LETTER: The Dream of Caribbean Unity Possible


Dear Editor,

Image a Confederation of the Caribbean, free from all colonial ties, free to determine their people’s future’s, basing their directives upon the question “What is the best for our Caribbean People”?


Sure, your homes will be a place to visit, encouraging tourism and investment into their Islands, but what about establishing manufacturing facilities, self-initiating energy centers that can make the Caribbean energy proud, and not dependent upon outside sources.


An Agricultural System that can fulfill this region food requirements. World class education can be established here too, attracting international students to apply. A united universal currency throughout the region based upon the region’s natural recourses, and not upon Bitcoin, gold or the US Dollar. A united front that will attempt to bring into their confederation the Islands presently held by the colonial powers of the past and present, Britain, France, Spain, and America.


St Thomas, Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico among those who are welcomed to join. A fresh selfish attitude centered upon one pivotal thing…Unite, grow, and build a self-fulfilling, self-nourishing Confederation whose single purpose is the betterment of the Caribbean.


Many nations of the Caribbean are attempting to break ties with the colonial powers of old. I am sure these newly independent nations will find greater security, economic fulfillment and protection as members of a greater group.


United they stand proud, divided not so much. Every island has economic and social needs that they cannot fulfill, lacking the financial and political will to achieve, yet united these islands combined wealth can be a solution to all the island’s needs.


Economic investment from the IMF would come freely if they were dealing with a regional dynamo, and not a singular island nation.


The natural recourses of the region can be fully harvested with conservation and the climate always in mind, and the wealth developed owned wholly by the Confederation. The revenues built will remain in the region and not flow to London, New York or elsewhere.


Nothing wrong with selfish national pride and national needs being fulfilled. Such a Confederation will be able to negotiate with the big boys of the world markets, equals for once. A dream perhaps, but something worth considering.


Steven Kaszab

Bradford, Ontario

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  1. Have you forgotten we had a West Indies Federation? It lasted but for the blinking of an eye. I wondered why!!

  2. Unity can bring about strength and we can certainly be a force to reckon with if we decide to erase insularity among us….. The big boys ie the Jamaicas, the Trinidads, the Guyanas, the Barbados’ etc must discontinue looking at the smaller countries in a diconscending manner. The selfish nature of these bigger countries has caused our WI cricket and other indigenous institutions to fail..

  3. “1 from 10 leaves naught!” – Eric Williams. Wasn’t it this same “selfish national pride” that broke up the West Indies Federation? Obviously the writer of this article hasn’t read enough Caribbean history books. Left to the writer’s hands, we shall only repeat history. LET US COOPERATE NOT INTEGRATE!!!

  4. …If wishes were horses, beggars would ride
    …as, the ebb and flow of,
    …the tides, that bind
    …swells into a Tsunami
    …covering the Caribbean Sea
    …from, sure to shore
    …knocking on each, and everyone’s door
    …Knock! Knock! Knock!
    …tick-tock! #Tic-Toc! tick-tock!
    ,..Are We There Yet⁉️
    …god⁉️ Jehovah⁉️ allah⁉️
    …Buddha⁉️ Hail, Haile Selassie⁉️
    …someone’s knocking at your door
    …someone’s tolling the bell!
    …what, in Heaven’s Name
    …what, the hell is wrong with the Caribbean
    …don’t they yet comprehend,
    …life’s a, Dream Within A Dream
    …thus, dream on! Dream On!
    …for, they do become truth
    …for sure! Fu shore! Fe sho!
    …if, wishes were horses🦄
    …Pegasus, I’m ready to ride!
    …rise! Rise! Rise! Raise up thy tide
    …for, it do binds’

  5. A beautiful idea, UNITY is strength especially economically for the region. NO MORE CRUMBS FROM EUROPE AND THE RICH WESTERN COUNTRIES …

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