LETTER: This ‘pappyshow’ press conference


Dear Editor,

After watching this evening’s pappyshow that they promoted as a special Cabinet Press Conference,  I can now understand why PM Browne takes the lead in speaking on health matters.

I am embarrassed as an Antigua.

I left feeling more confused and uneasy than when I joined. That man needs to take several seats and let the Prime Minister Speak to the nation on important matters. #thatisall

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  1. I really wish that the persons who participate on the panel would be more prepared to answer questions that are asked. The basic competency was terribly lacking in responses to many questions. It was evident that either the persons were not prepared with any factual documentation or were deliberately withholding information.
    I have observed Covid-19 press conferences from other Caribbean nations and they are conducted much differently. The panelists give detailed information in relation to the spread of the virus, maps are shown of the concentration of the covid-19 infected areas (hot spots) and there are never this twist tongue attempt to define ( or should I say to hide) what “community spread” really means.
    Some of the panelists appeared quite uncomfortable being at the conference; obviously wishing that they were some place else.

    Remember, you are SERVANTS of the people. THE PEOPLE…. NOT THE POLITICIANS ! Truth must be told.
    Covid-19 is just a test run of BIGGER things to come. If you CANNOT honestly handle jut this small one….how in the world are you going to deal with the much worse pandemics, natural disasters, etc.; that will definitely come sooner than later.
    Get real ! Maybe it is case where the political eye is watching. Take for example: Dr. Anthony Fauci in the USA. Now that Trump is no longer standing behind him at the press conferences, he is much more comfortable. relaxed and able to tell it as it is without having his messages being watered down by the president.
    So maybe the health officials should be left to do their work without any political interferences. Tell the people just as it is….not just the facts…but the truth….whole truth.
    I hope the panelists read this and wake up. Remember you will have to give account not to mere man like myself but to the Master of the universe. That day is coming soon.


    • Covid 19 has a political agenda, that’s why the medical personnels cannot speak. If they do, it will be contrary to all the nonsensical protocols that are being used.


      Not saying a darn thing that is not in the letter.

      See what was on the mind, “…PAPPYSHOW’ [Paragraph 1].

      Now, read paragraphs 2 and 3;

      (i) ‘…Embarrassed as an ‘…Antigua….(n); and

      (ii) …Confused and uneasy.’

      They seemingly like ‘…Bed Time Stories.’

      Got to read these stories to them, though.

      SUGGESTION: Next time, they might wish to ‘…Count sheep and then go to sleep.’

  2. You don’t have to tell me twice . Always knew that man I’m sorry the “Knighted one” was an incompetent , fake ,phony fraud .

  3. The press conference was quite confusing at certain points. The question was asked about restaurants in house dining and closing time. The minister responded to that question. However, his response was disoriented.
    If the curfew starts at 8 pm on Friday night, it would then mean that restaurants will be allowed normal operations for the hours before 8 pm. It is simple common sense. Though, I keep telling these experts that if they do not have the common senses…please resort to using the “CAPITAL” sense.
    The minister made a nasty mess with his response….so somebody needs to clarify his mishap so the restaurants owners can conduct their business normally on Friday.
    Are these people representative of how all or most of Antiguans are ? I would hope not. Competency and common sense are lacking.


  4. The travel protocol to enter Antigua & Barbuda should be revised for persons entering to have a negative covid-19 result from test done within 72 hours before boarding the plane to travel.

    A covid-19 negative person could easily contract the virus within that 7 day period. So the result shows negative, but in fact the traveler comes in being positive.

    Most countries are opting for the 72 hours test results because they know that it makes more sense and is a greater preventative measure against importing positive cases into their borders.
    What is so hard in implementing the same 72 hours test result for Antigua & Barbuda ?

    We are playing a deadly mickey mouse game with peoples’ lives.

    Wake up, Antiguans.


    • The “Catch me if you Can” Covid policy is nothing short of criminally negligent . I’ve seen tourists on multiple occasions walking around with no mask to be seen not even under their chin not anywhere to seen . To ask a tourist as some countries are doing to add a few extra days so a another test can be done and then they’re cleared is taking bread out your mouth ? It’s like beating a dead horse .If the horse is dead and you keep beating it is it going anywhere ? They get insultive or political as if all is not in this fight together . The end results the same protect all .The ignorance and lack of basic commonsense is ingrained so deep even they don’t see it . The same people they defend so valiantly depends on that same ignorance to rule .

