LETTER: The general public, I am included, wanted answers


Dear Editor, 

I do believe her line of questions was relevant, newsworthy and material.

There were zero issues with her questions. The general public, I am included, wanted answers to those exact questions.

The first thing I thought when I heard Mr. George (supporter and member of UPP, who worked to ensure ABLP lose Bolans) was running for the ABLP was that it was a strategy by ABLP to disrupt the UPP causing chaos within that organization, which would result in a fracture for St. Mary’s South’s UPP supporters.

In terms of strategies, I thought that was brilliant by the ABLP, to get Ms. Marshall back in and able to win in the next general election.

As if she gets a loss back-to-back in such a short time, it would most likely mean she could not reasonably think she could run again anytime soon and expect a win for that same constituency. Which strategically would be correct based on my analysis.

However, putting Mr. George in definitely makes it logical that she can run next election as it would be logical to say that by ABLP appointing Mr. George from UPP to ABLP has resulted in some substantial loss and / or reduction in voters for UPP candidates within the St. Mary’s South constituency, especially in Bolans. This fracture is not expected to be healed quickly and or completely.

I did not believe talent was the motive to get Mr. George (not saying he has or does not have talent). I am saying it was the brilliant move (to me) of causing fracture to your opponent.

This brings me to the point that Antigua and Barbuda politics is never about talent and merit. It is never about who truly has the ability to make substantial positive changes to the life of the people. It is about popularity.

It is not talent politics in Antigua and Barbuda is about, but popularity. I guess that may be a talent to be popular.

Talents are those who came from nothing and achieved something. That definition is also not the only definition.

For instance, does Bolans Village (the St. Mary’s South constituents) look at those people who left Antigua and Barbuda to study overseas and, while there, struggled until they achieved their goals without any kind of help from family or Antigua and Barbuda Government?

Talent that is important for politics is turning zero ($0) into millions of dollars morally and legally through hard work? That is one of the talents Bolans should be looking for.

Someone that the Antigua and Barbuda government refused in 2009 to give him a grant or loan so that he can achieve his dream of completing his law degree because the government stated there are too many attorneys/law degree holders in Antigua and Barbuda. So, this talented person had to find ways to pay for his own law degree without help from family or the Antigua and Barbuda Government. Now that is talent.

This individual still finds a way to complete such a law degree and other degrees without help from the government. A man who paid to complete his law degree out of pocket without help from his government is another example of talent.

Must state that mother and father did help with the degrees prior to the law degree in the ways they can.

Talent is being able to open an office/business in Antigua so that Antiguan and Barbudan workers can be employed. With a decent salary starting from $1,000 a week to all the way up to $6,000 weekly for Antigua specialty workers. Are these numbers being furnished here in good faith?

Talent is doing this while the Antigua and Barbuda government is delaying, blocking, or refusing to intervene so the person can get a vital tool that is needed to begin physical operations so that Antiguans and Barbudans, especially residents of Bolans Village, about 5 to 10 initially, is able to get hired by this business.  With a good-faith intent of eventually hiring 50 people. That is another talent that must be considered.

Talent is not mere popularity or mainly about popularity, but it is about being able to do things that have substantial merit and National importance (impactful).

These are the qualities the government, if they truly care about their people, focuses on, and not how popular an individual is but their potential impact, how well-positioned that person is to be of National benefit to that country and that can only be measured in achievements and potential and their heart (motives, ethics, honesty).

Looking at the popularity of an individual is for those governments who are only focused on increasing their chances of staying in power but not about making substantial impacts on the life of the country’s citizenry.

But politicians are not only to be blamed but also to those citizenries, those Bolans residents, who literally care zero about substance. They do not focus on the person’s actual ability to help them and intent to help but on the fact, they hate the other party or the person in their party is popular. It should be more than that.

Look for talents who care so much for their family, friends and country that as soon as they achieve some finances, his family, the village and country are the first they spend money from their finances on.

They spend their hard-earned money on you, without wanting anything in return, without intending to run in any politics, but from their heart they still give you and give to the country to better serve and protect you.

Talent is being able to spend thousands of dollars to help a country who said to this same person, “we can not approve you for any grants or loans for law school” because there are too many of those in Antigua and Barbuda. Leaving that person to hardship, homelessness, and other determinants while in a foreign land.

Oh, that person found out that during 2008, 2009, 2010, folks connected to the government were getting grants and loans to study abroad in areas that included law. Talent is ignoring that evil that was done and still eager to help your country because the people you love will benefit.

