LETTER: The Government isn’t Taking Contact Tracing Seriously


Dear Editor,

My boyfriend contracted Covid about 2 weeks ago, and since we live together, we made the decision to both quarantine immediately.


He did a rapid test which came back positive and he did a PCR, which he’s still not been given the results of, despite having already done a second round of the rapid test which was negative.


The issue with this entire situation is that not once was he contacted by a contact tracer. We had friends who we were both in contact with that became sick, but no effort was made to find that information out and we could only follow up with and warn so many persons with the hope that they took it seriously.


Two days after he had the positive rapid test, I came down with a bevy of symptoms which made it obvious I had contracted the virus so I called the Covid hotline, only to be asked for my personal details, where I was staying and to be told I would be contacted by one of their contact tracers and a doctor to arrange testing.


As my symptoms got worse over the course of several days I called and spoke with both the Covid Hotline and several persons from the Ministry of Health after being transferred to them, only to be told the same things and to be told I should go and pay to be tested privately. I was not pursuing this matter for the testing but rather was concerned regarding the absolute lack of contact tracing.


I may not have been in contact with a lot of people before realizing I was ill, but I am aware of how social the persons I was in contact with are, and during this entire fiasco, I was told by others that they knew friends who were in the same situation and even persons who were aware they may have had the virus but were not quarantining simply because they had not been contacted by anyone for contact tracing.


With all of this in mind, I am certain that whatever numbers posted on the dashboard are grossly under-representing the number of persons who are actually sick and who may be spreading the virus. This isn’t the way for this pandemic to be handled. This is a sh*tshow.



Sick and tired of being sick and tired.

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  1. These people are overwhelmed. It is not anything that is intentionally done. Yes the dash board may be understating just like the amount of Aids cases the authorities know. Play your part in helping with the management of covid and be considerate. No one is intentionally underestimating numbers.

  2. Wen I had the virus in September the same thing happened to person I live with they told me the contact tracter will contact me so I should tell person who lives in the house to quaretine I was home one month nobody came to check my other relatives an they got frustrated because they got a job an work need to be done,plus the lady who was dealing with me so disrespectful she threatening to have the police come pick mi up because my realitive had gone out back to work after been home a whole month without been tested, imagine a whole f****,month no test but they were on quarantine no systoms of been sick, two weeks pass an I contacted back my contacts tractor an she told me do not call her phone I should wait until ministry of health send someone to do my test,I was so frustrated been lock up one month two week feels like I wanted to die,I got more frustrated call the hospital call covid hotline an you know wat happened after another week they forgot that I was still on quarantine,😓 five days later they send someone to do the test an I got my results a week after my relative never did there because they been work dat time, ministry of health do not know how to talk to ppl,they are very disgraceful. Even now am still hurt wen I think back how they delt with my suitations so I understand wat ur going thru Ms. These ppl lacking communication they dnt Kno nothing bout protocol nothing.

  3. IMO a BETTER way to handle the covid situation here would be forget about rapid or PCR testing (they are not accurate anyway) and immediately give out IVERMECTIN PILLS to anybody who think they are sick.

    The northern state of Uttar Pradesh began dispensing ivermectin liberally and encouraging people to take it early on and even preventively. Uttar Pradesh, which distributed free ivermectin for home care, had the second-lowest fatality rate in India at 0.26 per 100,000 residents in December. Delhi, Karnataka, and Uttarakhand also used ivermectin widely and have basically eradicated the virus.

    If we are to believe a government can force people to inject medicine into their bodies to stop the virus, governments everywhere would be following the science by a factor of 100 were they to mandate ivermectin rather than the vaccines. Everyone now agrees the vaccines do not stop transmission. The only question is how long the efficacy against serious illness lasts, for whom, and whether it broadly creates antibody dependent disease enhancement.

    We already have dozens of studies vouching for the efficacy of ivermectin. While the establishment likes to complain about the sample size of each one individually, as one study published in Nature noted, “The probability that an ineffective treatment generated results as positive for the 55 studies to date is estimated to be 1 in 23 trillion (p = 0.000000000000043).” The story of Uttar Pradesh and the other Indian states that used ivermectin certainly demonstrates this.

    Ivermectin was regarded as a “wonder drug” responsible for virtually eradicating river blindness in Africa. Given its robust anti-viral and anti-inflammatory mechanisms of action, Uttar Pradesh is a living testament that it could have been used to wipe COVID off the map as well. Sadly, the Western world would rather bankrupt us and cause more deaths for politically driven solutions that don’t work than cede back to the people the control they’ve established. Perhaps there is a lot we can learn from the third world, for we are now seeing the growth of a “fourth world” mentality that is much more destructive than the third world.