  5. To the writer of this “pappyshow” letter and all who on here and other social media making making all this noise if y’all know so much and are such expert why don’t y’all swtich llaces and see how it feels? Everyday in and out y’all come up with these conspirsy theroies with no evidence to back them up. Y’all want to blame tourist (our main source of income) but won’t take personal responsibility. Y’all wont even do some as simple as wear a mask PROPERLY(OVER TGE MOUTH AND NOSE) while in public. Y’all will go to these bars that don’t pratice the proper health prtotcals. Law enforcement not doing what they are being paid to do. If anyone is the pappyshow it is we the people because we arent even doing what we need to do to protect ourselves. Them we get behind our keyboards and cuss the government and blame everyone else expect ourselves.
    Idc who come for me. I said what I said.

  6. Nor everyone is comfortable infront of a camera,it takes practice.Anthony Fauci has been doing it for 40plus years for goodness sake.I am sure the young doctor will reflect and learn from her thrown under the bus experience and do better next time.Let us commend her for all the wonderful work she does in the hospital day after day ,and be supportive and nurturing rather than critical and damning.We are all in this together,it is new to everyone,it is a learning experience for everyone and as we have seen not even the first world nations have got it right thus far.We need to come together ,this is what Antigua does best in times of struggle,support our own please.

  7. It was embarrassing. The lady giving the data statistics was Unprofessional and lacking. We kept thinking throughout watching it that they were hiding info, especially about the hotspots. Obviously English harbour is a hot spot, it was like pulling teeth to try and get her to say where the hotspots are, what’s the big secret???!!! Try and get it together for your next airing, be more professional and have your data ready for the public, embarrassing for you guys.

  8. All the pappyshow you think it is GO AND BRUK ANY AH D CONDIITONS DEM IF YOU THINK YOU AH MAN OR OOMAN.


    What is the difference between a COVID19 press conference in Barbados and a COVID19 press conference in Antigua?

    ANSWER: The truth

    • The Antiguan government has been lying and hiding information and Corona related deaths throughout this entire pandemic.

      The truth is there are outbreaks because of the lax policies for tourists and the hot spots are where tourists and non-Antiguan residents congregate- English Harbor and Jolly Harbor.

      But they can’t say that. They’ll just keep blaming locals for not taking v the pandemic seriously when the government told them it wasn’t serious and we are covid free for months and months.

  10. When you try to fool and lie to the people and question are being asked for the measures put in place and you cant answer make you look stupid and incompetent.

    A joke press briefing cant answer the questions, hiding and lying. The health officials are afraid to speak the truth being controlled by the Health Minister.

    No statistics for their decision making.
    All they saying bars are responsible and locals not taking heed, most cases are non imported .

    How can they be non imported? People travel to the country where the virus originate from

    Bunch of liars and hypocrites!

  11. The biggest misinformation during the press briefing was about the schools. I urge people to observe the schools, just drive pass on a random day…the children are not following the protocols. God forbid one child contracts the virus and is asymptomatic.

  12. Where is the Community spread most in which parish? Hmmmm We Cant Say

    Where is the statistics to show it is the bar and restaurants causing the spread? Hmmmmm We Cant Answer That Now

    Did any tourist travelled to the country in the hotel have the virus? No tourist come with the virus in the hotel, neither hotel staff.

    They keep condemning the locals and the bars to implement new rules and restrictions without proper statistics

    • When they don’t test tourists and they don’t do contact tracing.

      The truth, however, is obvious – ALL of the cases of COVID can be traced to an outside source.

      And, therefore, the reason there is an outbreak at this moment is the lax protocols at the ports of entry.

      That is squarely on the shoulders of this ridiculous administration who decided that $$$ and pleasing resort owners was more important than your or my life.

      • Exactly but they don’t believe because they’re blaming and telling the idiots they are the cause granted some are not following the recommend protocols correctly . Covid didn’t drop out of the sky in raindrops or self manifest itself here .

  13. observation, I sense that there was a degree of  discrimination towards Ms. Martin ……  I found it strange that the other panelist had an opportunity to give a report of their stewardship and Ms. Martin was not given such privilege. It was only when the conference came to an end, she was asked a question by the moderator…… In my view, i think it was uncall for, distasteful & very unprofessional….

    • The minister of health is too dam petit. He is so petit that he has shot himself and his prime minister in the foot. That fiasco of a pressconference says it all.

  14. On the subject of Covid-19, I am ashamed of the levels to which “Antiguans” would sink in their wasted efforts to embarrass the Government, people and country of Antigua and Barbuda. But, as He has been doing in the past, Almighty God will continue to guide, guard and protect the Government, people and country of Antigua and Barbuda. Evil will not triumph over good.

  15. The people who actually know who are not afraid to challenge the health minister, he banishes or vehemently lies on out of spite.
    Serve all of cabinet right for that appalling press conference and soon enough these restrictions will backfire just like attempts to marginalise those who can advise better.

  16. Surrounding yourself with not so intelligent people so the spotlight will be on you.
    Time to re-strategize Sir.

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