Talent is not about popularity. The best kind of talent I am telling the people of Antigua and Barbuda, specifically at this moment, village of Bolans Village, and the constituency of St. Mary’s South, is seek the talents of a person who is able and willing to sacrifice their wants and needs for the benefit of the country, the constituency of St. Mary’s south, and the village of Bolans.

The greatest talent in politics is to have a loving, sharing and honest heart that puts the needs of the people first. I asked God how much you love us, he said this much, he died literally for everyone.

He put his needs and wants to live aside and died for his constituencies (all of us). You need a politician that can die for you in various ways. Separately, you want a talent whose life reminds you of the scripture, Luke 16, chapter 10. It is about the heart where the talent in politics can truly be found.

My people need to stop being ignorant and focus on the pith/substance of the candidates they pick.

My intent for the village of Bolans is to donate $50,000.00ec or about $100,000.00ec of my own money into a Bolans Village trust account where villagers can petition for money to be used for village purposes.

They can also request grants in certain amounts for individuals, and small loans with either no interest or about 1% or 2% interest. This is the talent you need, people that can help, will help, and would truly put the community first.

I do not want to be in politics because of ignorant, rude, illogical, and hostile a large percentage of the public is towards each other when it comes to politics and I am a man that wants to be friendly and have friendships with UPP, ABLP, NDA, INDEPENDENT, and any other party I am missing.

I intend to do this, and the things I have already done and will continue to do, because I love you all. I want nothing from you. I will probably never in this lifetime enter politics, but I am surely going to share what I have with you.

Please find a leader with similar talent, the heart. I will not say what I did for people during the pandemic, because I am not looking for praise or votes. I am trying to teach you to choose wisely your leaders.

I am remembering in about 2009 while blogging on various local online newspapers, I said that ALP should be renamed ABLP so that the people of Barbuda can feel included. Look at ALP now. It is ABLP.

I have never seen anyone prior to my constant posting for this change for ALP to be renamed ABLP in 2009 so that the people of Barbuda knows that we Antiguans love Barbuda, and they are part of us and we, a part of them. It was my way of helping.

I am willing to sacrifice myself, for nothing, for the betterment of my family, friends, my Bolans village, and my country of birth, the United Islands of Antigua and Barbuda.

Now, focus on the pith of things. Pick leaders that truly have the talent you vitally need.

I was told that farmers in the village are losing their stocks from larceny/theft. I have purchased equipment to donate to these Bolans farmers.

I want to thank the gentleman with the moniker puskie for informing someone about these problems farmers are having. I have begun purchasing solutions for you, Bolans Farmers.

I do this from my heart, and I do NOT intend to run in any political situation anytime soon.

The talent comes from the heart, being honorable is the ultimate talent in politics. Being fair, reasonable and prudent.

These are scarce traits in this current general political climate.

I love you all and I will continue to do all I can morally and legally to help you Antigua and Barbuda, especially Bolans Village.


****the above article should not be construed as this writer being against any of the candidates for St. Mary’s South constituency which includes Bolans. Also, not intended to be for any of them.

I would be friendly to all of them and want to see all of them do their best for Antigua and Barbuda, namely, Bolans Village*******

My way of helping







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  1. I come across many articulate and educated Antiguans particularly on these ANR threads.

    Rightly or wrongly their career paths have taken them away from front line politics in Antigua (and I include myself in this); and sadly what we are left with in the current incumbents, are political parasites that are out for themselves, to the detriment of the welfare of Antiguans.

    The current malaise is our own fault, believing that things will get better, when in fact they have got a lot worse.

    The current batch of self-enriched politicians, ignore our cries on crime, transparency in financial matters, health care in the community is a growing issue, and paying pensions and workers on time hasn’t been resolved.

    Politicians only seem to concerned with matters about themselves, you only have to look across the pond in the UK and the utter financial chaos with high cost of living and high interest rates spiralling out of control, and feathering their own nests, also to the detriment of their citizens.

    Antigua needs honest and hardworking people to enter into politics … and fast!

    • I completely agree. Well said. I do wish the public begin looking for those kind of good politicians. I hope the winner in the upcoming election is.

      Whoever wins

    • Hail Papi…Missah_Brixtonian!
      Marning! Ah wah U a say?!


      …I, do understand where you’re coming from
      Brixtonian! Brixtonian! Brixtonian!
      …’cause many of Us, find ourselves in those same situations!
      …and think real hard, about the solutions!
      …as, a former Grammarian too!
      …I, may not always agree with you!
      …but, such is common in life
      …it even happens, between husband and wife!
      …yet, as Antiguans & Barbudans!
      …many of Us, will agree!
      …regarding your sentiments about politicians!
      …and, not just ABLP and Gaston
      …for UPP and Harold, had a chance to change, many of those negative situations
      …in, this Jumbee_Picknee opinion
      …especially, when it comes; to, #TRANSPARENCY!

