LETTER: The Politricks of Petrol Prices



Antigua and Barbuda has massive tanks at WIOC which allow us to have a large oil reserve. Those tanks should be filled with oil bought at cheaper prices.

So, why did he massively increase the price of oil before he needed to?

Despite a continuous decline in oil prices over the past few years, not once did Gaston Browne decrease fuel prices.

So is it just politricks?

Is he planning to raise the price on fuel now so he can “lower it” just before elections and pretend that he is a strong leader?

Is the goal to make some money on the backs of poor people, before lowering the price, just before he calls the elections?

We expect the price of petrol to fluctuate as it always does and moreso during this time of war.  So why the haste to implement such a drastic increase?

What our country needs is a long-term solution to ease the burden on our consumers. Clearly, Gaston Browne and the ABLP do not believe in long term solutions. Instead, he is engaging in  “politrick” – a gimmick to try to endear himself to the people, to try to convince you to vote for him.

But Antiguans and Barbudans, we are much smarter than that, we will not fall for it.

Pensive Citizen

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  1. It’s amazing how everyone is crying for the rise in fuel and perhaps rightly so! But it is quite strange that when almost everyone got duty free for the japanese imported cars not a voice was heard…….. The irony of life!!

  2. I can’t imagine those storage tanks hold more than a few days worth of the nation’s consumption. Fuel prices are rising around the globe, and fuel has long been subsidized in Antigua. To expect the cash-strapped government to absorb the price increases coming off the heels of the pandemic (lower revenues from a slowed economy) would be somewhat unreaslistic.

    • Was the government not cash- strapped when the Deluxe Cinema purchase was made? You only see what you care to.

  3. Gaston is the Most Selfish & Self Centered Pm in the History of Antigua & Barbuda.. Hurry up come election mek we vote him outttttttttttttt…..

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