LETTER: The Speaker should recuse himself



The unruly attitudes exhibited  in the Lower House are for the most part caused by the loose and intrusive behavior of the Speaker of the House!

His age has not produced the dignity, which is a prerequisite of the job, and his politically aggressive nature seems to miss the debate and the cut and thrust of the platform. His inability to restrain himself from interrupting the elected officials’ debate to offer at times silly and outdated advice on how to run the Government has been more of an irritant than a valid  solution.

Old age must be respected especially when it comes with its companions, which include loss of hearing, the need to talk and be heard in spite of no longer being relevant, the need to protest and fight the rising tide of uselessness, and the overpowering need to frequently relieve oneself. These are the companions, which require honesty to oneself, respect for others and the ability to accept that age is honour and the time to retire from public office has arrived.

Gossip and other people’s business is also one of the ways, which keeps old people in touch with their reality and the exhibition of disappointment and passion by the Barbuda Representative was clearly a delight to the Speaker that he even forgot to do the job for which he is paid regarding the Standing Orders.

Clearly the Speaker was enjoying all that was being told regarding the sand mining money and the land grabs and sales of leases, which enriched the ALP members to such an extent that the Speaker forgot to stop the Representative as he overstepped onto the toes of a sitting Member.

Old people get frustrated easily and the power of the Speaker position in the framework of politics can cause serious mistakes when personal involvement surfaces and the cognitive response does not trigger the sense to recuse oneself.

The request for the Speaker to reprove the Barbuda Representative for calling out the sitting Member, was handled by the Speaker as an irritant instead of a trigger of self control.

What the Member failed to remind the Speaker is that he should have recused himself from the Chair when re realized that the Barbuda Sand Mining case was being tabled as the Speaker personally and his law firm represented the Barbuda Council in all of its Sand Mining litigation.

Mistakes engender errors, and errors when sought to be resolved by those who make mistakes can often turn out skewered. The first error was made when in his glee to have some of his former opposition colleagues embarrassed, the Speaker forgot where he was and that his job required him to vacate the Chair and have the Deputy Speaker sit on the matter.

Had the Deputy Speaker been in the Chair, it is unlikely that we would have the convolution of errors, which have resulted from that fateful Thursday, and has now spread outside of the House, and which cannot be considered a violation of House Rules.

So now we have before the House a vindictive power play by the Speaker who should have recused himself from the Chair because of personal involvement, and an accusation against the Member who interjected the request for the Standing Orders who got shut down.

Of course the salacious details of the Sand Mining Case and the land Grab has taken wind and the Speaker’s error is being overlooked, but these are the power plays of the Majority, which will allow politics to push the Legislature to punish the Member when the Speaker is the instigator of the ridiculous situation because of his pride.

The saying pride goeth before a fall is a not a difficult theory when looking at this Parliamentary boo boo. The Speaker is clearly suffering from the longing to be relevant which is also a sign of old age, and can only cause him further loss of pride if he continues to fight gravity and thereby lose more and more pride. The Speaker should be saved by a graceful departure from the Chair before he falls by disgrace.

Makeda Mikael

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  1. Is the writer Asot’s attorney?
    Do not blame the speaker, blame the one who hired him and continue to employ him…..

    Very soon the writer who seem to have expertise in old age will soon speak from a position of experience.

    This writer use to abuse workers at a certain FBO, because persons had responsibilities they had to stoop and absorbed horrific treatment from this writer.

    When Sir Lester set you up, you did not come to the public and say anything, you took and took and took.

    Like Asot you will soon find out money cannot buy everything and there will come a time that your money will be useless.
    Leave the speaker alone address directly the one who hired him.

    • Mel: Do you care to describe in more detail. How did Lester Bird set her up.Why do you folks envy persons with a few dollars more.How would you know in advanced.Her money would become useless in time.Why should she leave Gerry Watt alone.He is a biased Speaker of the House.My guess,you do not know the real Gerry Watt.He was thrown out of the PLM.He was thrown out as Chairman of the Electoral Commission.Why do you think he was hand picked for that position.Have you ever seen the amount of dollars given by him to the Labor Party.Perhaps Antigua News Room should print that list of Electoral donors.

