LETTER: Time To Clear The Air On Sherfield Bowen


Dear Editor,

Sherfield Bowen came back to Antigua a polished young US trained lawyer who decided to make a run for politics and was naturally attracted to the Labour Party as most young men from the villages. Most villages were dyed in the colour red from the bloody battles that Labour had fought for their parents and grandparents, bringing them out of the cane fields and as our dear Papa Bird would say, ‘the women going from bag drawers to chick-let panty.’

Mr. Bowen was full of American progressive action and was not aware of the base undercurrent in his political party as he sought to institute accountability in the leadership. After a year or more of agitating for the Party Leader to either resign or step aside temporarily while an investigation into the rumours of sexual impropriety and underage sex violation had proved his innocence. On May 1, 2003, Bowen called for a Vote of No Confidence in the ALP Parliament.


The Speaker REFUSED to table the vote when it became clear that 5 Opposition members plus Bernard Percival, Sherfield Bowen and Longford Jeremy had already signed a memorandum addressed to the Governor General stating that they had no confidence in the Prime Minister. The Speaker ruled the roost!

Bowen then convened a Mock Parliament under the Bethesda Tamarind Tree, where 50 years before another group of Bethesda boys went to jail to secure our freedom. That day saw the largest assembly of persons ever convened in Antigua, and the motion was debated by the nine members of Parliament and passed.

Soon Bowen became the target of his party’s mischief makers, and the need to keep him in the negative news became almost an obsession among his ALP colleagues and their goons. The youth group of the Labour Party enjoyed themselves at the discomfort of anyone who ‘messed’ with the Party, it’s Leadership and just any one who did not tow the line. On December 16 2003 the plan hatched!

They said it was never planned to harm anyone but Bowen as the two ALP conspirators hid with the girl in the dark downstairs, waiting for him to leave his office in the Dollar building on Nevis Street. The action they planned would hit the newspaper the next day, and the reputation of Bowen would take another dive in the muck. They soon saw him, he had gone buy his dinner and was heading back to his office when the girl jumped him from behind. Totally alarmed in the darkness of the moment, he pulled his gun and the rest is history, but not quite!

Upright and knowing his rights as a lawyer, he cooperated so fully with the police and their investigation that a major fact eluded him. It was only after he had spent his first night in jail that he began to think seriously about what really happened, when he realized the bullet grazed his finger. The young woman took the brunt of the bullet, and all the bullets in his gun were accounted for!

Only on Appeal and after 2 years spent under a wrong sentence, did Bowen begin to understand fully that the plot was to bury him.
But he is still breathing!

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  1. Lemme meet just drink me water and mine me bizz see cause what me really want fu say anr nar go post um……but to the punk who write this piece of crap one question u min dey the night of the shooting cu see👀 what happen?

  2. Bullshit story this ya!!!
    All of a sudden Bowen have a twist to this situation?
    Boss you did what you did and the public is fully aware of the truth so save us the drama and let Antigua vote Weston and the ABLP see.

  3. Oh plz!!!

    Your young life snuffed out by the UPP candidate running in the SAME CONSTITUENCY WHERE YOU WERE BORN AND RAISED.

    Condolences to Joycelyn and Jokko and her brothers, Pares school classmates and friends 🙏🏿

  4. Here listening to some Buju Banton to relax. Currently playing track 3

    Kill I today you cannot kill I tomorrow

  5. If you want to have an idea as to what happened that night, the judgement from Mr Bowen trial is online. You’ll see what was said by the Court of Appeal.

  6. Really!!!
    That young lady was my cousin…..that’s all lies. Firstly they were dating so tell him stop the bull and he knows why he shot her. The devil is a liar.

  7. This letter is pure nonsense, particularly when the writer said, “It was only after he had spent his first night in jail that he began to think seriously about what really happened, when he realized the bullet grazed his finger. The young woman took the brunt of the bullet, and all the bullets in his gun were accounted for!” Utter rubbish! Sherfield Bowen himself testified in COURT that his gun accidentally went off and that it was an accident. In fact, that was one of the grounds of appeal because Bowen felt the judge did not give the jury proper guidance on the question of what constitutes an accident.

    Bowen won the appeal on a TECHNICALITY because of an error on the part of the judge. Bowen himself never disputed that he shot and killed Tessa Barthley. That is why if you call Bowen a murderer you wold be defaming his character because murder or manslaughter carry a specific legal definition and he was cleared of those. However, by his own admission, Sherfield Bowen is a KILLER.

    The judgement in the appeal can be found in this link from the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court: https://www.eccourts.org/sherfield-bowen-v-the-queen/

    • @Wash an’ Basin…a couple of questions:

      …if his original CONVICTION was thrown out due to a TECHNICALITY, why didn’t the DPP retry the case, or could he(Bowen) being retried based upon, the law(s) of the region?

      • @Ras, the Justices at the Appeals Court granted the DPP permission to retry the matter before a new judge and jury. This is what the justices said:

        “The question then is whether the interest of justice and the interest of the community and the family of Ms. Barthley would be effectively served by a retrial. Mr. Bowen has served less than a half of his 5 year sentence. However, he could be released from prison in early July 2008 for good behaviour. He may only be retried for manslaughter and could apply for bail pending a retrial. On the other hand this was a serious incident in which a young woman lost her life. In these circumstances, I think that a retrial would serve the interest of justice and the interest of the public and the family of Ms. Barthley. I would therefore give permission to the prosecution to proceed with a new trial of Mr. Bowen, if the prosecution so decides, on the charge of manslaughter.”

