LETTER: The flight came. Simple!

Antigua Airways


Why people always gotta be so negative?  The flight came. Now, ‘Oh it’s a charter flight.’ ‘Oh the company nuh established.” So 4king what?

Look at the glass half full for now until. The gateway to the Caribbean from the motherland, you know how many AUA med students would benefit from this?

African and Indian students require a USA or UK visa to pass through either country to get to Antigua to attend medical school here in Antigua.

You have a lot of students who couldn’t come to Antigua because visa applications are booked up until 2024.

Now Africa can now be our new tourism source market added to the USA  and the UK.

When I say tourism it doesn’t have to be the regular tourist. It can be sports tourism – just imagine having our Benna Boys having a friendly football match with an African team!

Or even musical collaborations with Antiguan and African artists. Antiguans in African movies!

Let’s see the bigger picture instead of politics.

You done know it’s the ……. Usual suspects!

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  1. Inside the psyche of those #UPPNEARGA:

    Paul on Disturber: The road to Willikies is dark dark and in need of street lights.

    Caller: Paul, when last have you been on that road?

    Paul on Disturber: It has been several weeks.

    Caller: Well Paul all the poles from the gas station to Willikies have lights.

    Paul on Disturber: Well, the lights ain’t bright enough!!!!!

    Caller: Well I guess nothing call please you all #UPPNEARGA. Dam if you do Dam if you dont.


  2. Gaston LIED again!


    We were promised an airline.

    We got a charter.

    And they are so lame they couldn’t even get the flag on the tail like they had in the graphics.

    Is this a once a month charter? Once a year?

    This is yet another example of the incompetence of the ABLP administration.

    It is no surprise we have dozens of failed projects, rampant unemployment, out of control cost of living, late social security and all the other issues.

    ABLP is a joke, always over promising and under delivering.


  3. Mami_Wata & Papa_Elegga sends greetings from Shashemene to let this writer know, Africa is not new to many of Us.
    Marcus Garvey to Atyli Rogers to Ras Sam Browne have guided many of us to the African Continent and the possibilities.
    Many got murdered, killed, maimed, jailed for promoting the Back To Africa Movements. Therefore, simply because POLITRICKTANS and their crooks have caught on to the idea, and is trying to sell Us their shit, as if it’s gold, we know the stench of shit, and if it looks like shit, smell like shit, attract flies like shit, it’s phucking shit.


    • @Ras smood, Goddess Yemoja (original mermaid) ah kum up outta de Ogun river fu wash out yuh mout. 🤣😂😂😂😂🤣…woieee mi belly ah hat mi.

      • @Sugarapple…arl she haffu do, wid she Water, flowing, glowing, juicy, succulent enahgee, a fu just shower me Smoodly wid #She_Wata, fu quench mi daily thirst!

        Me a drink fram dat dey Ogun #She_Wata lang time, and she no poison me yet. U tink, me goh fraid now, dat me a roam, de #Valley Ah De Shadow, of Death.

        Noh membah, a #Jumbee_Picknee me be!

  4. The UPP has no shame. They have so much egg on their face, yet they will come again as if nothing had happened. They all laugh at this government for being involved in this venture. Say it will not work and they will believe it when they’ve seen it. Well seeing is believing for them. Just like Doubting Thomas. Now they say it won’t last. OK we will see about that. These people are so negative about everything this government does. Even during Covid they predicted that people would be falling dead on the streets like dogs, and the morgues would have no place to hold them. And when that didn’t happen, they pretended as if they never made such a claim. And when it comes to the UWI Five Islands. Oh, they were against it and even wrote the UWI not to bring the campus here. Yet when it materialized, they claim no one was against it. They have no shame whatsoever. But the people of this country should not be fooled by them again. Not them again. Not UPP

    • @From The Sideline…😅😅😅dah Red Herring dey, tink no rass. A wey, U buy dat dey? Carme bak a Gaston Shap, and get bak me money! A drunk, e drunk, innah a wah-ha-hee, me, want bak me money! I dooetish boy, me cyan believe, U a Goldie Picknee. Carme bak, now!

      @From The Sideline – Mami _Wata & Papa _Elegba has sent their #son Jumbee_Picknee, a Juicy, gorgeous, succulent, sweet Princess, out of the Ogun River, in the image of a #Sugarapple from Bailey’s Hill. I’m on my way, to #Do_Egg to get the full joy, all the way, to the end of every eye, nipple and tits representing the feminine energy, of the Princess Sugarapple.

      I, won’t address your “Tink Red_Herring” at this moment. However, when I do, could you be ready to address, for Antigua Airways such things as…
      (i)…Mission Statement
      (ii)…Lease Agreements

      Ethiopian Airlines just landed, Yemoja’ Princess Sugarapple, demands my attention, and she’s got it all. In the meantime, please recycle your Red Herring S.H.I.T, through Some High Intensity Training(SHIT).

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