LETTER: They’re Fooling No One


Dear Editor and Readers,

I have been watching the political atmosphere here in our country for some while sitting on the fence looking for the best option.

Weighing the options of the blue and its broken track record and the red in regard to their disregard for the suffering nationals and the ever rising cost of living being presented before us.

Never have I seen 2 gallons of gasoline cost $35.00!!

Now, I am seeing a trend that’s occurring in front of our faces; the fact that a party pays for a poll and the pollster always puts the results in the favour of the paying party.

As a fence sitter and watching the political atmosphere, this country and the electorate must not opt-out the DNA as a strong uprising party who actually have plans in place that the country needs.

It’s shameful to say the least that these pollsters deliberately avoid mentioning the DNA whilst their popularity seems to be going in the positive direction.

If the election bells were to ring now, the failing ABLP and the failed UPP could not receive a vote from me nor my household.

This country obviously needs a change outside of the binary system and I honestly think I may step off of the fence and vote for the DNA simply because of these self-praising polls that we’ve lately been seeing from those other two parties who obviously have nothing to offer.

Did you hear that UPP candidate Potter the other day when she couldn’t answer a simple question about foreign direct investment?

Where is the UPP’s shadow government who are to speak and oppose?

Look, I am not one to write editorials but i just may start so we can have robust debate in regards to this “atmosphere”.


  1. Philip

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  1. Talk for yourself and vote for DNA, because the rest of us knows that it’s only Harold Lovell and the United Pogressive Party can get Antigua & Barbuda and it’s people back on the RIGHT TRACK

  2. To the writer: Your country is going to hell in a handbasket, as they say, and you are sitting on the fence??
    You seem like the ones who like to say, “both sides have done things” to justify your position. This might make you feel better, or smarter but you purposely ignore the severity, frequency and the damaging content of those “things”. In fact, you might just be going along to get along; you may as well just fall on the ABLP side.

  3. Even though I much welcome an editorial letter in support of the DNA (for some semblance of balance), sadly, it goes without saying that they cannot win the next General Election on their own.

    Ideally, as I’ve mentioned before, a coalition with the UPP – I believe – will give both parties a better opportunity of beating the ABLP very comfortably.

    Also, working together for the betterment of the country will ensure there are MORE checks and balances between the DNA and UPP without any sly and mischievous actions going unaccountable, as in the case with the ABLP and their one party shenanigans.

    The mindset of Antiguans at the next General Election is absolutely crucial for a UPP win, if there is no sign of a favourable joint venture with the DNA.


  4. There needs to be a televised debate between the UPP, ABLP & DNA leaders.
    I personally would like to hear what they each have to say as to how they plan to address the many problems facing our beautiful island.

  5. These 2 party leaders have not helped us. Maybe new DNA can. They are a new soul. Help the people in Antigua and u have my vote. The 2 old ones should be done they have nothing new to say, same old bs.

  6. Antigua is in a mess. Our tourism official go all over the world and see how destinations are kept. Antigua is dirty. We have bottles, cans , garbage , Kentucky boxes and don’t talk about dead swollen animals everywhere. St. John also dirty and on kept. Need to eradicate the rodents in St.John’s.
    In the roundabout out side the Governor General / next to ARD there is a fallen light pole.
    The country needs to be beautify. The botanical gardens needs to be looked after. Trees and flowers needs to be planted along the road.
    Don’t you travel and see how other tourism destinations are clean throughout and beautiful.
    All you do is travel, travel, travel and collect per diem. All the talk is about global ports and investors. What about the beautification of our country. Nice little parks develop with benches etc . Same thing with you environmental people it’s also about traveling and donar agencies. Handling money,money,money and year
    In and year out Antigua look just the same. Dirty like hell !

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