LETTER: The opposition party bent on making it difficult for the government to govern in such crisis times

Opposition Leader Jamal Pringle

I am a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda with a genuine desire to see my country make it through these very difficult times cause upon us by this covid19 pandemic.

I am very concern because here am seeing a government doing its best under the circumstances with limited resources to keep us afloat and manage the crisis situation, and on the other hand members of the opposition party bent on making it difficult for the government to govern in such crisis times, when many Antiguans and Barbudans are not working and going through hells.

I can understand that opposition role and function is to be critical of government operations, to bring about some level of objectivity in the interest of the population, but to be criticizing almost everything without presenting any alternatives or real suggestions is like making a mockery of the serious challenges the people of Antigua and Barbuda face. Or are they just enjoying the fact that they are not in government to deal with such a situation so it’s a joke for them.

I take this very seriously because as a man who is in touch with a lot of common people on the ground and seeing they sufferings and pain I can’t take this as a joke. The prime minister often said they are some very serious times ahead and I can’t take that as a joke and no one should because this is the man who heads the government and base upon what he knows he is saying brace for serious times ahead so how can we don’t take this seriously.

I share the view that the country needs to get back to business to many persons not working, and government must do this in a manner so businesses can function effectively to earn so that they can keep people employed not like telling bars open but no music it makes no sense management and customers of these establishments must exercise great level of personal responsibilities in order to control any spread of virus.

Government is complaining that they revenue is down by 75 percent and they are still agencies of the government making it difficult for people to do business.  My advice is that government need to remove all the bureaucracies associated with doing business to encourage more and more new businesses to come and stream and while government may be opening up the country so that they can collect taxes and more revenues in must be done in an efficient manner so businesses can generate to employ more workers and can earn to pay salaries.

Our people are stress and mentally disturbed and need outlets to release stress

  • I must say the move to open our tourism industry at this time is a very smart one it is very strategic and puts us in the position to be one of the leading destinations in the Caribbean when tourist start travel we are leading the way now once we continue good marketing we will stay ahead.

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  1. Well written letter but to the author of this letter: careful cause the negative possie going to rip you a new one and say you on the govt pay roll.

  2. If you really felt and believe what you wrote, put your name to your letter. Perhaps we will find out that you are one supping at the thrauf.

    • @C Ermle, are you the writer of that drivel? If I wrote a letter I will definitely affix my name to it because I would stand by what I wrote.

  3. Economic.power houses shouldn’t be complaining of lost revenue…they shouldn’t be putting the lives of their citizens at risk for a few dollars more…the countries that make up most of our tourism market crying rivers of tears due to the highest level of unemployment they’ve ever experience…who’s coming here more than mainly our own families who got stuck abroad..im sick and tired of being sick and tired…as nationals we need to realize that it isn’t UPP alone that is in opposition…it’s anyone who opposes to the statue quo…TIME FU AR U TAP DEPEND PAN UPP..GET UP N TALK DEFEND UR SELVES…N TAP FRAID TO TELL GASTON WHEN HE WRONG…HE CAN DED JUST LAKKA R U

  4. What has the opposition done to make it difficult for the government to govern? Is it the fault of the opposition that the government does not provide the unemployed people with even a couple hundred dollars a monthly to buy meat? Tell Gaston to do what he was elected to do and you should not be blaming the UPP that is not in power.

  5. This entire “letter” is laughable. You can’t have it both ways. A lot of people say the opposition is ineffective but here you are saying they are so effective that they are making it difficult for this administration to do their job. Tell me how exactly, by criticizing them when they mess up?

    I can remember when those in power now were in opposition, they did the exact same thing and were praised as being an effective opposition. Why is it any different now?

    The current opposition also took part in early talk and presented ideas to the government on how to deal with this crisis. During the global economic crisis when the UPP asked the ALP to join them in putting together a economic recovery plan, they refused to do so but were on every media outlet pointing fingers and mocking the situation we were in.