    • Ivermectin might end up like the man who invented a machine that could combust salt water…they never saw him again! Mexico has a COVID kit which includes among other things…you guessed it, Ivermectin. It is laughable that they could say the side effects of a medication that’s been in use for 35 years, are unknown while calling an experimental treatment that was developed in 8 months safe and effective!

  4. Same here. Never got contacted. I empathize that they’re overwhelmed. Eventually contacted them. They knew nothing but they weren’t rude. Where I think we really dropped the ball (globally I might add) is on early treatment. In the push to vaccinate, mandate, and control, all other forms of treatment were basically demonized as being antivax propaganda. I believe we paid a big price for this. This is especially disturbing since revelations are coming out that they knew about the effectiveness of certain medications in 2020.

    • @ Smh sometimes you folks think it’s only folks from Antigua and maybe the U.S.ect is on this platform ?
      I’ve commented on this platform when I’m as far away as Morroco .
      If you have nothing to say don’t say nothing .
      Truly an embarrassment.

          • @ Angel not to be confused with anything other the Devil’s Angel and Smh one of ANRs dumbest.
            Where I I am is not the point but people from all over the world is on this platform even if they don’t write a comment and reading your asinine statements.
            Education really is important

          • @*****
            Sounds to me like you’re the one with wickedness in your heart and you’re the one who is actually ‘the devil’s angel’. (Projection)
            BTW, my response was meant to be merely a cheering on of @smh’s JOKE but you Marxist types are so self serious that you’ve lost the ability to have any sense of humor. Lighten up @***** !

  5. The only thing they’ve taken seriously is not allowing Nationals living overseas to enter Antigua.
    Nationals who like myself was looking to bring home a much needed business which would’ve employed and put food on the table for about 25 families.
    Nationals that need to get to Antigua for business or personal reasons is been denied entry.
    They come by the boat and plane loads and leave you a parting gift.
    Some openly flaunt and dismiss your protocols and you do not a damn thing
    As I write this i know of folks in Antigua this very moment who have Covid and hasn’t missed a day of work.
    Another had it along with a few if his employees . He got sick and went back out to work in his business dealing with his customers after only 3 days of staying home.
    How is discriminating against your own people
    working out for you lately.

    • JAJ, I can go one better, I was giving decent paid work to nationals – even in the middle of this pandemic (whether they were vaccinated or not – I didn’t care, everyone was being very careful and distancing), until this FOOLISH ALP ban on the Antiguan diaspora.


      JAJ, I believe that the ALP didn’t foresee, or look into this matter properly (because they are so obsessed with tourism), however, they do know now, AND ARE TOO ASHAMED TO ADMIT THEIR COLOSSAL MISTAKE.

      I feel sorry for those who are in the middle of business projects in Antigua, who have invested heavily, and don’t know where go for help, or even compensation … I FINISHED MY LAST PROJECT BY THE SKIN OF MY TEETH, JUST BEFORE THE ENTRY BAN.

      • @Brixtonian
        I too was giving decent paid work to nationals – even in the middle of this pandemic (whether they were vaccinated or not – I too didn’t care)

        I agree with everything you’ve said here. This ABLP administration has made some really stupid decisions relating to this global elite’s ‘plandemic’. It’s obvious to me this bunch leading Antigua are in total LOCKSTEP with them.

  6. I caught covid and it wasn’t from no bar since I don’t go to bars I got it from place of work … How u know the man got it from a bar SMH

  7. She is correct the government is not serious about contact tracing. Go ask the tender board what happened to the 10 0r so proposal to write contact tracing application and website. Ask them How the bull shit the participants and kept postponing and wasting people’s time. Ask Mr. Knight who got the bid because we don’t know. I read where they were looking for help through the tender board, we spent weeks designing the programs, we met with the board several times. we sent the Minister in charge an unanswered, he was not responsive. My team is international with contracts with cities around the USA. The last time we heard from them is almost 9 months or more ago saying they will be getting back to us , then Crickets……….All is well in Cartoon town AKA ANU

  8. They should end contact tracing at this point. I think they should also stop testing for covid. Make nature takes us to natural herd immunity which we humans could not do with vaccination.

    • @Wadad1
      I’m with you on this!
      End contact tracing and STOP TESTING. Let nature takes us to natural herd immunity.
      The vaccines and boosters will NEVER get us to that point… in fact, they are have the opposite effect.

  9. NEW – Natural immunity was six times stronger during the delta wave than vaccination, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suddenly says in a new report.

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