      • @BLACK-MAN
        Sir Lester himself said all that he did please see Sir Lester for evidence. Sir Lester made her.
        BLACK-MAN if you give BOATSWAIN a job to clean your yard while you are at work knowing that your wife is home alone and BOATSWAIN was true to self, would you blame BOATSWAIN for taking the job and cleaning up your wife in the process. Would you say BOATSWAIN should walk away when temptation comes? Would you say BOATSWAIN is a rapist, and a thief, and he is old now.
        No sah you blame the man the hired Bullghany take him to his house and leave him alone with his wife.

        So do not blame Jerry leave the man alone. Put the blame where it belongs at the feet of his employer.

        Ps. Would you agree that the staff at a certain FBO was literally afraid of her because of the cruel and dogfish treatment meted out to them by the writer. Old people say the good you do follow you and the bad you do worse follow you.


    True the issues at hand are as ‘…sensitive as they are contentious.

    True they require commonality of understanding in seeking to bring about amicable resolutions.

    True there shall be respectful and meaningful dialogue.

    The author might be right.

    It might be time for ‘…Sir Gerald’ to make his exit.

    Still not sure that ‘…Old Age’ should be blamed for a ‘Speaker’s’ apparent ‘Cantankerous’ and lopsided ‘Speakership.’

    True, after ‘Old Age,’ comes retirement.

    This shall not only be done ‘mandatorily, ‘ but also ‘…willingly, happily and gracefully.’

    True also that with ‘Age’ comes ‘Maturity,’ be it ‘…Intellectual or commonsense.’

    But neither changes the ‘Mentality’ or inclination of one that seemed steeped in ‘…compulsive interruptive and irritating chatter or vain glory.

  3. I’m a bit bemused by this letter from Makeda Mikael as she isn’t exactly a spring chicken. Be that as it may, she has exhibited a callous attitude regarding age and experience that is a clear example of ageism. We have a weird mentality in this country that because a person has reached a certain age that they should not participate in public life. We seem to think that advanced age automatically means that a person is to be dispensed with. It is heartless, merciless, and brutal. Do remember, one day you might (with the grace of God) get to an advanced age, and do you think you should simply be discarded by virtue of your age?

    I am also very disappointed that Rawlston Pompey, a man for whom I have the greatest respect, is supporting the nonsense written here as he himself is a retiree, and following the logic presented here, he should have no contribution to make.

    In fact, Makeda Mikael is also a retiree and therefore should have no contribution to make.


    • AH HA!

      My Friend’s ‘…disappointment.’

      Not going to say a darn thing about this comment.

      But do use a ‘Basin’ n ‘Wash’ your darn hands.

      Good to keep away ‘Covid.’

      Walk good too.

    • I agree with your post. I am annoyed by Sir Gerald myself many times and he needs to understand that he is to moderate and let the elected representatives do the job they were voted in to do. He sometimes takes away time from the people’s business because he wants to proffer his opinions. HOWEVER, I am not in favour of her age- bias comments. We are all aging and we’re damn lucky if we do given the number of things that could wipe a person out in our youth. If a person is still mentally agile and physically able, allow them to do their jobs. These same Antiguans will watch American politics with men all in their 70s put themselves forward for a 4 year term and say they’re supporting these American candidates but here we’re so quick to dispose of our own.

  4. With all due respect, Makeda is one old girl herself. As one poster already said, “she’s no spring chicken”. I don’t know, but I’m wondering…she must (?) be retired by now. She has to be in the winter of life. She should just sit back and enjoy the breeze.

  5. @Rawlston Pompey
    You should know only too well about the ravages of old age and often forced retirement having based that way a long, long time ago. The puzzling question though is why not practice what you preach! “… the inclination of one that seemed steeped in… compulsive interruptive and irritating chatter or vain glory.” For a moment there, I thought you were talking about yourself!!


      Not singing for a darn thing.

      Philosophically, and on principle, always believed that when people appeared to have ‘…outlived their usefulness’ or ‘…attained the mandatory age of retirement,’ they shall leave the stage peacefully and gracefully.’

      Rawlston Pompey, along with ‘…19 other colleagues were forced on vacation leave’ they never applied for [May 20, 2005].

      No one had to write in social media to say he must go. No Sah.