    What a load of hypocrisy to all of sudden want the opposition to sit on their hands and allow a clearly dishonest and incompetent administration to do as they please without any accountability.

  6. To the shadow of a writer of the letter.You are blaming the Opposition.For making it difficult for the Administration to operate in this crisis times.You seems to have a very convenient short sighted memory by designed.Go back to 2008,the world economic financial crisis.I would agreed it was not a pandemic.However,many economies around the world were devastated.Your Opposition Party then,who are now the Administration. At that time they had their knees on the necks of that Administration.Where the heck were you then?In a cave underground.Give me a darn break,wheel and come again.Next time put a name to your letter.That is what a real person would do.When writing to the Editor. ANR,you should not print any letters addressed to the Editor.Unless it has a name attached to it.Cowards !!

    • This same government you attack when in opposition it’s now leader (just a few of the many examples):
      1. recommended cip to the the government
      2. He also worked with them to create the procurement act,
      3. He also set them on the right path to get financing for the airport.
      4. When they passed a bill to go after Stanford lands it was he who educated them that Stanford owned the properties data tan once owned and let them know they were better off getting the properties at auction vs compulsory aquisition (market rate)

  7. Tuna, You need to be called out on this one. “Next time put a name to your letter. That is what a real person would do.” Tuna, those are the words YOU wrote. Well, “Tuna”, what is your name????

    • @C Ermle: If you were good at Comprehension.You would see where I did say.If you are writing a letter to the Editor of ANR. Put your damn name to it.If I ever decided to write a letter to the Editors of any on line mediums I would put my name to it.I always stood by what I have written.I do not apologized.

  8. None of the apparent ALP supporters and apologists on this medium put their names. The worst culprit of all is the first post of ………………. I hope the day will come when ANR will insist that all posters put their name. This will also be important in a case of defamation since ANR would not have to bear the blame alone since the poster would also be liable.

    • Which constituency you planning to run in on the UPP ticketTabor? We all know ypi gots no work to do expect to troll ANR and look to argue who you deem as an ALP supporter.

  9. @TABOR
    You are always threatening People with Lawsuit . What the hell is the matter with you. You want to play Ball but cannot take FALL ? I was very proud of the Hon. Gaston Browne exposing Harold Lovell LIES yesterday on POINTE FM ( Thank God for POINTE FM ) I know that you heard the Prime Minister mentioned and show proof that UPP ( HAROLD LOVELL) borrowed $ 2,000,000,000 ( TWO BILLION DOLLARS ) and cannot account for the money . What say You Charles Tabor ? I am registering my name. You can sue me if you so desire ( I am living in SWETES VILLAGE ANTIGUA )

    You cannot tell People what to do ….If They DO NOT want to mention Their names on ANR for whatever reason that Their RIGHT . At least They are getting Their point across. I am listing my name. UPP are bunch of LIARS. Tabor when will UPP disclose Their slate of CANDIDATE for 2023 ? Patiently waiting . Hope it will be a much better Slate than 2018.

  11. FREDERIC LAMPTON I personally have not threatened any one with a law suit. The point that I made is that ANR will sooner or later have to protect itself from the complete responsibility of a defamation law suit by insisting that posters on its medium stop hiding behind aliases and pseudonyms. The worst example of this practice is the post from ……….. At least now I know who CH TENMAN is 😆.

  12. @ TABOR
    Why don’t you answer the questions…Do believe Lovell has a chance in winning a LAWSUIT against our Prime Minister ….Also are you running in 2023 ? The least you can do is to answer these questions.

  13. Frederic Lampton to answer your questions– no I am not a candidate in 2023 for any political party and yes Harold Lovell has a strong case against Gaston Browne for defamation. Browne believes he has to call Harold’s name for a defamation suit to raise. However, defamation is also based on innuendo and it was clear from what Browne said that he was referring to more one but Harold. Do you think he was referring to me, that is my question to you.

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