      …To be honest, I can appreciate what My Way Of Helping, is saying!
      Saying! Singing! Written!
      …and, not because it’ll soon be #silly_season!
      …it’s a clear picture of, some things which are detrimental to Our Nation
      …so, he’s here providing his solution’s
      …therefore, it doesn’t hurt to read and listen
      …unlike, many of those politician’s
      …whose policies are crippling, the poor man
      …he has returned, to his Native Land
      …is lending, giving a #Helping_Hand
      …then, to you My Way Of Helping!
      …I n I, sends more #positive_blessings
      …so, can keep rising and #sharing!

      …I, remember him from the days of CARIBARENA!
      …another news portal, and online newspaper!
      …he would speak, about becoming a lawyer!
      …due to possible maltreatment, of a former police officer!
      …but, he has endured; never, perturbed
      …Even though, some may have doubted his words
      …he’s shining, #In_Living_Colors
      …as, he “Lyme” on Bolans Corners
      …teaching, brothers and sisters
      …how to be, better citizens
      …whilst, they build their Community
      …regardless, of #COLORS or Political Party!

      Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
      De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

      Vere C. Edwards

  2. You are correct that general public wants answers.
    Caribbean politicians in general similar to those here in Antigua and Barbuda and many other places put out misinformation and get away with little consequences.

    In the caribbean it has created generations of a gullible public. Most dangerous it has created a spineless media industry not willing to ask questions. Most times the media simple rewrites what they were told, and present it as news to the public. That process only serves the political classes interest.

    Where I differ with you is, in your assertion of what makes a good politician.

    Politicians unlike the case in Antigua and Barbuda are to be leaders in crafting national policies for the betterment of the public and the development of the Country. This requires for them to come to the public not based on popularity, but the strenght of their realistic ideas that can be implimented in an rational economic, fair and reasonable way.

    Politicians should be individuals who has the forsight to grasp national needs, inform and inspire the public with ideas concept and plans that prepare for the future and development of the Country.
    It is the politicians role to educate the public about the economy with accurate statistics and data on economic factors and conditions for developmentof the country.
    Good government generally has ten year plans for things such roads in conjunction with sanitary sysytems; so we know how many miles of roads are to be built and where over a period of 10 years.
    Gutters and sidewalks are not to be left up to a single politician.
    Antigua and Barbuda has no published national plan eduction to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world.
    In mid June we learned young Mr. Ohaegbulam passed 23 Subjects Grade Ones. he is a phenomas well as Mr. Gittens with 12 grade ones.
    These two young men should be going to Harvard with a free ride of the $usd300K. Why? Harvard College and Harvard Law school were finance by the Royall family who owns slaves in Antigua. Education is the most significant reparatory justice initiative towards economic parity.
    A Political candidate with knowledge, leadership skills and foresight would have been able to make the case and inspire the public to have the politicians pursue such a policy.
    No national or constituency needs should be the responsibilty of single politicians except where he is the Minister.
    When a politician needs to dig into their individual pocket to meet the needs of a constituency, that very system breaths curruption and favoritism. The politician or the Party who does not have the means or abilty to out perform their counterparts with personal gifts to individuals or a constituency under (that) our system is a loser.
    It is the Government through its Ministries and Statuary entities who bear the responsibily to provide governemnt services. Government services such as quality eduction to prepare for a changing future is to be a national endevour. Individuals should not be going to Members of Parliment seeking scholarship. Obtaining a sholarship should be granted on merit as well as skills needed for national development.
    Ms. Marshall lacked the wherewithall to get the varous responsible Ministers to deliver for the Constituency she represented.
    Advocating the politicians get elected based on their popularity and their become truly popular based on their abilty to give goodies for their constituents is a base ingredient for curruption.
    From time to time I hear proudly: Oh! We have a Westminster Parlimentary system. It works for the UK but not for our small population. UK Parlimentarians get thrown out or get elected based on their Party’s econimic social and cultural positions or their personal behavior as Members of Parliment.
    Take your Trust Fund money and advocate for good governerment. An example is the Police shoots a father dead. The Police make some initial claims. The public has videos and pushed back on the Police Department verson of the events. Now the Police admits the dead man did not have a gun. But now the police is going to investigate themselves. A good Politician or even a want-to-be politician should be able to make it a national issue for a policy change. Thats what leadership is about.. not working hard to be able to give hand outs or pursuing individual projects because you have the wherewithall to do so.
    Think about how many politicians we have had, who were only elected because they were able to provide jobs to a constituency.

