LETTER: The unappreciated fathers



This ah the BS we great fathers going through. For Mother’s Day stores and restaurants have specials like crazy.

Discounts, you name it, local pastry, bakers etc doing all kinds of gift boxes etc. Facebook, Instagram  are flooded with advertisements for Mother’s Day. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP.

Now Father’s Day, not one skunt! Or very limited stuff.

Trust and believe I won’t be supporting no restaurant, stores, persons who did things for Mother’s  Day and not for Father’s Day.

We men already being at a disadvantage – a father has to get a letter from the mother to apply for a passport for his child but the mother doesn’t.

Just because of spite a mother can take a father to court for child support. SMH.

Now to this BS that a child is best to live with the mother, hmmm really?

Only thing the court has done in the favor of males is mandatory DNA tests. Now look dey jacket nf a gi way like AG Morgan ah hab sale.

With this being said, you business people need to do better, we fathers (well the great ones) need our day respected, and the treats for mothers give us likkle dey please.

And just like the electricity when the rasta man from APUA come, I am out.

I Am not bitter. I am for f**king frustrated.


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  1. Yeah…..this is the definition of bitter. Businesses do what makes them money. Don’t expect them to hype a day that doesn’t make them as much money as a day that does. Hype your day yourself and get the kind of day you want. Women are vocal about what they want and they hype it and drop hints months in advance. Create the market for it and businesses will step up to fill the gap. At the moment there is no gap.

  2. Bro. The hierarchy of society goes like this; children, women, pets then men. Get use to it.

    Live your life to the fullest and celebrate yourself.

    • Bwoy you sound like one backside,lmao. It seems to me that you already bow to de pumpum, the dog or whatever else you mentioned about. Nothing happen without a reason,but it doesn’t mean it had to be so. Your comment makes it clear why so many your young kids have no direction,with asinine comments likes this. Waw!!

  3. Can we please stop pretending that men and women are identical?
    Truth: There are more dedicated mothers than dedicated fathers. Truth: Men are more likely to physically harm others than women are. Men and women are equal but different. The same rules cannot realistically be applied in every situation to both groups. That would be irresponsible.
    Truth: For Father’s Day to be a bigger deal, there would first have to be a greater proportion of great fathers, which we all know is not currently the case. Maybe you should spend some time coming up with ways of inspiring more of your fellow men and boys to become great fathers in spite of however they had to grow up. Maybe spend the month of June with insightful conversations, talk shows, programmes, boot camps etc. run by men for men. Make a difference then have the celebration.

    Happy Father’s Day

    • Imho, for parenting, women will probably always be more impactful. Small children in particular really need their mothers. Fathers need to be around but not for as many hours – that’s nature and that’s ok. That allows men to go and do other things that benefit the family and society.

      We really do appreciate the many things that men do in general to build modern society, keep it going, and try to make it safe for women and children.


    • Nonsense! A woman cannot get a jacket,but a man can easily get many jackets(facts). One of the biggest contributors to dead beat men/dads in the Caribbean is that known fact,where many men get jackets as pickney. The solution is about married and the moral principles of it. Kids who are born in marriage are more likely to have a responsible father than those born out of wedlock. It takes a social psychological toll on a man when he has to father a child that they know is not theirs. So fix that,and you would have found the solution. A woman cannot get a wrong child, but a man can and have easily gotten wrong children,so it’s quite a natural response by a woman to be responsible because that child is a 100% theirs,where in many cases it’s not the man’s baby (and everyone knows). So stop dismissing the male struggles to be good father’s by simply not knowing the reasons and human psychology behind things. In hindsight, if women wants to make kids,get married first, and then you have a more likelyhood of getting better and more responsible father’s. Ladies lock up shop until you get married, simple!!!

      • @Islanman – Right to the point and Good advice ! 😊

        Money mad corporate society has done it’s best to convince people that sex is for recreation instead of it’s true purpose… procreation of the next generation!

      • @Islanman26 Oh ok, men are more detached because they are not sure if it’s their child. Got it. So, then they should stop complaining about less recognition on Father’s Day.
        I do agree that marriage is the best path. However, let’s be honest, it’s generally the men who try every means possible to encourage women to open up shop before then. So, I still believe that men created the problem.
        I agree that men and women should not be fighting but instead working together to create a better future for all. But, if people are not willing to have an honest conversation to identify and address problems then nothing can be fixed.

        • But then, if you have more than one man in your life asking you to open up shop,you have big problems. Marriage takes out many of that guess work and don’t put so many things in conflict. If you study just the environment around you, you would find that many of the kids who don’t have father’s around,are kids that were born out of wedlock. But like you said,there is where we have to have these discussions. On another note, I’m married, and everyday is father’s day for me,lol. You get my drift? lol, and everyday is mother’s day for her,so I don’t need to complain about father’s day. Good Good forum though, love it. I was just reacting to why those facts about men to be poor father’s are so and the psychology behind it. Stay bless!

  4. Lets just be honest here: when men can carry an extra 20 pounds internally for months and then push it through a valued opening, their day will be more celebrated
    Dont be despondent, the hype for mothers day is not about the nuturer, its about making money
    To All the great nuturing dads out there, WE LOVE YOU

  5. More BS pushed by the leftist’s. Their whole purpose is to divide and conquer…. that is just what they do!
    These demons want our families destroyed, to them, EVERYTHING is political. To them, politics is all about POWER and CONTROL. They SAY they love you and that they are on your side… It’s a big lie !

    MEN… stay strong and act like true men. Protect and support YOUR family
    WOMEN… stop beating your men down. Be the nurturing spirit God intended you to be.

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