LETTER: The UPP almost won the General Elections, almost


Dear Editor,

I am no political strategist but I can tell you this much, had there been a general elections in Antigua and Barbuda 3-4 months ago, Harold Lovell would be Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda.

In my view, there was enough national discontent with the Gaston Browne administration for a swing in at least 7 constituencies to deliver an opposition victory.

But thank GOD, our comrade leader did not make the mistake of calling an early election. In politics, strategy is everything. There can be little question now that our prime minister wanted to call the elections sooner but like any good leader, he examined the situation on the ground and the polling, and did not act too hastily.

It is a political strategy that exploded in the face of the UPP. Their campaign machinery has come to an abrupt halt; no more meetings, campaigns and rallies, and now a strain on their limited financing.

Not only that, the prime minister rightly said that they must go back to the drawing board to re-strategise because their campaign of “choice” is no longer an issue since vaccine mandates have been discontinued.

Added to that, the water problem which they have been lamenting is being resolved right before their very eyes. Come election time, the water problem will not longer be an issue. I guess then they will jump on the fuel prices, which is no fault of Gaston.

It’s a good thing that PM did not call the election sooner because people’s vote would be on emotion not rationality.

Let’s face it Antiguans, Gaston deserves one more term in office. If he doesn’t deliver in the next term, well that is another discussion.

Hail to our wise leader

Signed- My X

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  1. How much are you being paid to tout Gaston to advertise Gaston…. to exalt Gaston….

    Every political party should have at least 2 strategist… economists …. Comparing Managers…..GASTON IS NO FOOL HE DID SEE THE HANDWRITING AND RE GROUP RESTATEGISED…..don’t you see ALL the useless fetes that idiat young ppl go to help fete organizers reach their financial goals while they still live in mommy daddy wattle & daub houses…. Antigua’s so stupid they don’t vote on ISSUES they vote on color so the red tea party WINS…jus nice dem up and swoop in.





  3. You seem to believe that Gaston has already resolved the problems we in Antigua have. Water has not been resolved. There is no water. “Being resolved” and “resolved” are two different things. If you believe that people will forget that Gaston forced them to take the vaccine, you are dead wrong. When it comes to that, people have elephant memories. You political ass-lickers need to stop.

  4. Dave Ray is this YOU! This sounds like the foolishness that comes out of your rear end. And now using a pseudonym too. LOL

    Utter ignorance

    • It’s him always ah fan man arses….he bullpoop loving rse he think him marrying a drag queen changes who he really is…….he want something from Gaston that’s y he on here lately…

  5. So election 2023 then? If we waiting on water situation to be remedied.

    Bullyragging APUA weekly at Cabinet not going change anything…for the better.

  6. How come that 99.9% of the letters addressed to the ANR editor in recent times are all pro ABLP?

    I follow politics around the globe, and there seems to be a pattern before most elections where there’s CONCENTRATED campaigns in denigrating their closest oppositions through media outlets.

    For instance, in the UK, when the polls suggested that the current incumbents might lose, the polling figures were doctored to show the party in a favourable light, and placed in many newspapers.

    Once the election was won, whistle-blowers came forward and admitted the deception to the UK public in recently. Wow!

    The same is happening right here and now in Antigua.

    The relentless propaganda against the UPP will continue up until the election, and it is up to ALL ANTIGUANS to recognise what these mysterious (and possibly paid-up) ABLP – GHOST WRITERS – are up to.


  7. The General Elections will be held in the Middle of October!

    A…The political prostitutes are making their rounds in the trenches, getting their manicures and pedicures scuffed up as they dig up and toss all kinds of shit, dirt and filthy lucre all over the people to bamboozle them.

    B…Asot will run on ABLP Ticket in St. Peter’s, win the seat, then declare his #INDEPENDENCE and will try to consolidate a faction of those in ABLP #WHO’RE after the leadership of ABLP.(Chet Greene and Samantha Marshall).

    ABLP wins the General Election!
    It will not be no landslide!

    Ras Smood aka Jumbee Picknee
    Son of Mami_Wata & Papa_Elegba
    Rattling da bones!

    • NIGEL CRYING $3,000,000 TEARS!!!!!!


  8. We seem to forget a fly in the ointment namely Asot Michael who refuses to die a natural death.. forcing the directorate to extend the date of election. Further the failed 200.0MUSD bond issue that was so highly touted and expected to filip thw economy was a big big big bust….. that one still baffle me how somebody could expect investors to give an unrated country with a history of bad credit money at 4.5%…. so it wasn’t too much brains that caused the delay!!! It was circumstances beyond control…

  9. Labour Party and their paid letters make good entertainment. Can’t wait for tomorrow story. Can I choose a topic? What has become of YIDA? How come YIDA showed up in 2014 just in time to present their plan to UPP? Once Baldwin and them start to do the due diligence they ended up with Gaston? Again where is YIDA? I want to see a letter about them.

  10. Somebody say YIDA was sold but they wouldn’t disclose the buyer’s name on air. They also say the man at Western Imperial ran off with the money, including some for influential Antiguans. Maybe Gaston will tell us if this is true.

  11. A&B’s Jumble Picknee has spoken (commented) his predictions for the next General Elections! What is your ‘batting average’ for past results?
    Are your predictions better than the traditional (US/Penn) Punxsutawney Phil on Groundhog Day, Feb.2nd each year?

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