    • I can not even disagree with anything at all you said. I genuinely believe that it is not just about give things away but about making substantial changes like the numerous ones you mentioned here.

      Everything you said has merit and it should be that way. I will probably never want to be involve in politics in ANTIGUA BUT I WISH THEY HAD FOLKS LIKE YOU.

    • I concur with every word @ Liberta Man.

      You have highlighted perfectly what is going/gone wrong with the political system here in Antigua.

      As I said in my earlier post, that the talent is definitely here, but hasn’t been tapped into for the reasons that we have both mentioned.

      My heart weeps at the way politics is conducted here in Antigua & Barbuda, when it is plain to see that the solution is a simplistic one to solve, if all our politicians put their heads together, and place the country and citizens first and foremost – and stop fussing, fighting and carousing.

      Gaston Browne isn’t a nurturing politician by any stretch of the imagination, but a confrontational one, wherever he goes.

      Ruling by fear and division is so “yesterday”, and all it does is create animosity amongst fellow parliamentarians and the opposition members.

      You sir, understand far better than me what’s going on and what is at stake for the future of all Antiguans.


  3. The article started by bringing to our attention the public wanted the same questions answered. Then it shifted to what is a good politician. Then the writer is making a pitch for himself.
    You quoted from the Bible but the Bible says what when you do good from the heart you don’t speak about it .
    Secondly you speak of Bolands, Bolands, Bolands and the constituency is much more then Bolands. At one point I was thinking that the writer had intention of running as an independent candidate. The writer also sounds like he will run on any of the political parties ticket. I could be wrong and misunderstood?

    • Topic was about talent. Did they used the gentleman now with ABLP for talent or not.

      It then logical shifted to talking about what talents are and what he thinks should be considered as talents for politics.

      He used some qualities to demonstrate the kind of qualities he would look for in a candidate.

      He made it clear because some of the qualities may be in him, to distance himself from what people may think after reading it, he may want to enter into politics. So, he promptly stated numerous times that he is not interested in politics and simply using God and qualities/talents within himself as examples for talents a politician should have without wanting people to think he actually want to enter into politics.

      For a reader that would be trained in legal writing, it is clear everything mentioned above has logical relevance, legal relevance (foreseeable that all parts are connected) and material for the conversation.

      Base on your response, you are saying a person can not use themselves and God to describe talents? A person can not analyze a video and situation to consider whether he believed talent was the main point for the decision?

      You are also saying a writer can not pick out one of the village within a constituency that they are from to have a conversation with?

      We have to truly read to comprehend and be able to focus on substance. From reading an article about the importance of talent in politics to ensure the people are well represented, this person is focused on shallow issues instead of the pith of the article, wow. What you focus on when you get information is genuinely sad. I hope that one day soon you will focus on substance and begin making good decisions on substance. However it does take a lot of intelligence to be able to focus only on substance.

      It is like someone wrote you the cure for cancer in a red or blue peace of paper and you are only focus on the fact it was on white, completely ignoring the recipe for the cure of cancer. Oh my goodness I feel sorry for people who operates like this.

  4. My way of helping – Thanks for your polite insults- it does take a lot intelligence…” An Intelligent people do not insult others if he or she think that they need correcting.
    All I am saying that I also like to read between the lines. I don’t take everything as face value.
    Thanks for your points anyway. God Bless!

  5. @ Frankly Speaking,
    Take into account @my way of helping” took the time to write to the editor. It was not simply a comment
    It’s unfortunate that for many of us commenting on a news aggregator site is the most effective means of communicating with the community.

    The individual who has the moniker
    @my way of helping” has been putting his comments online for a long long time. Some of it has been awkward, but always with good intent towards our Country.
    He has clearly stated due to the nature if politics in our country he has no intent in entering politics.

    Let us examine the caustic political system that prevents real leaders from considering participating in the political process.

    Consider it tragic. Follow the lead of “@my way of helping” and use these pages to make your case for a change
    by writing to the editor or writing article on your ideals for the betterment of our country.
    Examine the face that the photo accompanying this article is showing individuals associated with the subject of how the Government informs us. A critical subject for a small young nation where the media is in many cases enablers to a Government which is considered autocratic.
    Please give: @my way if helping” the benefit of the doubt.

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