        For some reason, DPP Anthony Armstrong chose not to. I’m not sure what was his reason, but he decided not to exercise the option given to him.

        • @Wash an’ Basin…thank you! Then, the question begs, why didn’t the DPP retry the case, since it was of such a serious nature?

          Could it be, that the first judge knowingly give wrong instructions to the jury, knowing that an astute lawyer/legal team would be able to capitalise on the #faux pas, and have the conviction overturned?

          Bowen recently won a case regarding Forbes and his high profile murder trial. He did so, in my opinion by connecting the dots/stones which links and connects the Judiciary to the House of Hyram Abiff aka the Lodge aka Odd Fellas aka FreeMasons as he crossed examined a former COP, alleging that his clients family has ties to the Lodge which has ties to the Judiciary, hence, his client was aided and abetted during his escape from Law Enforcement officers.

          It’s a well known fact, that the Legal Fraternity, the Law Enforcement Fraternity all have ties to Free Masonary. Therefore was Bowen given a get a FREE get OUT OF JAIL card.
          I’m sure, he would have lost his license to practice law, if he is as retried and found guilty of the charges and lost all appeals.

          Justice really is blind, and without a doubt, due to the ‘degree of separation’ of our Society, and the fact that Our politicians jump ship(party to party) like Wharf Rats jumping from ship to ship looking for food, it has being proven time and time again, it ain’t what you know, it’s who you blow!

          • @Ras, I cannot condone or otherwise agree with many of the things you asserted above. I will not speculate as to the reason the DPP chose not to proceed since that would be reckless. Further, I will NEVER impugn the integrity of any officer of the court, including Justices, without hard facts. To imply that there is somehow a link between the judiciary and Freemasonry, implying that it is the reason the DPP did not proceed with a retrial is reckless and without factual basis, and I will not engage in this type of loose talk.

  8. Law Tip of The Day….

    In some states, a person can be charged with double homicide for taking the life of a pregnant woman and her unborn child.

    38 states also recognize the fetus or “unborn child” as a crime victim, at least for purposes of homicide or feticide

  9. Bowen has no business in Public Office with the baggage he carries, and Lovell is a damn fool to have chosen someone with that amount of garbage to run on his slate of candidates. He must have been very desperate for candidates

    • Your last sentence sums it up perfectly!!! DESPERATE TIMES CALL FOR DESPERATE MEASURES!

      Speaks volumes about the UPP and their inability to attract QUALITY candidates and members. The MASS EXODUS from the UPP right before and after Joanne Massiah left says it all. NO ONE in their right mind wants KING LYADD LOVELL LIMPY JOE IMF ROMANTIC RHYTHMS WADADLI POWER CAN’T ABST HOTEL RIPOFF for leader much less PM.

      He will have to wait longer than the pole inside Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS 🚌 for the people to lose the care of their brains and vote for him ever again!!!

      Condolences to the family of Tessa

      • Don’t worry. The Limpy one is NEVER going to be PM of this country. The people will just kick him to the curb again. When will he learn???

    • U fcking joking right?! U actually endorsing this man?! After her killed and young woman and got off a damn TECHNICALLY. So nobody else dey inna Antigua fu UPP get dem haffu get one blasted MURDER cause ah that he be!!!! SMFH

  10. This letter has done more damage than good. It’s the wrong approach Bowen and lovers of Bowen. The better approach from my vantage point, granted not being knowledgeable of all the facts would have been different, if I had political aspirations. Sherfield needs to sincerely demonstrate remorse for the entire event.. whatever may have occurred before, a life was lost. I have not heard a sincere expression of remorse as yet.. it is alleged the young lady was pregnant and in a relationship with Mr. Bowen who was having an extra marital affair… Brother Bowen I love you as a educated well meaning Antiguan but David when he was found wanting having committed adultery and murder did not seek to minimize his role after the prophet pointed out the error of his ways. He bawled before God and asked for repentance. In summary, admit it was a real error in judgement to the people. . You have to be sincere to win the hearts of the people and kill this thing once and for all… You don’t need to explain it away… you can always use your court documents to demonstrate that there is no case against you but that is not the issue….. Allegedly a pregnant young woman lost her life that you were having an extramarital affair with… Say sorry… put um behind a you. Read you Bible it’s in there and be sincere about it… My statements are made from a heart of love not hate!!!

  11. Quite simply, the guy has NO place in public office. The voters will stomp him like a cockroach. Harold should know better. There are good people out there who could have run for this seat.

  12. The best UPP candidate and a lady of class Got thrown under the bus for someone of poor reputation. Where else in the world would this guy be able to run for political office. He was dating the young lady so this story is stupidness. She and her entire family lived in the constituency and family remains UPP to this date. So write that for reminding us and showing the type candidates we have running..

    • Politics aside. if you have killed my sister, but we both are member of the same political party. You think party affiliation is thicker than blood? Woe be unto that person who put party politics above family as close as brother or sister. I just cannot see that any family member would vote for such a person.

  13. Self defense. Is no offense . I was once stalked by an unwanted suitor, my life was in danger. The fear anger and irritation is real. Some have blood on the hands some in the skirt and some in their pockets

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