LETTER: The last man standing


Dear Editor: ABS is a madhouse

So, ABS has a new reader yet again. I am aware that Andy Liburd has resigned but the new hire reminded me that Shermain Jeremy who became an overnight newswoman left ABS. I learned too that a woman who was on the morning show has left too. What happened to Yorie Taylor who was once on the morning show by the way?

ABS goes through people more quickly than politicians go through extramarital affairs. People who watch news- related content tend to form a bond with the people they see providing them with important details on current events but that can only be done through consistency. People have the right to resign from their jobs of course but I doubt ABS would witness the high turnover it has if its staff members were happy. I don’t know what needs to happen at that place for there to be a thorough investigation into what is really carrying on.

However, there are other issues with ABS which only functions marginally as a media house. Night after night, ABS seems to carry stories which swallow the words of government ministers hook, line and sinker.

I am not like Dane Knight who seems to become irate at the mention of the prime minister as I understand the current government will always be newsworthy. But news items at ABS feature the government endlessly without holding them accountable. Is there no event in Antigua that could benefit from investigative journalism?

However, I understand that there is much censorship going on there and reporters aren’t allowed to venture beyond the lines which confine them. When a story seems to need more depth, he presents himself as a specialist and rambles on and on about a topic repeating the same mundane details.

As a Caricom national with years of experience in journalism, I would have hoped he had more links.

Doesn’t he know Caribbean scholars who can provide perspectives that challenge Antiguans to think? Someone sent me a video of Burford in Jamaica recently and I was surprised because I could not imagine him pressuring Gaston Browne like he did Portia Simpson- Miller. This man barely asks ministers pertinent questions but I guess as they say here, “You dance with the person who invited you to the dance.” Burford does not seem too invested in Antigua because he does not go after the issues that matter.


Also, as a television station, ABS’s programming is lacking. It has news and what else? House Calls with Burford who the whole of Antigua is tired of seeing? I guess the Shermain Show won’t have a second season since Shermain has parted ways with ABS. I would also bet that majority of Antiguans can’t find ABS Radio on their dial. I cannot name a single show that airs on its radio station.

Once, Melford Nicholas said ABS would move towards generating more revenue. As one of the only stations in Antigua, it should have been raking in millions in advertising revenue so that in pre- COVID times, the governor general would have more to say in his throne speech about ABS other than how many Facebook followers it has. It’s obvious that many aspects of the station are failing and there are many people at ABS who do not have the slightest clue what they’re doing.

Over the weekend, an ABS employee was all over social media and I have always wondered what exactly this person does at ABS? However, the person is said to be an ABLP diehard supporter and there seems to be many more who are only employed at the mercy of a minister. It’s time enough that ABS does a thorough cleanout, starting at the top and get qualified people.

I know there’s a first time for everything and there are some who will need a place to gain experience but ABS seems like a place where the blind is leading the blind and without vision the people perish.


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  1. Sequoya soon find out how barley grow. Enjoy the honeymoon dear lady. Lepers do not change their spots. She has boarded a sinking ship.

    Lmfaooo @ Shermain gone after getting her own show.
    What has to happen? Probably get rid of the political links that causes persons at ABS to think they can get away with anything.

    If a manager can literally tell a team member to go eff herself, and nothing is done, may have to wait until somebody gets a cut arse.
    If words don’t work. And they don’t care about your rights as an employee, there is little left to do.

    Some learn and grow as managers and treat staff kindly. Some use necromancy and “links”.

    Anyway, an old f*rt supposed to done age out nuh so?

    Every hallelujah have its amen.

  2. State-sponsored media just like North Korea: “Our glorious leader has demanded reparations from the wicked capitalists at All Souls College who tremble at the mention of his mighty and all-powerful name! All hail the Prime Minister!” You get what you get. He’s Trump in another guise; a philandering millionaire who only cares about his own pocketbook. Well-done, Antigua; you choose poorly.

  3. The local media is supressed and controlled by the Gov’t so they most likely are not allowes to pressure ministers ‘too’ hard, hence why they have retention issues among other things.
    One writer cannot speak for the entire island, everyone I speak to rate Burford very highly as do I and his media presentation is among the best both home and abroad.

    Born and raised Antiguan’s are very opinionated but seldom speak out publically, you see very bold rants on social media but come election time they go and vote for the same person they insulted months ago. This contributes to local journalists having a short life expectancy at channels such as ABS. The big leaders will always dominate the vocal speakers of the country.

  4. A lot of people in the Caribbean need work, so if local dont want to work there, then go beyond the borders

    • Yes. Because foreigners should come and lap up the bad treatment. Of course they may take it longer. But that does not solve the problem or improve the station.

      Very myopic and inconsiderate take.

  5. A workplace is not a Democracy. You go there to take instructions and carry them out. If you do not like carrying out instrcutions given to you by others then be self-employed and work for yourself

    • Ok massa. Tsk tsk. You will be surprised that the world has moved on from this position in large part.

      Employees are not slaves or management’s children. They deserve respect and proper treatment. The answer is not if you don’t like crappy treatment to resign. The solution is to end the crappy treatment

    • Sideline, where are you coming from? In a well functioning work place, you hire people with the skills required or you train them for the skills required. You then allow them to contribute to the goals of the organization. You don’t belittle, embarrass, and push around employees as you will soon have to do the work yourself or be constantly left with a mess to clean up.
      It is obvious you have never taken a management course or worked in a professionally run organization. Or is it that you are just showing your age when you worked for white bosses who told you what to do.

    • @Sidelines: A so called self employed person.Does not work for himself/herself.If they do not get work from anyone.They would starve their arses off.

      • When you work for yourself you have customers not bosses. And you cna choose what and who you want to work for and with. If you are good in what you do you will always have work. Lets take a simple electronic technician. He can work for a boss who tells him what to do. Or he can be self-employed and people bring work for him. If he is good he will get more customers. But he doesn’t have to put up with no one’s instructions. You cannot have it your way and then expect someone else to take the risks of having to find money to pay you. You want to be in charge well start your own business and/or be self-employed. I did that long time ago. No employee can come and run my show. I took the risk and I take the consequences. I hire you to do a job and pay you for it as agreed. It is not slavery it is a simple understanding of your roll. You are an employee.

  6. IF there is a government change (I hope not) there will be a totally cleansing at the top (ABS) Be careful.

  7. The writer/s of all these anti-ABS letters must be sad and lonely. Try learning to knit or crochet!

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