in delivering you from the tendency to give vent to those outbursts of animal anger which are inconsistent with the status of divine sonship.” ~ Jesus – not in bible

    “Love God supremely and your neighbor as yourself. And it is this supreme law of love for God and for man that I also declare to you as constituting the whole duty of man.” ~ Jesus – not in bible

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