      As limited as it appears, what else you may need to understand?

      Rawlston Pompey took the conscious decision and said, ‘…To hell with Baldwin Spencer and his gang.’

      They are still my friends, though.

      He enjoyed his ‘…vacation leave entitlement’ and ‘…peacefully and gracefully’ opted for ‘early retirement,’ leaving the darn service alone.

      Still going without me.

      Now, if ‘Makeda’ writes openly to ‘…Sir Gerald; and ‘…Rawlston Pompey’ offers a comment, how the hell he could be ‘…talking about yourself or himself?

      If that is how you ‘understands it, then there may be much you do not understand.

      Taking no darn responsibility for any ‘…Lack of Understanding.

      Not only ‘…Walk good ‘…ANON,’ but also ‘Talk good.’ Still my friend too.

  6. Makeda,you have stirred up the ants hill.Keep on writing what the heck you think is best.The Speaker of the House,Gerald Watt.He has been that way you described,for many decades now.Do you think at his age.He would be willing to change his ways.If you really think that way.Then you do not really know Gerry.Go back to the days on Fort Road.When the family owed a Bullmastiff by the name of Max.He was obnoxious and uncouth since then.Makeda was a pretty gal.When I lived on the Rock.So her age is not and should be a bother to anyone.


    You want to eat from both sides of your mouth. I wonder which Political Party you are affiliated. Stop writing so INTELLECTUAL and make the average reader understand your narrative. You are afraid to show your Political affiliation. Mr. Pompey I hope someday I shall be able to read and understand your posting . Hope you read this posting. You might not reply but I hope you read it.


      Her is where you may have misguided yourself, or may have been misguided.

      All of Antigua and Barbuda would tell you, that;

      (i) …Rawlston Pompey was not brought up to hate anyone. No ‘FTS.’

      (ii) …Was never a puppet to any politician;

      (iii) …Was never ridden by any politician;

      (iv) …Never on a high horse;

      (v) …Was never on a throne; and

      (v) …Never dethroned.’ No Sah.’

      Might be blunt in the commentaries, but not hostile.

      Left, right and center, ‘…All ah dem is me fren.’


      My favorite news portal ‘ANR.’ Most up-to-date.

      But never liked this darn page to comment on.

      Every darn thing is ‘…political.’ Rawlston Pompey not into that.

      But do read ‘…all ah dem,’ though.

      From ‘…TenMan to Charles Tabor to …Ras Smooth to ‘Anon The 1st to Bugsy.’

      From the above captions, none is applicable to ‘…Rawlston Pompey.’

      So he can afford to write;

      (a) …Factually;’

      (b) …Fearlessly; and

      (c) …Brutally frank.’

      Sufficiently familiar with the law not to tread down the slippery slope that might be considered ‘…litigiously defamatory.’

      That is left to;

      (i) …The ‘Loose;

      (ii) …Misguided;

      (iii) …Arrogant;

      (iv)…Reckless; and

      (v) …Callous individual.’

      Aint got no money, and begging no one, politicians and all, for any either.

      Dig ‘notten.’

      Walk good my friend.

  8. I found Pompey in particular hostile to the labour party when it was the UPP who gave him the bad treatment and dethroned him from his high horse. And jet he called them his friend. Well Pompey is those are your friends I don’t want to see who your enemies are.

  9. Question? How old is Donald Trump and how old is Joe Biden. Do they have an age problem. And how old was the Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg who just died in office. I mean what is the argument here. Age!!
    This is shameful to say the least. And you know how old Papa was before he demitted office.


      Don’t bother about ‘Age’ my friend.

      Just a number.

      Well, so says the ‘Mighty Sparrow.’

      Do know he was not talking about no darn ‘…Presidency.’

      Still they shall not hang on to ‘…Die in office.’
      Have seen it happened right here;

      (i) …The Alec Vanderpool’s;

      (ii) …The Vaughn Walters; and

      (iii) …The Eddie Mello’s;

      All suddenly ‘…kicked the bucket’ while still in office

      There might be lessons for many others.

  10. Sorry my “friend”, but I often find you seeingly “steeped in compulsive, interruptive and irritating chatter or vain glory” to use your own words.
    Still my “friend”. Talk good.

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