LETTER: The Gaston Browne administration just gives away Ambassadorships like is Johnnie Cakes


Dear Editor,

This country makes me sick.

The Gaston Browne administration just gives away Ambassadorships like if it is Johnnie Cakes.

It has gone past the stage of ludicrous.

What has Lisa Makhoul done to become an Ambassador at Large for Culture?

All she has done is put on shows for the government and the ABLP when there are unlimited budgets.

Outside of promoting Machel Montano and her land of birth, Trinidad, what has she done for the culture of Antigua and Barbuda? Does she build mas?

Is she involved with any steel band?

Does she write poetry? Is she involved with local calyposes and calypsonians? Is she a musician?

Her claim to fame seems to be as a staunch Gaston Browne follower.

She is usually the first person to praise him whenever he posts anything on FB.

Not a Red Kool Aid Drinker

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  1. Gaston Browne CRONYISM at its finest!

    Does this mean that if anyone says that they are staunch followers of one of the worst Prime Ministers in living memory, they’ll be rewarded? Seems so …


  2. And all now I’ve yet to hear that he gave any of the Rowers who has represented Antigua and Barbuda and put the country on the map in a big way ambassadorship, and the ladies are about to row again!

    Ah boy, I tell you about this country

  3. The person who wrote this letter is sooooooo damn bittier and clearly has a personal gripe against this lady. Before u started bitching about ambassadorsgip being given away do a little research and see who much ambassadorship that has been given away for the last 30 years!!! The writer should really take a chill pill and if Antigua make u so sick u can always leave u won’t be missed!!!

    • The person who wrote this letter has every right to his or her views in a vibrant democracy like Antigua & Barbuda (just like you have just expressed yourself).

      And using disguised bigoted tropes like: “U can always leave u won’t be missed!!!” Reveals more about your current mindset!


      • Was I speaking to U Bitchtioan. U seem quiet invested in this letter. Are u the writer. The cap fit U. Go church man and pray all that bitter and badmindness from ur heart. Now GYPG from under me comment.

      • Ok bitchtonian I said what the f….. I said. U sick of Antigua u can always leave!!! U won’t be missed!!!!!! Oh right u can’t leave cause ur azzz was deported and ya come back home hand to mouth and want act like ya all that now come off the neighbors WiFi and go look work to do deporteee!!!!

        • Wow! Who’s bitter here? Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. I agree with the author of this letter. Most of these are simply Gaston Browne ass kisses. That’s how it works. Just ask Troy Allen. It’s time for native born Antiguans and Barbudans to retake our country after all this uncontrolled influx of migrants. It’s time for our key positions to be occupied by qualified Antiguans and Barbudans FIRST.

          • … Remember, THINK FIRST before taking on the great GRAMMARIAN Brixtonian πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


        • Oh Bitter bad minded negrah news room
          Why don’t you advise the government on how to provide water to the citizens and stop installing cameras that don’t work at schools. And while you are at it, why don’t you ask them why they installed cheap underground pipes that need to be replaced. Do you see the cheap wire fence they installed at Sir Novelle Richard Academy that can’t even keep out goat? I wonder how much money is being pocketed from these projects.
          People like you are always trying to dig up dirt on people with an opposing view. Are you paid to spy on Antiguans? The Pegasus software they say you people acquired must be working.

  4. Hey, that is how it works. Just get out there and kiss Gaston Browne’s ass, defend the crap he spurts, even threaten to go after people who dare to challenge his incompetence and you will be rewarded handsomely. Just ask Troy Allen, the shyster.
    It is time for native born Antiguans and Barbudans to reclaim what is rightfully theirs. We must counteract this devastating, uncontrolled influx of migrants, perpetrated by ALP in order to win elections. Our key positions should be held by qualified native born Antiguans and Barbudans FIRST. No other island in the Caribbean does this, but Antigua is the whosoever will may come paradise for foreigners. This has to change.

    • LMFAO!!!!!! So attention starved u be u boys to use 2 accounts just to spell and grammar check me!!!!! Man ur life sad no hell!!!! Ah well when u is a broke deportee what better job there is to be expect be an bitter badminded internet troll have fun trolling but please give ur neighbors something for them internet bill!!!! How much more bedminded u can get using people internet and nah give them some of the troll money

  5. Why is anyone surprised? The ALP hates Antiguans. Foreigners get everything under this useless ALP government.

    • Not surprised he has money to appoint a non native, non black person to a post when he refuses to pay civil servants and all the other Antiguans who he won’t pay. Face up to the fact that Gaston has contempt for black people. He is right because he knows a lot of are we stupid.

  6. Is he into as we called it,butter skinned now. Antigua,108 sq.miles has more Ambassadors than Beaches. Aw wey dem fine dee money foo pay dem.

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