LETTER: The other side of the UHSA payment issue


I have been reading the news about UHSA over the months, and I decided that it is time that some of us who are still here should speak up.  I think our present situation is what happens in business.  We were all involved in preparing for our school’s accreditation.  

Buildings were finished.  I saw more faculty hired than ever before.  We had a new standardized patient lab built.  We all enjoyed the progress. When the hurricanes hit last year, we started to be affected because most of our students are from Puerto Rico.  We saw a very low enrollment in January. That is what happened.

 I am still here because I believe in our school and I believe in the Akande family. They have had meetings with us, sent emails, and Dr. Akande is always available in her office, or you can talk to her when she is walking around the campus.  Mr. Akande has put so much technology into our school that everyone can be reached at any time.  We have an overload of information. Sometimes, if necessary, employees go to talk to Dr. Akande at her dental office in town. I can say that they are still trying to help us through this period. 

Then I noted the attacks on Dr. Akande’s Christianity. A few years ago, I met a homeless man that she took off the street and helped to get on his feet.  Right now, as I write, the Akandes have a young lady living with them from Gray’s Farm that they support through college.  We all see this young lady at the school when she comes home. 

 She is an A student.  The Akandes started the Free Clinic in English Harbour.  That clinic has treated, I believe close to 600 people for free.  We, the employees can also go there for treatment.  How many of us have done any of this?  The attacks on Dr. Akande’s Christianity and on her son need to stop. This is a business just like any other business.  Things happen.

The administration has told us that they are working on all of this and that and our present situation should turn around shortly.  Yes, it is difficult. We all understand that.  But I have been here for many years, and I have been a part of the growth and improvements.  I have enjoyed working here, and I am not moving.

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  1. What did I just read? So what is the SOLUTION to the problem? WHEN WILL MONIES BE PAID TO ALL WHO ARE OWED?? This “letter” provides no comfort to those struggling to survive at the hands of UHSA and its owners/managers. YELE MUST BE ROLLING OVER IN HIS GRAVE.

  2. What accreditation, no agency or committee in their right minds would accredit the institution. There are basically no students left, no source of financial aid and to this day loan disbursements and salaries are still owed. UHSA is not in a position to file for accreditation, that would just be embarassing. Solid institutions who have administrated responsibly have file for CAAM-HP Accreditation and have been denied (Caribbean Medical Univeraity, Windsor, just to name a few), what makes you think that UHSA would be any different in its current state. You need faculty, students and a higher standard of medical education. The statement “we are preparing for accreditation” is a complete lie and a joke. I in no way support the personal attacks on the Akandes but the situation has gone too far and people as well as students are desperate for at least one truthful statement from the administration.

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