LETTER: Time for Cutie and DPP to go


Dear Editor,


Cutie Benjamin has got to be the most incompetent Attorney General/Minister of Justice in the whole world. And nobody don’t tell me it is not him, it is the DPP.


But the DPP should also be fired.


Too many of these cases that appear to be politically motivated are being brought with no evidence.


They put Harry Josiah’s life on hold for 7 years, having to report to the Police Station, 3 times per week. And for what? No evidence.


The Court upheld a no case submission because no evidence of any worth could be provided. So how did the Police charge and how did the DPP’s office prosecute with no evidence?  This makes no sense.


Let us see if with a now acting DPP, this case will be appealed.


As a country we must be concerned about the Justice system in Antigua and indeed the OECS. How can a case with no evidence put a person’s life on hold for 7 years? Who will now compensate him for the pain and suffering? And while the Josiah case is high profile, there are many ordinary persons going through the same thing daily in this country. Justice delayed is justice denied as the old saying goes.


And there is not only a shortage of Judges but more importantly a shortage of competent judges which is also hampering the system.


Some of the judges are inexperienced and afraid to make decisions and this also delays justice.


In this country we concentrate on red and blue but there are many other issues much more important that affect all of us.


Mr. Campbell

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  1. That’s a not so well kept secret that everything in Antigua is red or blue not right or wrong just look at many of the comments on this platform.
    If there ever is someone whose time has come and gone is this AG.
    What has this guy done for the community he represents all these many many the answer not very much.
    This not blue or white but a sitting Prime Minister will never be investigated by a AG who he appoints and is a Minister of Government himself.

  2. Keep your hands off Cutie. He is a great attorney general and member of parliament. This statement is “not blue or red”…it’s simply THE TRUTH.

  3. It appears to me that he is a puppy that gets his orders from the top dog. How come there are so many cases that are not being prosecuted unless UPP supporters are involved.

  4. Mr. Campbell I feel the cheer emotions in your letter and sad to say it is indeed factual. The current state of affairs within the legal system and the latent underpinnings of corruption is gut wrenchingly sad!!!!!! What’s the solution though? Should we start with a change of government? What’s the position from the opposition on this matter? These are serious questions… not being political at all.. there are those of us who are more solution oriented.. I really don’t have the answer!!!!

  5. Where is Anderson Carty in this matter? You always had good things to say about the Transport Board.I do believe Josiah was there when you were employed at that place.

  6. Time for that fat POS Cutie who don’t want to reveal the real killers of Nigel Christian and bring human trafficking charges against he fellow buller to go, if not dead. That nasty criminal Jamaican DPP should have been fired to Cutie one time. Criminals of a feather working together. That dutty Anthony Armstrong need to dead too.

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